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Jan 21, 2014

JRiot – Rioteer Playground Series

001-rioteer playground series single swing by jriot

For his latest customs, JRiot is celebrating days playing in the park or at recess.  Each edition of his Rioteer Playground Series will feature sets containing a custom android and a playground piece.  First up is the Swing Set Rioteer with a hand-made wood swing + custom android to pair with it. Instead of going with the stock android, JRiot’s done some rearranging – placing the feet on the front of the figure for a seated pose.    Limited to 10 ten sets, the set is available for pre-order for $110.  Or if you prefer, you can purchase just the custom, Relaxin Rioteer, for $60.  As with some of his earlier offerings, the custom droids are made to order with input from the collector.   Both are available from JRiot’s web shop.

002-relaxing rioteer androids by j.riot

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