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Jan 08, 2014

Super7 – Upcoming Crystal Mecha


We are glad to see another Crystal Mecha coming from Super7, especially with this amazing red and gold paint application. The release is set for January 16th, so stay tuned for more pics and official release information.

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Restore – Eternal Cloud Pre-Order at Lulubell


Restore is gearing up to release the debut edition of their new Eternal Cloud figure (7”)  which was first shown in proto form last year at NYCC.  The elaborate piece mixes sofubi and resin nicely – the temple and dragon’s horns are resin and impressively, all of the rest is sofubi (dragon, clouds). Eternal Cloud will be available for a timed pre-order beginning on 12:01 AM on  Monday January 13th via Lulubell Toys for $120 (+ s/h) and ending at Noon on January 30th.  Restore will also be offering pre-orders on their site.


eternalcloudfirstrelease eternalcloudfirstrelease

eternalcloudfirstrelease eternalcloudfirstrelease

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MAD – Modern Hero Blackout Edition


MAD has just released his own exclusive Modern Hero Blackout Edition (6”).  Limited to 100 pieces, the third Modern Hero features a slick black+blue+white design.  As with all of the Modern Heros this one comes with the stiletto and  mouth character, all packaged in a deluxe box complete with fancy foam inserts.  Blackout is available exclusively from madtoystore.com for $65 (+ s/h).

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Jon-Paul Kaiser – Joker and Grumpy Souls Gone Mad Customs


Jon-Paul Kaiser starts off 2014 has taken a Souls Gone Mad set (Coarse) and transformed the two pieces into his renditions of the Joker and Grumpy  as seen in the bank heist from the Dark Knight film.  As he sometimes does, JPK has added a splash of color to his white + black detailed style.  The  blue and red works nicely for the Joker’s disguised appearance and also highlights the character’s emotions.


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