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Dec 10, 2013

Skinner x Krotpong Killer Krampus (12.12)


Skinner is about to drop his hand-painted Killer Krampus  run. Skinner’s multi-hued vcolor paint application and design brings Krotpong’s 2 figure sofubi set to wicked life. As you can see in the pictures life, the little figure can be inserted into the demon’s backpack or liberated to stand on his own.

Limited to eleven pieces, Killer Krampus will ship with a matching Skinner  five color screen print (12” x 12”). In the spirit of the Holidays, Skinner will enter all Krampus purchasers into a raffle to win one of three free Pumpkin Bogs – a generous offer with great odds.  Killer Krampus drops on Thursday @ 12 PM PST for $200 each (+ s/h) from Skinner’s web shop. If you’d like you can purchase the ‘Dark Call of Krampus’ print by itself for $40.

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