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Mar 12, 2014

MAD x Rotofugi – Show Prints Are Available Online!

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Over the weekend MAD stopped over at Chicago’s very own Rotofugi for a release party/mini art exhibit for his Phase 4 MAD*L figures. MAD was on site to sign and meet with his fans, as well as show off some of this pretty sick artwork. The remaining pieces from the show are now available HERE and are incredibly affordable! All of which are 1 offs and range from 11” x 14” to 8.5” x 11”’s. These would go perfect with your MAD*L collections.

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kaNO x Mighty Jaxx – Upcoming Project?


It looks as though Mighty Jaxx has picked up kaNO for a special project they’ve got going on. As you can see, that is most definitely kaNO’s work on the figure seen above. We hope to hear news on this sometime next month, but in the mean time, do you guys have any thoughts on what this could be? A new figure? A kaNO design on an existing toy?

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MMFK x Mighty Jaxx – Mr. Hell Yeah


In an unfortunate accident, Thai Artist MMFK (MAMAFAKA) has passed away. Mighty Jaxx have been working on a project with him back in 2013, which is now back in action with both the help of the design team and MMFK’s family. Mr. Hell Yeah will be making its debut and first release at the Thailand Toy Expo, which will be taking place on May 1st – 4th. Any remaining pieces will be made available through Mighty Jaxx’s online store. This release depicts everything all things rad and it reminds us of the old school days of skateboarding.

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Paul Kaiju – Sugar Cookie Mockbat Raffle (03.16)


Paul Kaiju will be holding a raffle for this amazing Sugar Cookie Mockbat this Sunday March 16th a 12PM PST. The lottery will be up for only 24 hours, which means the very latest you can enter would be on Monday, March 17th at 11:59AM PST. The Sugar Cookie Mockbat features metallic sprays in a bevy of colors and includes a Hellmock mini figure + 2 alternative belly attachments for $150 +S&H. Good luck to those who enter!

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Art Whino Presents – Art Without Borders @ Blind Whino (03.22)


Art Without Borders is back once again for another amazing show and line up. This exhibit has invited tons of artists from all around the world in the aid to spread awareness and raise funds for Doctors Without Borders. This program provides healthcare to those not able get any, regardless of race, religion, or political affiliation. This show will features tons of amazing custom vinyl work, as well as resin and hand made plush pieces. Art Whino has put together a great list of artists, who include:

Angella Powell, Angry Woebots, Ardabus Rubber, Arkiv, Baby Vtec, Beef Poo, Brent Nolasco, Carson Catlin, Chanimation, Clogtwo, David Kraig, David Ten, David Weeks, Gabe Griffiths , Gabriel Carpio, Graham Franciose , Graphix Chick, HX, Ian Ziobrowski, iRoc, Fuller Designs, JALOS, Jay222, JC Rivera, Jenn & Tony Bot, Valleydweller, Jerk Face, Josh Taylor, Jfury, Juanito Maiquez, Kasey Tararuj, Kevin Gosselin, KOmega, Lickyourelbow, Matt Anderson, Matthew "Obscure" Perez, Mark Troup (Gomi), MCA, mc baldassari, Merrci, Mike Fudge, Mike Slobot, Nerviswr3k , Nick Knite, Nightmare Mikey, Nikejerk, Patrick Wong, Plaseebo, Respect Graphics, Richard Walker, Ryan "Rocketboy" McClure, Steve Ferrera, Sylvia O, Tasha Zimich, Task One, Taylored Curiosities, Thomas I. Rabbits, Tyler Coey, Uncle Studios, Vinsart, Viseone, and Wetworks.

Opening reception will take place on Saturday, March 22nd from 8-11PM at Art Whino’s New venue, Blind Whino. Check out a few of the submissions from Infiniterabbits and Fuller Designs after the jump.

Blind Whino
734 1st St SW
Washington, DC 22024


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Chris Lee – Freeman Robotics Release (03.14)


It was at Designer Con where we first got a glimpse of Chris Lee’s newest figure, U-23 from his Freeman Robotics line. It’s been quite some time, but we are glad Chris is getting back into creating toys! U-23 is made of resin and stands 4.5” tall with 2 points of articulation. They each come with a power station accessory and are all hand-painted and detailed by Chris. Along with each of the figures, you get stickers, a “quick start guide”, a safe handling sheet, a “Certificate of Ownership” with edition number, two promotional postcards, and a small archival print featuring, the original concept illustration. That’s quite some bundle! The first release will take place this Friday, March 15th at 10AM PST in his online store HERE. There will be three different variations to choose from:

Standard Edition (28 Pieces) – $90
The U-23 was originally a city owned utility storage unit which as been reconfigured for civilian use. With ten cubic feet of internal storage, the U-23 mobile storage unit is indispensable for the urban pack rat.

Nautical Explorer Variant (8 Pieces) – $120
Freeman Robotics was contracted by the Ocean Conservation Society to develop a small fleet of U-23's for research and rescue. Only eight were ever made.

Municipal Services Variant (8 Pieces) – $145
Before the U-23 was modified and offered for sale to the general public, it was utilized daily by construction and clean up crews around the city. On particularly busy garbage days, Freeman Robotics would send out additional U-23's to speed up trash collection. 

These eight units have been decommissioned and are sold as-is.

More photos available after the jump!



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