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Mar 12, 2014

Chris Lee – Freeman Robotics Release (03.14)


It was at Designer Con where we first got a glimpse of Chris Lee’s newest figure, U-23 from his Freeman Robotics line. It’s been quite some time, but we are glad Chris is getting back into creating toys! U-23 is made of resin and stands 4.5” tall with 2 points of articulation. They each come with a power station accessory and are all hand-painted and detailed by Chris. Along with each of the figures, you get stickers, a “quick start guide”, a safe handling sheet, a “Certificate of Ownership” with edition number, two promotional postcards, and a small archival print featuring, the original concept illustration. That’s quite some bundle! The first release will take place this Friday, March 15th at 10AM PST in his online store HERE. There will be three different variations to choose from:

Standard Edition (28 Pieces) – $90
The U-23 was originally a city owned utility storage unit which as been reconfigured for civilian use. With ten cubic feet of internal storage, the U-23 mobile storage unit is indispensable for the urban pack rat.

Nautical Explorer Variant (8 Pieces) – $120
Freeman Robotics was contracted by the Ocean Conservation Society to develop a small fleet of U-23's for research and rescue. Only eight were ever made.

Municipal Services Variant (8 Pieces) – $145
Before the U-23 was modified and offered for sale to the general public, it was utilized daily by construction and clean up crews around the city. On particularly busy garbage days, Freeman Robotics would send out additional U-23's to speed up trash collection. 

These eight units have been decommissioned and are sold as-is.

More photos available after the jump!


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