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Feb 25, 2014

Jeff Lamm x Unbox Industries – Space Mining Division 5 (SMD 5)


Jeff Lamm is at it again and with the help of Unbox Industries, they bring to you Space Mining Division 5 or SMD 5 for short. This piece will be a big one, standing a full 9” tall. To the left we can see the digital rendering and to the right you can see all the detail that this bad boy will have. Now we just have to wait for more info!

As far as the creature itself, in Greasebat world, giant monsters have been somewhat domesticated and put to military and industrial use. This guys natural heavy armor and strength make him well suited for deep space mining operations. A few modifications to his mouth ( rock crushing metal jaws) and breathing apparatus = instant deep space digger.
Unfortunately, this particular one ( number 5 ) escaped when his transport crashed, and has been on a violent rampage since.

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