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Jan 31, 2014

Yosuke Ueno x Mighty Jaxx – ‘Never Negative Again’ Release (02.01)


First we gave you the rendered version of Yosuke Ueno’s upcoming figure with Mighty Jaxx, the ‘Never Negative Again’ art figure. Now we have the painted master, as well as the release date for all of you! Mighty Jaxx notes that each figure will be hand painted to capture the likeness of the original painting. This figure will stand 8” tall and will retail $100 + S&H. They will be available through their website on Saturday, February 1st at 6PM PST. The details on this piece are amazing and if they are made to look like the original painting, the $100 price tag looks to be really worth it.

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MAD – 5” DIY Blank MAD*L’s Now Available


It was bound to happen after MAD put up his Phase 4 MAD*L Series figures, the Blank DIYs are now available. The 5” figures come in black or white and can be found HERE for $25 each. Pick a few up and get to customizing!

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Jan 30, 2014

TAG x Bwana Spoons x T9G -- Marty & Killer Handpaint GID (1.31)


Toy Art Gallery has a double dose of sofubi goodness coming Friday (1.31).  They are releasing in GID Handpaint edition of both their Marty and Killer figures created by Bwana Spoons and T9G   Painted by Bwana himself, the figures feature a bright palette of color sprays (blue, pink and more)  on GID  vinyl.   These will be available on Friday, January 31st @ Noon PST for $90 each.  To celebrate the release, Bwana also created an original painting (see it after the jump) which will also be available at the same time as the figures.


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One-Shot Gallery Presents: “Great Villains of Gotham – A Cowardly & Superstitious Lot” (02.01)


One-Shot Gallery presents to you, “Great Villains of Gotham – A Cowardly & Superstitious Lot”, a group art where they give Gotham’s villains the shine they’ve been looking for. This show will feature artwork by: Beau Berkley, Ryan Berkley, Jason Chalker, Daisy Church, M.S. Corley, Jim Doran, Steve Dressler, Andy Fish, Veronica Fish, Ashley Fisher, HR-FM, Zach Koch, L'Amour Supreme, Alex Leighton, Damon O'Keefe, James Jirat Patradoon, Celeste Pille, Andry Rajoelina, Robot Soda, John Rozum, Bennett Slater, Israel Sanchez, Cuyler Smith, SUCKADELIC, Scott Wade, Blake Wheeler, James White, Pam Wishbow and Chris Yee. Opening reception takes place this Saturday, February 1st. You can preview some of the pieces HERE, as well as after the jump.

Located in St. Mark’s Comics
11 St. Mark’s Place
New York, NY 10003


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Mark Gmehling x Creo Design – Unplugged


Creo Design is working with Mark Gmehling to produce his very won original figure, Unplugged. Creo has truly captured the details behind this 2D design and were able to transform it into a 10” solid resin statue. These are now available and limited to only 10 pieces. You can order yours by sending an email to creo[a]tcdtoys[dot]co.uk. These each retail roughly $820 excluding shipping.

The unplugged sculptures and especially the print is inspired by my perception of society as are a lot of my works. The print shows ten unplugged's do this endless walk-cycle is a metaphor of the daily grind that never stops. The kind of daily grind where you perceive life through a tunnel that only focuses on sustainable growth and profit maximization.The brain is unplugged, you are a zombie sleepwaking on autopilot. In general I do my best to document the trivialty and absurdity of human life in a way that is as clear and easy to read as possible - in the good hope that it needs no explanation. For me personally the sculpture acts as a memorial to remind me of staying awake. 
- Mark Gmehling


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Taylored Curiosities – Valentine Gibblegumps


Just in time for Valentines day, Taylored Curiosities has created this awfully cute pair of creatures, the Gibblegumps. These sets include one tall and one short, as well as a love heart. The regular run is normal, but with every 5th order, you have a chance of obtaining the rare green edition chase, which comes with a pink heart rather than a purple. The Gibblegumps are 1” and just over 1” and the hearts are 1” as well. You can find them available HERE for $25.

Gibblegumps are quite soppy creatures and they love celebrating Valentines day with the one they love. Adult Gibblegumps spend a lot of their spare time searching for the right life partner and when they find them, it's celebrations all around.

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Miya-San Pre-Order Ends Tomorrow!

Just a reminder folks, tomorrow will be the last day you can get your pre-orders in for the Miya-San figure by Martin Hsu and Bigshot Toyworks. Don’t forget proceeds from the sales will be sent to Karakuwa-Maru, a community building organization in the town of Karakuwa, Japan in support of the tsunami and earthquake relief. You can find the pre-order HERE for $95 with scheduled arrivals in April. This is a solid piece for all you Studio Ghibli fans! In the mean time, check out this awesome animation short, which was put together by Jon Lambe.

