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Mar 04, 2014

Jam Factory – Droplets Series 3?


Gavin Strange of Jam Factory has been posting photos of some new character designs for what would be a series 3 of his Droplet figures. Gavin went with a character first, toys second approach with this series. Each character has a fun little back story to it .

Tiki - He's a big fan of fire and all things nature but not so into the modern world, he's an outdoors-eat kinda Droplet!

Rocket - He's a budding cosmonaut who loves the moon and his jet pack but isn't so keen on space monkeys and pesky gravity! (But he loves the film, he's well stoked on it's Oscar haul)

Obi - (short for Shinobi!) - He's a bit of a ninja that loves sushi & slippers but hates dirt & dentists! He'll see you before you see him (but he's a bit goofy and isn't that good at hiding in the shadows!)

Goop – A rip-off of Toxie from the Toxic Crusaders, the rad / mental cartoon & toys from the 80's! Poor ol' Goop hit a spot of nuclear waste when he rained down and now he's glowing, but not in a good way!

Lucky - She loves folk tales and Dragons but despises greed and pizza, she's a wise ol' thing!

Flakes – Loves sunshine and strawberry sauce but hates seagulls and winter! :)

Would you like to see these toys made? We would too! Jam Factory is looking to put together a Kickstarter of some sorts to get the ball rolling. He even speaks of new shapes! If you are interested in these becoming a reality, stop by the Droplet Facebook page and share your love for these new characters!

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