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Dec 02, 2013

Andrew Bell x Ferg 5” Misfortune Cat


When Andrew Bell created his striking black, red, and gold custom Misfortune Cat back in 2010 for show at Munky King, collectors  quickly started asking about a production piece. Fast forward to 2013 and Playge has just announced that retailers are now taking pre-orders for a 5” production version of Andrew’s eastern-themed design. As with the custom, the new figure features the small skull rather than the standard stone tablet. 

The Andrew Bell Misfortune Cat is available for pre-order now ($54.95) from myplasticheart, dekorner, rotofugi and other select retailers.  Playge expects the figures to ship in late December.   In our opinion, this is a must have figure for anyone that collects Andrew Bell or the Misfortune Cats – but then again, you probably already knew that.



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