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Feb 13, 2014

Luke Chueh x Munky King Toys x Pretty in Plastic – Upcoming Vinyl Figure?

Bitch 53c8471894fb11e39b8a12d1269d46d7_8

It seems as though Luke Chueh is straying away from his usual Bear characters with this new piece, which is sculpted by Pretty In Plastic and will be produced by Munky King Toys. The artwork comes from one of Luke’s original paintings titled “Bitch” from back in 2007, where a wolf is getting it on with a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This should make for an interesting figure and we can’t wait to see more photos of its progress.

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Shane Jessup – Custom Lucky Valentine 8” Dunny (02.14)


Shane Jessup will be bringing back his Lucky Dunny for Valentine’s Day! This time in a lovely custom pink edition that will be super limited. Each 8” Dunny comes signed and numbered with a bell necklace with red ribbon and a signed 5” x 5” print in a custom printed envelope. There will also be a special surprise to come with it! There will be a 24 hour window to pick yours up, beginning on Friday, February 14th at 12AM EST. Orders will then be shipped on or before March 28th, so you’re loved ones are going to have to wait a little bit. You will find them on his ONLINE STORE for $400, which includes free domestic shipping.

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Necessaries Toy Foundation – B-Kawz


Now that KAWS may be retired from the vinyl toy game (we really hope not *crosses fingers*), Necessaries Toy Foundation has come up with their very own homage to one of the superstars of the designer vinyl toy world. Introducing B-KAWZ – Appropriating the Appropriator.

B-KAWZ there isn't enough shit at Comicon already
B-KAWZ you are not a very discerning toy collector
B-KAWZ absolutely everyone bastardizes everyone else 
B-KAWZ art imitating art is still art, geddit?

Call it what you will, is it a blatant rip-off or a noble tribute?
We at Necessaries Toy Foundation consider it a homage
to two successful and very respected artists.
It is also commentary and parody.
Is it an original idea? We think it is, but only in an esoteric sense.
In fact, it is a very original idea if you are a lateral thinker.
Appropriator? Perpetrator? Instigator?|
It is what it is, and I yam what I yam.
B-KAWZ is a metaphor du jour. Merely this and nothing more . . .

The Golden edition B-KAWZ will be available at your local designer toy retailers very soon. This figure stands 11” tall and is an edition of 250 pieces for $100 available from retailers including DeKorner. How do all of you collectors feel about this piece? Will this be something you would want to add to your collection? Is this something that goes against your KAWS collections?


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MAD x Clutter Magazine – Pink Edition Modern Hero Bank (02.14)


Just for Valentine’s Day, Clutter Magazine will be releasing their exclusive Pink Edition Modern Hero Bank by MAD. This 18” vinyl figure has plenty of space for all of your pocket change. These are limited to only 30 pieces and will be available on Friday, February 14th at NOON EST for $150 each. You can find them available HERE when the time comes! Take a peak after the jump for more shots of this beauty, as well as future colorways.


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