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Feb 28, 2014

New Streamlined Tomenosue Web Site


Japanese toy retailer and producer  Tomenosuke  has just created an new  streamlined website at tomenosuke.stores.jp which highlights their  artist exclusives as well as their own production toys.  Chances are they’ve got toys you’ve never seen before including sweet resins from Taiwanese artist Shon, the beautiful Lady Butterfly  from street artist Lady Aiko and their own on-going Tomenosuke Blaster series inspired by the weaponry from  Blade Runner.  In addition to easy navigation and a modern look, the new site is English friendly.  Check it out.   Also, be sure to visit the Tomenosuke blog – for a look at new projects. Shinji, the owner of Tomenosuke, does a nice job of writing both Japanese and English.

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VISEone – Green & Pink Edition Zombie Goo


More colorways of VISEone’s Monster Goo figure will soon be hitting the shelves! The Green and Pink edition Zombie Goo figures will retail only $40 a piece, which is pretty solid for an 8” figure as wicked as this. Not sure if these will make it to your retailer? Bug the shop keep!

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Nakanari – 8” SpikiBacca Custom Dunny


Nakanari is proud to present his Spikibacca custom 8” Dunny. This one off resembles the original SpikiBacca painting that was on display at the MaiHiro Galaxy Show back in September. Unfortunately this piece already has a loving home. We hope to see more great customs like this coming from more often.


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Furry Feline Creatives x Toy Chronicle – “Sir Ringo” for Toycon UK


Toy Con UK is coming up and you know what that means! A flood of exclusives will soon be released! Here we have Sir Ringo, a collaborative piece by Furry Feline Creatives and Toy Chronicle. Ringo proudly embraces his nation with the Union flag along his chest. These will be available during Toy Con weekend at the Toy Chronicle booth on April 12th for £30 each. You can’t wait? Toy Chronicle has a pre-order up for them now until the 9th. These will be limited!

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Feb 27, 2014

Chauskoskis x Gary Ham – Custom Wooper Looper Release (2.28)


Here we have some more important news regarding the Chauskoskis x Gary Ham Wooper Looper release! The drop will take place this Friday, February 28th at 11AM PST via Gary’s Webstore. This release is an edition of 30 pieces, with 20 standard watermelon colorways ($65) and 10 scowl editions ($68). Remember, the man behind the sculpt is customizing a special run. That means this is a must for your Wooper Looper collections!

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Huck Gee – Memories of a Cluttermunk – The Ronin


Earlier today, Huck Gee announced his latest deluxe custom set – Memories of a Cluttermunk – The Ronin.   This set marks the return of Huck’s Cluttermunk first released in a hermit style edition back in the Summer of 2012.  Instead of lugging his possessions on a turtle shell pack, Cluttermunk is now riding in style atop the turtle.  Limited to ten pieces, the new Cluttermunk can be yours for $1800.  Email [email protected] if you’re interested.


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Coarse – Flake, Fluid and Float 10th Anniversary Editions (3.11)


Back before Coarse became  a household name among art toy collectors, Mark Landwehr released  Flake, Fluid and Float –- action-sports themed 1:6 style figures. I remember being really impressed by these at Munky King on Melrose sometime in ‘05/’06.  They were sleek, fresh and just a bit funky – definitely not your typical hyper-detailed  12” figures. Simple, bold lines were their calling card. 

To celebrate a decade of making their signature brand of art toys, Coarse has  revisited Flake, Fluid and Float.  The upcoming 10th Anniversary Editions (previewed during SDCC 13)  have been remastered  --  both Flake and Fluid feature updated, larger sculpts.  Fluid features a new pose and comes with a large 18” longboard.  With years of experience behind them, Mark and Sven have been able to push the limits of vinyl production with these new editions.  

Btw, in case you’re thinking hmm Flake, Fluid and Float– that’s three characters and the pics show just two figures…  Float is an alter-ego of sorts of the skateboarding Flake.  Take off Flake’s normal head and swap in the the skateboard truck head, and you’ve got Float.