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Jan 29, 2014

Bwana Spoons – Space Horse Jeff (1.31)


We showed you a trippy flier when we first mentioned that Bwana Spoons was readying his Space Horse Jeff blind-bagged release.  Now, here’s a look at the sexy standard double pour clear + red figures as well as the wild marbled pieces that will be part of the release.  These marbled pieces are pretty amazing – with thin streaks of black or stripes rather than the large flows we’re used to.  At any rate, both the double pour and marbled Space Horse versions look great.  These two possibilities alone, make this blind release really tempting.  The inclusion of customs definitely push it over the top. 

Space Horse Jeff drops on Friday (1.31) @ 10 AM Pacific from Bwana’s web shop.


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Martin Hsu x Wrong Gallery – Noir Amour Dragon Boy


Wrong Gallery in Taipei will release Martin Hsu’s Noir Amour Dragon Boy on February 8th with a signing event.   The newest production Dragon Boy vinyl features a grey/black/white design with pink accents.  If you can’t make it to the event, drop an email to Martin at info@martinhsu.com for details on an online release.


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Luke Chueh -- ‘Love & Allergies’ Screen Print for the Cat Art Show (2.1)


Luke Chueh will be at 101/exhibit gallery on Saturday (2.1) @ 2 PM to sign and release the silk-screen print of his ‘Love & Allergies’ piece for the Cat Art show which runs through the gallery until Sunday (2.2).  Roughly 80 to 85 pieces of the 16” x 20” 7 color silk screen print will be available for $250.  If you can’t make it out to the gallery, drop a line to susan@catartshow.com to order.

Luke Chueh || ‘Love & Allergies’ Print Release
Saturday, February 1st 2014 @ 2 PM PST

8920 Melrose Avenue
West Hollywood, CA 90069

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Buff Monster – Mister Melty Pink + White Zombie Edition (1.30)


Thursday is a big day for Mister Melty.  Not only is Buff Monster releasing the first painted  Mister Melty Sofubi figure ($35 + s/h) in a hand-painted pink edition, he’s also releasing a new sculpt, the Zombie Mister Melty ($30 + s/h) in a debut white edition.  The zombie has a ripped-up head, bandaged arm, defiled cone, and falling-apart shoe.    Look for both to  drop on Buffmonster.com on Thursday (1.30) @ 10 AM EST (7 AM PST).


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Amanda Visell – 8” Custom Wood Jackalope Dunny


Amanda Visell has just released her new 8” Custom Wood Jackalope Dunnys.  This release rounds out her Wood series which includes the production wood labbit, 3” Wood Jackalope Dunny, and 8” Wood Donkey Dunny.  Limited to ten pieces, these are available for $400 each from myswitcheroo.com.


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Scott Tolleson x De Korner – Kookie No Good Release (1.31)


The new Kookie No Good sofubi figure from Scott Tolleson  and De Korner  is dressed up in traditional colors to celebrate the coming of the Year of the Horse. Limited to 20 pieces, the first edition features red, gold, and black sprays over tan vinyl.  De Korner will release Kookie No Good on Chinese New Year's --Friday, January 31st @ 10 AM PST for $35 each (+ s/h) from their web shop. The figures will ship in 2-3 weeks.

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Flawtoys x Vinyl Riot – Al-kimia Custom Android Series (1.29)


Vinyl Riot is about to release the Al-kimia custom Android Series from Flawtoys.  The name refers to the ‘Mystical Essence of the Sacred Art of Alchemy’ – the ever optimistic notion of turning everyday metals into precious ones, mainly gold.  The five pieces in the set capture the idea nicely with bodies resembling steel or iron and hints of more precious materials within.  Sold blind, the Al-kimia Androids drop on Wednesday (1.29) @ 3 PM EST (Noon PST) for $80 each (+ s/h) from Vinyl Riot’s web shop.


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Reactor-88’s Custom Corner: Jan Calleja



Welcome to the January edition of Reactor-88's Custom Corner. To kick off 2014 we're highlighting Jan Calleja. Jan is a freelance graphic artist and toy customizer based in Quezon City in the Philippines. Jan has been customizing toys for five years now, and recently quit his full-time job in advertising so he could have more time experimenting with his custom toy creations.

Jan has a very interesting style of blending together toys with other recognizable machinery, whether it be an airplane, a car, or weaponry to create some very unique pieces. He usually does a lot of research before starting a piece, so there is some rationale behind his designs. At first toy art didn’t really click with Jan, but with his new found passion of creating these toy/machine hybrids, he now gets it. Jan still goes back and forth on whether to call his finished pieces toys or sculptures that have a toy-like appearance.

Regardless of the label, I feel Jan’s work has wide-reaching appeal and he definitely has a bright future ahead of him. Jan doesn’t have a website yet, but if you’d like to contact him about a commission, you can email him at chilikala@yahoo.com or send him a message over on his Facebook page. To see a full gallery of his work, I highly recommend you check out his Flickr page- amazing stuff!


