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Mar 24, 2014

Q Pop Shop Presents: Magical Girls Heroines : Sailor Moon & Sailor Senshi (04.05)


Hey there Sailor Scouts! On Saturday, April 5th Q Pop Shop will be hosting a group art exhibit you aren’t going to miss out! They have yet again assembled an amazing roster of artists to participate in their all new show, “Magical Girls Heroines: Sailor Moon & Sailor Senshi”. This show is to celebrate 20 years of Sailormoon and everyone they’ve inspired. Participating artists include:

Aaron Spurgeon, Angela Pauly Llobet, Angela Sung, Arica Tuesday, Brigitte Barrager, Carrie Liao, Chelsea McAlarney, Cheyenne Curtis, Clio Chiang, CrowdedTeeth, Djordje Zutkovic, Eastwood Wong, Elsa Chang, Emily Walus, Emily Warren, Evon Freeman, Fawn Veerasunthorn, Felix Ip, Gosia Arska, Heejin Park, Jasmin Lai, Jenny Goldberg, Jisoo Kim, Joey Chou, J*RYUKali Fontecchio, Kassandra Heller, Keiko Murayama, Leo Matsuda, Leslie Hung, Lisa Penney, Lissa Treiman, Louie Del Carmen, Maria Vitan, Mayumi Nose, Megan Mitchell, Michelle Park, Mingjue Helen Chen, Miss Kika, Naoshi, Natalia Pierandrei, Nyxie Feint, Priscilla Wong, Rafchan, Rie Koga, Robot Soda (Juan Arenas), Ruriko Maruyama, Sam Kallis, Seo Kim, Sho Murase, Stephanie Gonzaga, Stephanie Ramirez, Sylvia Liu, Tara Billinger, Tatsuro Maruyama, Teacake, Tiffany Ford, Tuna Bora, Velwyn Yossy, Victoria Ying, and many more!

The doors will open promptly at 7PM with episodes projected outside! Dressing up is highly recommended for this event! Take a look at some of the artwork you will find after the jump!

Q Pop Shop
128 Astronaut E S Onizuka St
Los Angeles, CA 90012

1243516_442202609243914_1232188833_o Screen-shot-2014-03-23-at-4.25.29-PM saturnsm sailormoon copy sailormarssm 10001137_441091536021688_1232392785_o 1618548_676550769072036_1473397206_n 1167463_683937388333374_1523143592_o 1898753_682210955172684_809928218_o 4b7d077cb13111e3adfb126bf0dc5778_8 f9efd572b3b211e3a7ca12cd99773359_8 b2539898b1b911e39d970ee5166950a6_8 BjihsjsCUAAuSYi 

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