The 10th Anniversary Flake, Float and Fluid figures will be released in two editions – a signature Pain edition (220 pcs) and a more colorful Cream edition (320 pcs).  Each of the two editions will come packaged in a premium color printed gift box.  Both editions drop on Tuesday March 11th 2014 @ 7:59 AM for HK$ 2680 (~ $340) from coarsehkg.com.   A bundle of both editions will be available for HK$ 4800. As always this pricing includes global surface shipping.   Finally, Coarse is now on Twitter and Instagram – follow ‘em.


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Feb 26, 2014

MAD – MAD*L Phase 4 Release Party & Signing @ Rotofugi (03.08)


Hey you Chicago-ans! MAD will be stopping by Rotofugi on Friday, March 8th from 6-9PM for an official release party and signing for the highly anticipated Phase 4 MAD*Ls. They will be available for $35 each or all three for $100. MAD will be there to sign, sketch and hang out for the night. There will also be a mini-exhibit in the “side” gallery that will be on display through April 6th.

2780 N Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL 60614

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Reactor-88’s Custom Corner: Jenn and Tony Bot

Welcome to the February edition of Reactor-88's Custom Corner. This month we’re highlighting Jenn and Tony Bot. The Bots are full-time artists based out of Fort Thomas, Kentucky. Jenn and Tony have only been creating custom toys for a little over a year now, but have already created over a hundred and fifty -- impressive stuff!

The Bots describe their work as Kawaii Pop! This comes from their love of Japanese style and pop culture. If you’re familiar with Jenn and Tony’s work, the first thing you notice is that it’s different that most custom toys out there. Instead of paint, they cover each piece in polymer clay. This adds a level of dimension and really gives each piece a full sculpted feel. Another interesting tidbit is that they hand-mix all their clay colors.

Jenn and Tony are always excited to work on new projects, so if you’re interested in a commission, feel free to email them at [email protected]. You can also find them individually: @thejennbot and @thetonybot on both Instagram and Twitter, as well as at their combined Facebook Fan Page.


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Feb 25, 2014

Scribe & Andrew Bell x Kidrobot Mardivale Dunny Hyper Series (03.04)


Unfortunately you cannot exchange beads for these guys. Kidrobot announces that the release of their upcoming Mardivale Dunny Hyper Series will be taking place on Fat Tuesday (03.04) (of course!). This series features 15 designs by Scribe and Andrew Bell who re-design these 3” Dunnys with crazy sculpts, beads, feathers, masks, and all things that scream Mardi Gras. The Mardivale Dunnys will be available at all Kidrobot Stores, KR Online and select retailers for $9.99a blind box. Check out more sneaks after the jump.


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Jeff Lamm x Unbox Industries – Space Mining Division 5 (SMD 5)


Jeff Lamm is at it again and with the help of Unbox Industries, they bring to you Space Mining Division 5 or SMD 5 for short. This piece will be a big one, standing a full 9” tall. To the left we can see the digital rendering and to the right you can see all the detail that this bad boy will have. Now we just have to wait for more info!

As far as the creature itself, in Greasebat world, giant monsters have been somewhat domesticated and put to military and industrial use. This guys natural heavy armor and strength make him well suited for deep space mining operations. A few modifications to his mouth ( rock crushing metal jaws) and breathing apparatus = instant deep space digger.
Unfortunately, this particular one ( number 5 ) escaped when his transport crashed, and has been on a violent rampage since.

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kaNO – The Crow King Custom Release (02.28)


A lot of you have been anticipating this custom release from kaNO and it is now finally here! To celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Crow film, kaNO will be releasing a limited number of custom Dragon King figures that pay homage to one of Brandon Lee (Bruce Lee’s Son) most famous roles. The crow accessory was done by Steve Schumacher and it really completes this set. These are limited to only 20 pieces, with 5 already being sold at Designer Con. The Crow will be available this Friday, February 28th at 12PM EST. They will retail $300 + S&H and should go fairly quickly, as a lot of people were asking about them back at Designer Con.

