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Jan 09, 2014

Super7 – January 16th Noon Releases

crystal_mecha_space frozen_foster

To follow up our previous post HERE, Super7 has just announced that they will be having two releases for Thursday, January 16th at NOON PST. First up is the Crystal Mecha, this release is cast in a red vinyl with black and gold metallic sprays and is also topped with a translucent milky-white vinyl crystal head with blue metallic sprays. This release will retail $95 a piece.

Then we have something we feel like a lot of you may not want to be thinking about, but really have no choice. The Baby Blue Frozen Foster is cast in a baby blue vinyl with white sprays. These will be available for just $25 each.

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Hydro74 x Jesse Hernandez – Death Serpent Ghost Edition Full Reveal

001-photo 4

While we got a good look at the upcoming Death Serpent Ghost Edition collabo figure from Hydro74 and Jesse Hernandez back in December, we didn’t quite see all of it.  Now Kuso Vinyl has posted a complete picture of the upcoming piece.  This soon to drop edition has a sharp gray, light gold and red color scheme with Hydro47’s skull logo on the shield.  I was lucky enough to see this one in person this Summer, and it’s pretty amazing.  We’ll keep you updated on the release – of course ;-)

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Emilio Garcia – Brain Grenade

001-photo 2

Emilio Garcia has his mind on brains – from his Jumping Brain to the Skull Brain he’s created some excellent toys and sculptures from his signature aesthetic/motif.  Next up ?  Brain Grenades.  Hand-cast by Emilio in Spain, these look spot-on. Very nice.  If you’d like to add one to your arsenal, head on over to the Brain Grenade lottery page for a shot at buying one.  The price is expected to be somewhere between 50 and 80 euros (~ 68 - $109).  Good luck!

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Luke Chueh x Sucklord – SUCKLE mini-fig

001-photo 1

Luke Chueh has revealed the sculpt for his pvc mini that will be part of the SUCKLE series created by Sucklord and produced by DKE.  This is the last of the additional five sculpts that were added to the original kickstarter project back in July as a result of a tidal wave of backers.  Based on his ‘Sad… Alone… Broken…’ from the OG Super Suck Up,  Luke’s SUCKLE fig may be small but he packs a punch. Love the great detail that’s squeezed into the sculpt.

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Update on Samsung Galaxy x Kidrobot MiWe

On Tuesday we mentioned that Samsung and Kidrobot unveiled their new collaborative MiWe vinyl mini-figure at CES in Las Vegas. Since we're really excited about the project here's a bit more about the display which features artist customs and a wall of solid color MiWe's. Angry Woebots, Buff Monster, Scribe and Tara McPherson each created hand-painted two custom MiWe vinyl figures while Kidrobot creative dirctor Galen Mckamy showcased his skills with a custom of his own. Launching the project in style, KR also asked Woebots, Buff Monster, and Scribe to go big by working their magic on giant five foot MiWe showstoppers to be finished live on the show floor. As you can see in the shot after the jump, all that's left is for Woes to complete his five footer on Thursday. We're looking forward to seeing what's next from this high profile collaboration between Samsung and KR. [Photos from Kidrobot and their instagram feed]



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iROC Custom Show off


iROC has a couple customs he’s just completed and wanted to share them with everyone. First up is his submission for the upcoming Vive La Lolligag show, titled “BFF”, which is being held at TAG this Saturday, January 11th. iROC hits it out of the ballpark yet again with this cute triceratops and his custom Dunny companion. 


There is also this beautiful 3” Dunny, 5” Labbit and 1.5” Labbit custom set, best known as “The Traveler”. It’s so amazing to see such detail on such a small custom. Unfortunately this already has a home, but if you are interested in any pieces feel free to message him through his website.

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