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Nov 29, 2013

BlackBook Toy x David Flores x Hellfire Canyon Club – Deathshead Print (12.1)


BlackBook Toy is about to release their exclusive Deathshead Print from David Flores and the Hellfire Canyon Club.  Limited to 50 s/n pieces, the print features David’s popular hybrid character in a cool blue palette.  The print (~ 18” x 11.8”)  drops on Monday December 1st @ 7PM PST exclusively from BlackBook Toy for  9975 yen (~ $100 USD). BBT can also frame the print with a black mat and black frame for an additional ~$73.  For USA orders, be sure to scroll down on the item page until you find the paypal purchase links. If you are collecting the Deathshead figures, this print is a no-brainer.


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Gnosis x Toys Are Sanity – ‘The Old Ones’ Unpainted Sets


Lulubell is offering the first and last chance to pick up unpainted editions of The Old Ones sofubi figs from Gnosis and Toys and Are Sanity. Each set includes seven different figures (3-4”), Khonsu, Gran Venus, Eros, Kameloa, Thunder Dog, Cave Brute & Georilla, in a blind assortment featuring seven solid colors.   A homage to patchi style kaiju, five of the sets will feature a ‘Golden Ticket’ good for cool prizes direct from Gnosis.  These sets will be made to order (4-8 weeks for delivery).  Pre-order your set for $130 at Lulubell.


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Clutter – Black Friday Sale (11.29 – 12.1)


And the sales keeping coming… Clutter’s Black Friday Sale (11.29 – 12.1) will feature discounts between 10% and 50% off everything in their online inventory.  Plus to reduce the hit to your wallet, they are also offering free domestic shipping for orders totaling $100 or more.  There’s alot to choose from  including Ron English’s new Fall Sheep minis, choice Clutter exclusives including the Furry Cup from Lunartik, the Pink Groper from Triplikid, the Clutter Calverita from The Beast Brothers, and prints including a great selection from Jeff Lamm. Check out the full selection while you can save a bundle.

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Galactic Jerkbag V3 Exclusive by Sucklord (12.1)


Over a year in the planning and making, the insane ‘sucky’ collectors over at Galactic Jerkbags with drop their new exclusive Galactic Jerkbag V3 Fanclub edition by none other than the Sucklord.   Cast in neon ‘piss’ yellow with gold accents on the eyes and claws, this one is limited to 20 pieces and will be released only from the Galactic Jerkbags online shop for $100 (+s/h) on Sunday, December 1st @ 6 PM PST.


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myplasticheart – Santa Dumpling + Black Friday Sale (Thru 12.1)


myplasticheart is your spot this holiday weekend for a brand-new Shawnimals vinyl dumpling + holiday savings to fill-in your collection.  First up is the just released Santa Pocket Pork  Dumpling from Shawnimals, produced by myplasticheart + Squibbles Ink. Limited to 120 pieces, this ‘lil guy is sure to bring jolly good times to you and yours ($11.99).

And as is their tradition, MPH is offering  a special holiday sale (thru 12.1) on toys you might have missed the first time through including the Too Fly Bodega, the oh-so-cool A-Type figures, the Hedonism bot, lots of tokidoki, several DIY figures including micro munnys, the marvel mini munnys, and plenty more.  Definitely check out the special section on the mph site, you’re bound to find something that you never got around to buying – at a nice price as well.


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Lunartik – Fros’Tea Custom Special Brew (12.01)


Lunartik works his Holiday magic on a special Christmas brew! Take a gander at the “Fros’Tea” edition mini-tea. Each figure stands 2.5” tall and come signed and numbered of 100 pieces. Each figure comes with a custom carrot nose and a Christmas card. These will be available this Sunday, December 1st at 4PM GMT for $50. Follow the purchase link HERE.

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LouLou & Tummie – Dr. Iso Wooden Toy


LouLou & Tummie have just announced they will finally be releasing their Dr. Iso figure on Monday, December 2nd at 8PM PST. These will be available in their new webstore HERE and will only have 5 available! This wooden figure may be that perfect gift for any camera lover!