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Coarse – Omen Wood


Omen is wildly popular. Coarse is about to add a 4.5” version in addition to the previously released 7” and 3” vinyl versions.  The twist of course is that the new Omen is created from a solid piece of Canadian Maple –- further blurring the line between art toy and sculpture. Stay tuned for Omen Wood release news. As big as Omen was in 2013, it’s poised to soar even further and higher in 2014.


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Jan 28, 2014

Mega Man x Kidrobot


Updated: With product line info.

Hot on the heels of the TMNT teases, Kidrobot is showing the packaging for part of their upcoming Mega Man toy line.  From his 8-bit start, Mega Man has been one of the most popular video game characters to jump, leap, and blast his way across screens.  This is the second KR series featuring Capcom characters – the first being the Street Fighter II line.  KR is quickly becoming the go-to brand for updated takes on childhood favorites.

Thanks to Destructoid’s sales sheet info via an anonymous source, we now have a pretty good idea of what Kidrobot has planned. It looks like the line will run deep with a 3” blind-boxed series (14 designs, $9.99 each), a key chain series ($5.99 each), and 7” versions of Mega Man and Proto Man ($39.99).


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Marka27 x BucketFeet Minigods Kicks


Marka27 is collaborating with artist brand BucketFeet on a pair of Minigods production sneakers. Marka’s design echoes the toys with the geometric patterns on the upper and the heel.   No word on a release yet, but expect both a men’s shoe (above) and a women’s shoe with added polka dot detail (after the jump).


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Yosuke Ueno x Mighty Jaxx – ‘Never Negative Again’ Revealed


We were surprised and intrigued when Mighty Jaxx revealed their Never Negative Again project from Yosuke Ueno  in teaser form last week. Mighty Jaxx has now revealed the full design (render?) based on the original painting  and it looks like this might be one of the better releases of 2014.  Look for a pre-order for this resin art toy this weekend.

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Kidrobot – Futurama S2 (2.20)


Kidrobot is gearing up to release a follow-up to their popular Futurama mini-series.  Futurama S2 features twelve 3” blind-boxed designs.  The action begins on Thursday, February 20th when the new mini-figs drop from Kidrobot and retailers for $9.99/blind box.  Props to Sergio for the tip on the official product listing.


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Juan Muniz – ‘Da Bunny Trail’ Book Set on Kickstarter


Las Vegas-based artist Juan Muniz has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for his ‘Da Bunny Trail’ 2-book set featuring his signature character, Felipe the Bunny.  The book set features a glossy 50-page art book with brand-new illustrations exclusive to the project and  a coloring book version of the art book.  The campaign is raising money to produce the books as well as to help ensure that Juan will be able to offer them at both SDCC and NYCC.

There are quite a few rewards including exclusive bookmarks, removable wall graphics, Tees and at the higher end of the scale OG sketches and paintings.  At the $45 level, you’ll get both volumes – the art book and the coloring book.  Head on over to the Da Bunny Trail Kickstarter page to check it all out.  The books should ship in June. 

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Yury Ustsinau x Kidrobot – Upcoming KR Black

f03f3394887711e3863312af00698892_8 yury-ustsinau

Well would ya’ look at this! Kidrobot has just teased their upcoming Kidrobot Black release. It looks as though they will be working alongside German artist, Yury Ustsinau, who makes the perfect candidate for this designer vinyl line. There original name of the artwork is titled “Berries”, which from the looks of it translates well into a bust! Stay tuned for any new!

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MAD – MAD*L Phase 4 Available Now


Without any real warning, MAD has just made available his Phase 4 MAD*L figures! This set of three features the Modern Hero, MaeMaeMon, and MAD Ape and can be found HERE for $100. Each figure is limited to only 400 pieces and will soon be available through your local toy stores. If you can’t wait and want them in your collection asap, be sure to order through MAD!


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Gary Ham – Trickertreat AP Bundle Sets (01.31)


It’s never too late to be in the Halloween spirit, as Gary Ham will be releasing his Trickertreat AP Android Set this Friday, January 31st at 8AM PST. The bundle will include a signed AP edition of the Trickertreat Android Figure, a 5x5” signed and numbered framed print with a hand doodled matte, wood Android pumpkin with orange stain and painted details, sticker pack, and a postcard! This amazing set will be available on his Online Store for $120 +S&H.

*Please allow several weeks for delivery. All orders will be mailed no later than February 28th.*


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Polar Bear Cavey & Polar Bear Vinyl Cavey (02.03)

polarbearsblog (1)

In celebration of the Polar Vortex, Cavey will be releasing the Polar Bear Cavey, which will be available in plush and vinyl form! The Polar Bear Cavey is limited to 100 pieces and comes with a pink enamel Cavey Badge and canvas carry bag for $27. Then there is the vinyl version, which features a hand-cut felt muzzle and is limited to 20 pieces for $25. These will both be available in the Cavey Shop on Monday, February 3rd at 12PST.


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