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Dec 31, 2013

Steve Talkowski -- TikiBot


Inspired by a trip to Hawaii, Steve Talkowski has been working on his new TikiBot design.  As you can see, TikiBot definitely carries the SketchBot DNA but has a rather different, fun  vibe thanks in part to the abstracted face.  Steve created his new character in Zbrush  in 14 separate, hollowed-out components.  As you can see above, TikiBot is alive and kicking as a Shapeways 3D print out.  It sounds like a larger output is coming.  And then ?  Perhaps a toy drop in some form ?


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Dec 30, 2013

The Unicorn Hunter by Infinite Rabbits


Infinite Rabbits has just finished off quite an amazing custom commission. Based off of EWOKONE’s Horselington figure, Infinite Rabbits has turned it into the “Unicorn Hunter”. As he stands upon his rainbow bloodied prey, the hunter has just claimed his prize of a unicorn horn. Which by Harry Potter standards is probably the worst thing you can ever do. Look after the jump for more pics!


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Super7 Secret Collabo New Year’s Drop


Sssshhh… Just because you are paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t following you…  Err, what I really meant to write was – Super7 is in clandestine mode for their upcoming New Year’s drop (12 AM PST on 1.14) which is a figure created with two as yet un-named umm… let’s call them “collaborators”.  One thing we do know for certain is the figure in production at Area 51 will be sold for $50. The truth is out there…  or perhaps in Brian Flynn’s tablet gizmo.   

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Silent Stage x Angry Woebots – Wall of Fur & Fang Pt. 3 Print

001-Fur & fang 3 72dpi webSilent Stage has released the Wall of Fur and Fang Part 3 – Stay Golden (Basel Edition) giclee print from Aaron ‘Angry Woebots’ Martin.  This edition (30 s/n + coa pieces, 24” x 24”) includes 1:10 gold hand-embellished chase prints (3 chases).  Add this latest Woebots piece to your wall  by ordering it from Silent Stage’s web shop for $100 (+ s/h).

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Gumtaro x One Up x Dream Rocket – Gizalla Release


The third release of Gumtaro x One Up’s Gizalla will soon be releasing on January 1st 2014 JP Time through the One Up online shop HERE. The Phase 3 color version was masterfully done by the folks of Dream Rocket. There will only be a limited number of these 4” figures available for roughly $30 each. More pictures after the jump.


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Dec 27, 2013

Clutter Magazine Issue 19 – Free in Print and Online


Building on the success of their free NYCC issue, the awesome people at Clutter have decided to make the regular print issues free as well.  That’s right with the just released #19, Clutter is now a free publication available around the country including Kidrobot and other designer vinyl boutiques.   And if you can’t find it locally, you can read it online via Issu right here.

So what’s in #19?  Plenty of in-depth articles and interviews including features on Shigeru – the mad genius behind Nag Nag Nag, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, Erick Scarecrow, Gary Ham, Dust and more.   Props to the Clutter crew on a big step for the magazine.

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Pobber x Rotofugi x JC Rivera – ‘Resting Champ’ Screen Print


Going into the New Year, Pobber continues to expand its reach beyond toys. They just released their first collectible cards from Doktor A and are now offering JC Rivera’s ‘Resting Champ’ screen print.  Limited to 40 pieces, the print (4-color screen print, 19.5 x 10 inches) features JC’s signature Bear Champ enjoying some down time by relaxing on a comfy  low-rise building on the outskirts of town.  The print is available now, exclusively from Rotofugi for $40.  If you’d like to know more about the creation of the print, head on over to Pobber’s blog for an interview with the artist.

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Reactor-88’s Custom Corner: Rask Opticon



Welcome to the December edition of Reactor-88's Custom Corner. This month we're highlighting Rask Opticon. Rask is a full-time artist based in Los Angeles, CA. He mainly focuses on customizing vinyl toys, but also creates a lot of 2D work -- paintings, digital art, tattoos, and graffiti/spray art. Rask started painting toys in November of 2012, when he was introduced to the Disney Vinylmation platform by a friend. In the beginning the bulk of his client work was Vinylmation toys, but earlier this year he jumped over to the Munny platform to create some personal pieces for Kidrobot’s annual Munnyworld contest.

With that he began taking toy customizing a lot more seriously and really began immersing himself in the toy community. His style is influenced from graffiti, video games and cartoons/anime. Rask used to airbrush at a mall shop that he and a friend ran for five years, so it makes sense that he primarily uses one to create his pieces. Though he will come in with a regular brush for all the sharp edges and line work. He likes to keep the integrity of the toy, so if possible he’ll usually keep sculpting to a minimum. To contact Rask or check out more of his work, head over to his website at www.distortionoflife.com. He can also be found over on Facebook and Instagram.