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DrilOne x Collect & Display – Sparkle Magic Glitter Drones (2.28)


Collect & Display continues its brand new monthly custom offering with DrilOne’s Sparkle Magic Glittler Drones (Star Version).  Dril has created eight custom versions of his 1.5” tall drone resin figure for the release.  They drop on Friday (2.28) @ 8 PM GMT (Noon PST) for £15 (~ $25) + s/h.

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Suburban Vinyl – Exclusive Clear Green S.U.C.K.L.E.


Suburban Vinyl has released its exclusive S.U.C.K.L.E. sets in clear green from Suckadelic and DKE toys.  Limited to 85 sets, the ten figures come in a flip-top plastic can for handy storage and reuse.  Available now for $19.99 (+ s/h) per set of ten from Suburban Vinyl.  These S.U.C.K.L.E. exclusive announcements are coming quickly, we wonder who’s next  and what color it will be.

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Martin Hsu x Bigshot Toyworks Miya-San Production Update


We got a lovely newsletter from Tenacious Toys giving us a brief update on the status of Martin Hsu and Bigshot Toyworks’ Miya-San figure. They mention that the figures should be arriving on schedule to meet the late April deadline. Above and after the jump, you can see some progress photos of all the pieces that make up Miya-San. We can’t wait to see them put together with a few splashes of paint! Stay tuned for the next update.


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Feb 24, 2014

Dacosta Bayley – March of Robots Book + Instagram Challenge


Dacosta Bayley, artist/toy creator (DCTO and more)/robot nerd, has put together a new book, March of Robots.  The book features 80 pages of Dacosta’s robot illustrations including some process sketches and augmented reality portions which can be viewed as 3D models via an app on your phone/tablet.   Dacosta will be launching a kickstarter campaign for March of the Robots on wait for it … March 1st.  He will also be starting a month long instagram challenge – one original robot drawing per day, and asking others to join in as well.   To find out more about the project – check out marchofrobots.com.  We’ll be sure to update you once the kickstarter goes live.

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Toy Art Gallery – Exclusive Clear Red S.U.C.K.L.E. Minis (2.26)


Toy Art Gallery has just announced their upcoming exclusive Clear Red S.U.C.K.L.E. pvc mini-figs from Suckadelic and DKE Toys. The set of 10 characters in a swanky resealable plastic jar will be available for $20 (+ s/h) direct from TAG’s web shop on Wednesday (2.26) @ Noon PST. Cast in a sweet translucent red, these are perfect for any Sucklord fan.


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Frank Kozik – 3” Orange Heathrow Sofubi


Frank Kozik is unleashing his first sofubi edition of Heathrow, his hedgehog character.  The debut 3” edition features and Orange body with white and black sprays.  It’s limited to 50 pieces, hand-painted by Frank Himself and comes bagged with a signed/numbered edition-specific header card.   These drop on Wednesday (2.26) @ 2 PM PST from frankkozik.net for $40 each (+ s/h).

Heathrow hates you. But, please don't take it personally, he hates EVERYONE. In fact, just the other day as he was walking through the Magic Mushroom Forest ( which he hates) he met the Orange Creamsicle, who tried to be friends and even offered Heathrow a bite, but Heathrow just hated him as well, and it made the Orange Creamsicle really sad and he went home and drank bleach. (Via PR)


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Marka27 – Faberge Big Egg Hunt New York


Marka27 has been hard at work in the past few months on several art projects.  He recently completed an impressive custom  Minigods-inspired 2.5 foot egg with embedded speakers for the upcoming Fabrege Big Egg Hunt New York.  The muted gray + blue color scheme works really nicely on the piece.  The charity event will feature 200 giant artist customized eggs scattered across the five boroughs of NYC beginning on April 1st.  The eggs will then be auctioned (4.22) to benefit both Studio in a School which brings artists into schools to help children grow their skills and Elephant Family which works to save the endangered Asian elephant.  Other participating artists include D*Face, Retna, Jeff Koons, Terry Richardson and many more.  In other news, Marka also recently completed a new mixed-media painting commission -- ‘All Day I Dream About Samurai’ for a Los Angeles area collector.


