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Jan 07, 2014

Samsung Galaxy x Kidrobot – MiWe Platform Toy


Kidrobot’s making moves … at CES.  Samsung’s convention booth has a whole wall of KR’s new MiWe platform (Meaningful Innovation Wow Experience) which was inspired by their Galaxy mobile line.  As seen via Gavin McKamy’s instagram, the fox-like vinyl figure is making his debut in several solid color mini DIYs, customs from Angry Woebots and Tara Mcpherson, as well as a giant version that Scribe is live painting on the floor (with another on the way from Buff Monster).  From the brief info so far, sounds like the MiWe will be an ongoing product line.  We’ll keep you updated on the new figure / collabo project which promises to raise the exposure of art toys to a much broader audience.

2_miwe 1_miwe 3_miwe iPad-2014.01.07- iPad-2014.01.07-

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Meaningful Innovation Wow Experience, is this a play on the doge meme?

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