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Dec 26, 2013

Hydro74 x Jesse Hernandez Death Serpent


With the help of Kuso Vinyl, Jesse Hernandez is proud to present his first ever artist edition release of his very own original figure! Jesse has asked Hydro74 to deck out one of his Death Serpents and boy are we pleased! This is set to release sometime in early 2014. We will be sure to keep an eye out for any more release information.

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myplasticheart – After Christmas Sale (12.26 – 1.2)


Are you looking to spend  some Christmas/Hanukah cash ?  Be sure to check out myplasticheart’s traditional After Christmas Sale featuring discounts as deep as 50% off select sale merchandise. Highlights include Uamou figures, all sorts of sofubi, sketchbots, micro munnies, KR Street Fighter minis as well as tokidoki and JLed pieces.   You have until 1.2 to get in on these deals – six pages of discounted toys.

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Dec 24, 2013

Toy Art Gallery Holiday Sale with 20% Off (12.25 – 1.1)


Toy Art Gallery is celebrating their past year which was  filled with exclusive releases and shows  by offering a 20% off sale running from Christmas Day through New Years day (12.25 – 1.1).  The sale applies to nearly everything available in the online store including blind boxes, sofubi, designer vinyl,  books, magazines and apparel. For the sale, TAG will also offer specific discounts for their line of life-size fiberglass figures.  Check it all out at shop.toyartgallery.com.

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Pobber x Doktor A – Mechtorians Collectible Cards Available Now


Pobber has just released the Mechtorians Collectible Cards from Doktor A.  The first of several planned sets features four of Dok’s signature mechanical wonders on double thick 100lb card stock.  Limited to 250 regular sets, the run also includes 50 GID chase sets.  Pick up a set for$16 ( + $5 s/h) from Pobber.  The cards will arrive in 2-4 weeks tucked safely in a top-loader as well as individual plastic sleeves. If you love Doktor A’s unique steampunk vision, you’ll definitely want to pick up these cards.


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Dec 23, 2013

Michael Lau – Gardener 03 BB Now Available Online


Michael Lau, regarded by man as the father of urban vinyl, recently made the holiday season quite memorable for his collectors with the release of his 12” BB Gardener (#03)  at the CSBOOTH 18 event at GumGumGum in Hong Kong on 12.14/12.15.  in a classic orange edition as well as a black edition.  One of his most popular Gardener characters, the 1:6 edition of his wonderfully eclectic skateboard riding ‘dog’ features a plush dog suit,  an inner skeletal body suit, a wood skateboard accessory, and a oh-so-awesome dog-themed custom box.  Produced by Hot Toys, the orange edition is limited to 599 pieces while the black is limited to 399 pieces

If you missed the HK drop, your in luck – both ToyQube (orange: $379 / black:$399) and GumGumGum  ($379 for either edition) and  are offering the figures for online purchase.  If you hurry you can still score a BB at retail pricing rather than turning to the secondary market.


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Cometdebris x Pangeaseed – 2014 Sametan Subscription


For the Year of the Shark, Cometdebris and Pangeaseed are working together to bring you a year long Sametan subscription! That’s right! 365 days, 6 Sametans, $400. You will receive 1 figure ever 2 months, plus a special Sub exclusive! The regular releases are include in the subscription. Customs, early birds, and event exclusives are excluded. Of course, proceeds from sales will benefit Pangeaseed’s education and conservation efforts. That’s what it’s really all about! The Sametan sub can be found HERE!

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Kuso Vinyl & Kuso Pop Day After Christmas Sale (12.26)

christmas-instagram-poster (1)

Looking for somewhere to spend that Christmas dough? Well the following day after Christmas, Kuso Vinyl and Kuso Pop will be having a 42% off sale online! Just use the code “KUSOXMAS2013” during checkout. This is a one day event only, so be sure to stock up!

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Dec 20, 2013

Monstrehero – Jingle Ape


Monstrehero is bringing you its own brand of holiday cheer with the release of the debut edition of their MonstreApe sofubi  in festive colors.  The 3” ape comes with random metallic ornament accesory and is available now for $25 direct from the guys at Monstrehero.

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Coarse – Locks Pain and Rotofugi Exclusive Blackout


Coarse is bringing the Pain with its new Locks edition in their signature blood-splattered design motif.  With blood dripping down his claws, the leaping and bounding Locks reveals his predatory capabilities.  Locks Pain comes with five blood puddles in varied sizes to set the proper tone when displaying the new toy.  Limited to 300 pieces, the new figure will be available for pre-order on January 2nd @ 7:59 AM PST for HK$1400 (~ $181) directly from coarsehkg.

