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Jan 17, 2014

Andrew Bell – Misfortune Cat AP Sets


Had to do a double take with Andrew Bell’s shot of his Misfortune Cat figure (Playge)  in blue. What looked like a brand-new edition is actually what’s in store for collectors who purchase his AP set (20 pcs).  Andrew’s given the cat a cool transformation switching the original red nose, tongue, and jewel with ice blue ones and he’s also replaced the production eyes with fancy glass ones.  As with his other APs, this one will ship with a matching mini print.  When?  Some time next week. 

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Kyle Kirwan – Edmund Munroe Regular Edition (1.31)


Kyle Kirwan is about to release the regular edition of his Edmund Munroe resin figure, one of a cast of characters from the Mudcat resin series which he launched last year at NYCC.  The regular edition is the last planned edition for Edmund in the current series and follows the debut Ivory NYCC edition as well as the black + grey two-headed Dcon edition. This time around, Edmund is looking dapper as always with a navy vest, blue shirt, and red bowtie.  Limited to 25 hand-made pieces, the regular edition Edmund drops on Friday, January 31st @ Noon EST for $25 (+ s/h) from Kyle’s online shop.

-Sir Edmund Monroe-

Edmund Monroe and Jeremy Fenridge were inseparable childhood friends until Edmund died. Some people whisper that's where Jeremy's troubles first begin. Eight long years after Edmund died, a very lonely King Jeremy brought his friend back. Much has changed though for the two and Edmund is not the loyal friend he once was.




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MAD – DIY 5” MAD*L Figures


Can we all rejoice and be happy to see that MAD’s MAD*L figure will soon be available as a DIY Blank! This 5” figure will be bringing more diversity to the custom culture, as custom MAD*L’s have been scarce as of late. That would probably have to do with how much more difficult it is to get a hold of one rather than just picking up a Dunny or Munny. As you can see, they will be available in a White and Black vinyl. We can expect to see many good things come from this!

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Collect & Display – Monthly Custom Series


Collect and Display has something special planned for the year of 2014. On every last Friday of each month, they will reveal custom pieces from one of the twelve different artists. The platforms will range and there will be a minimum of 4 pieces. You can find mini bios on each of the artists, as well as release dates for when they go live. The line up is as follows:

January - Toy Terror
February – Drilone
March – Sekure D
April – Bash Projects
May - Square Frog Designs
June – Nemori
July - Klang
August – Run DMB
September – MAp-MAp
October - April Elliott
November - Slumber
December - Stuart Harris

We cannot wait to see what these artists come up with!

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Paul Kaiju–Mixed Parts Mr. Ree & “Pink Belly” King Jinx (01.19)

mix-ree metallic_green_jinx

Not only will the “Neapolitan” Boss Carrion raffle be taking place this Sunday, but so will 2 releases that we know you’re going to want to get your hands on. Both the Mixed Parts Mr. Ree and “Pink Belly” King Jinx will be available at 6PM PST through his Online Store. The Ree’s are all randomly packed and come with an extra mask and two torsos. One per customer and will retail $90 + S&H. The King Jinx features green, blue, gold, and pink sprays on a vanilla vinyl and comes with screaming siren for $250 +S&H. Good luck and happy clicking!

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