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Super7 Releases: Spring Green Pocket Rose Vampire (02.27)


Super7 has just announced their newest release, the Spring Green Pocket Rose Vampire by Joshua Herbolsheimer. This drop may feature a green glitter vinyl with dark green petals and metallic blue leaves and will be available this Thursday, February 27th at 12NOON PST for $25 each. You can expect this Rose Vamp to emerge from the soil in all of its stunning glory.

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Wetworks – Woo-Bots Set


Wetworks has an amazing set now available through his webstore. Introducing the Woo-Bots, which features 3 figures made with both vinyl and wood. What an amazing combination! Thirdy, the youngest and largest robot of the group stands 6.5” tall. Dozer, is the oldest and the smallest, standing at 3” tall. Then there is Niner, who stands 5” tall. You can find the set HERE for $250.


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Big Trubble x Anser – Painted Face at #Hashtag Gallery for “Crowded Kingdom” (02.27)


Big Trubble has teamed up with street artist Anser to produce a new 6” resin piece, titled Painted Face.  Laird of Big Trubble, has created each of these stackable tinted face figures, with the signature line work of Anser. There will only be 30 pieces available at the “Crowded Kingdom” exhibit at #Hashtag Gallery in Toronto, which will take place on Thursday, February 27th at 7PM. Each piece is unique and will retail $300 a piece. Those leftover from the show should be available online.

Hashtag Gallery
801 Dundas St. W.
Toronto, ON M6J 1V1


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Feb 21, 2014

VTSS x Naoto Hattori – Balloon Resin Figures


In a pleasant surprise, pop surrealist painter Nato Hattori is working with VTSS on his first art toys.  The upcoming hand-painted resin figures (3-4”) are based on his Balloon painting series from 2012.  First up are the Bulldog, Monkey, Sheep, Owl and Elephant.  Look for these to drop in April. It’s nice to see a recent resurgence in toys based on original paintings – hopefully the momentum continues.


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Fools Paradise – The Confession Set Pre-Orders


My personal list of favorite toy artists includes the usual extremely talented suspects along with one wildcard –- Fools Paradise.  As part of Boredom Squeezer, Alan Ng defined the 1:6 fashion figure scene.  On his own with Fools Paradise, Alan has consistently released stylish and dramatic  ‘toys’ that often induce head turning and at times, head scratching. 

With his newest creation, the ‘Confession Set’ once again embraces and indulges his inner Star Wars nerd. It might be tempting to simply write off his recent series of Lucas inspired pieces as the latest examples  of an artist catching in on the peerless popularity of the sci-fi classic.  That would be too easy though.  Confession is hard to so quickly dismiss.  It’s an eclectic mix of pop culture, religion, and violence that overloads the eyes and the mind.  I’m not quite sure what to make of it, except to say that I hope Alan continues to make toys from his heart and imagination. 

Measuring 43 cm x 35 cm x 29 cm (16.9 x 13.8 x 11.4 inches),  the Confession Set is available for pre-order now from Fools Paradise for $498 USD which includes global EMS shipping.  The sets will be produced to order and will ship in Q3 2014.  Pre-orders will end on 3.21.



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Ron English x BlackBook Toy – Psycho Camo Big Boner (2.24)


If once is good, the second time around just might be even better.  Got Camo?  BlackBook Toy and Ron English do, and this time it’s bright and bold in contrast with the previous, more traditional pattern.  Inspired by Ron’s Psycho Camo Doe sculpture, the new Psycho Camo Big Boner (8.3”) features a hand-painted camo pattern in blue, hot pink, cyan, yellow and just a hint of black  translated by skilled Japanese  craftsmen. 

The new edition will be available for pre-order directly from BlackBook Toy on Monday (2.24) @ 7 AM PST for 10,500 yen (~ $102). If you’re ordering from overseas, be sure to scroll down for the Paypal link which will be available on release day.  As a cool bonus, customers who pre-order the figure will receive a David Flores x BlackBook Toy rubber card holder .


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