In addition to the new Pain edition, Coarse is also prepping the Rotofugi exclusive Blackout edition.  Echoing one of the original Paw editions, Blackout features a mattle black body with gold and white accents. Limited to just 100 pieces, this one will release in the new year.  We’ll update you on release details when the time comes.



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Dec 19, 2013

Seen: Dave Pressler -- ‘A Very Robot Christmas’


Dave Pressler, creator of the Robot and Monster cartoon, opened his holiday pop-up, ‘A Very Robot Christmas’ @ Red Pipe Gallery in Chinatown last Saturday.  While we couldn’t make it out to the opening, our good friend and talented photographer Frank Schaefer was able to snap some shots for us just before the gallery closed for the evening.   Dave’s showcases his creative love of robots with original artwork, prints, sculptures and more of the numerous ‘bots he’s brought to life over the years.  The exhibition is anchored by his enormous behemoth, ‘Revenge Bot’ sculpture.  Reminiscent of his much smaller  Gas Powered Dragon sculptures, the 8-foot  piece is without a doubt the largest sculpture Dave has ever created.  If you missed the opening, don’t fret it’s open through January 4th.


Dave Pressler || ‘A Very Robot Christmas’
Through January 4th, 2014

Red Pipe Gallery
978 Chung King Road
Los Angeles, CA 90012


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Dec 18, 2013

Hyperactive Monkey – Demon Shaolin Raar & Holiday Special


Hyperactive Monkey’s Demon Shaolin Raar figure has finally been unleashed from customs and is ready for your shelves! This 6” figure is limited to only 200 pieces and come signed and numbered by Jerome Lu. It even comes equipped with a pair of nunchucks. There is also a special deal going on from now until the 1st of January, where there is free standard domestic shipping on all items in the Hyperactive Shop. You can find the Demon Shaolin Raar available HERE for $65

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Kuso Vinyl & Kuso Pop Pop-Up Shop in the Westfield Valley Fair Mall (12.20 - 12.22)


This weekend from the 20th to the 22nd, Kuso Vinyl and Kuso Pop will be posted up with a pop-up shop in the Westfield Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara with sjmade. This will be a great way to pick up some holiday gifts and even have a chance to win a free toy! All you have to do is be one of the first 10 people to make a purchase. This offer is good for each of the days!

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Ewokone x Mighty Jaxx – NYCC Brainlingtons!


Ewokone’s NYCC Brainlingtons are coming soon! Those lucky few who picked one up from New York Comic Con will be getting this awesome hand embellished piece by the one and only. Unfortunately these are sold out, but you can still pick up the OG HERE.

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kaNO’s FlipMode Artist Proof Android Sets Available Today!


Dropping today at Noon PST are kaNO’s very own FlipMode Artist Proof sets from the Artist series 4 Android Minis. Each set comes hand embellished with a lil’ something something and are signed and numbered in an edition of 10. Find them available HERE for $100 + S&H. Note: These will be shipped out after Christmas due to all the madness at the post office.

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Dec 17, 2013

Ron English x BlackBook Toy - "The Boy's Alter-Ego" Edition Mousemask Murphy in Airplane (12.18)


BlackBook Toy is proud to announce the release of their newest edition of Ron English’ Mousemask Murphy in Airplane, “The Boy’s Alter-Ego” colorway. These will be available tomorrow, Wednesday, December 18th at 7AM PST. These will be limited to only 25 pieces worldwide and can be found available HERE for $113 + S&H. More pictures available after the jump!


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Dec 16, 2013

Toy Art Gallery x Medicom x GEEK! Exclusive Jyujin Enishi Green (12.18)


Toy Art Gallery is about drop their second exclusive Jyujin (Gorilla Man) sofubi figure from Japanese artist GEEK!.  Produced by Medicom, the new Enishi Green edition stands 12” tall and features an earth-tone color scheme with green and brown sprays.  The eerie black eyes with red pupils are a great finishing touch to this imposing edition. really The figure will be released on Wednesday (12.18) @ Noon PST exclusively from Toy Art Gallery for $165.


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Otto Björnik – Cadmium Geishas 2 (12.17)

Cadmium Geisha 2

Otto Björnik will be releasing a second round of his custom Cadmium Geishas, which feature a new group of maikos in deferent colors with different facial expressions. There are 25 total pieces in the series, divided into 5 color groups (gold, blue, pink, wasabi green, and purple). They will each be sold blind according to color. For those interested in an entire set, please email Otto at ottobjornik[at]gmail[dot]com before the sale on Tuesday, December 17th at 10AM EST. You will then find them available HERE for $115 each.


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