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Rotobox x Kuso Vinyl – Gold Label Minicel (12.06)


Kuso Vinyl and Rotobox have a special release just for you! Check out their “Gold Label” Minicel figure. Limited to only 40 pieces, they will be available online this Friday, December 6th at 12PM PST for $18 each. Be sure to pick one up before they are gone!

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Nov 28, 2013

Rotofugi x 64Colors – Forest Yeti Marshall

Fall has been very good to Marshall collectors.  First it was the Smell-me Marshalls and soon, the new Forest Yeti Marshall from 64Colors and Rotofugi + Squibbles Ink.  Due in December, Forest Yeti will bring some of the charm of the outdoors to your collection.


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Super7 – Firestarter Leroy C. & Frozen Phantom Monoghost (12.5)

001-leory 001-monoghost

Super7 is gearing up for a double drop on Thursday (12.5).  First up is the Frozen Phantom Monoghost  featuring a mix of dark blue and GID vinyl ($60).  The second drop is the Firestarter Leroy C. from Invisible Creature cast in translucent orange vinyl ($30).  Hot or cold or both, your choice – both drop on 12.5 from super7store.com.

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Metacrypt x Blobpus – Shub Zeroth + Kajin Dokugan Preorder


Back in July, Metacrypt debuted their long-awaited Shub Zeroth figure at SDCC.  In addition to the two release editions, they also brought along a beautiful hand-painted Blobpus version. At the time it was pretty clear that an edition would come, but when ?  The answer is now.  The special Blobpus Shub Zeroth with a red Kaijin Dokugan set is available  for pre-order for 14,800 yen (~ $148).  This edition is basically a timed-edition, all orders received by the deadline of December 1st @ 7 AM PDT will be honored and made.   For details on how to order outside Japan, please check out the Blobpus blog.  If you’ve been thinking about grabbing a Shub Zeroth – Blobpus’s paint is amazing.


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Nov 27, 2013

Shawnimals – Fuzzy Friday: 3xReleases + Savings (11.29 – 12.1)


Instead of just going with the standard Black Friday discounts, Shawnimals opted to focus on creativity and fun with his own take on the shopping holiday -- ‘Fuzzy Friday’.  Instead of just discounting existing stock, Shawnimals is releasing three new toys – a Holiday Edition Ninjatown 10-Doh  with digital print (25 s/n pieces, $20 each), the humorously upscale Coachstachio plush (25 pcs, $50), and a signed-edition of the jolly hand-painted Santa Dumpling vinyl (30 pcs, $18) which will also be available from mph in a regular, non-signed edition. 

While Fuzzy Friday brings plenty of new toys, Shawnimals has created several lucrative coupon codes for special savings – with a twist.  There are four codes with increasing savings (20%, 30%, 40%, and 50%).   The novel bit here is that while the 20% code is unlimited use, the other three are extremely limited and will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • 20% off - unlimited, all weekend - FUZZITUP20
  • 30% off - 15 codes, Friday only - FUZZDAY30
  • 40% off - 10 codes, Friday only - BIGGIE40
  • 50% off - ??? - ??? (will reveal Friday morning!)

Shawnimals’ Fuzzy Friday weekend starts on 11.29 @ 9 AM CST over at shop.shawnimals.com.

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Gary Baseman – Exclusive Mint Chocolate Chip Creamy w/ Print (11.29)


Gary Baseman will usher in the Holiday season with the release of his exclusive Mint Chocolate Chip Creamy vinyl on Friday.  Produced by 3Dretro, this tantalizing edition of his melancholy ice cream character  is limited to 200 pieces and will come with an exclusive matching print.  Satisfy your appetite for art with the Mint Chip Creamy and print set when it drops exclusively from Gary Baseman’s web shop on Friday (11.29) @ 9AM PST. 


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Coarse – Omen Pain : Grim and Grudge (12.3)


Following the frenzy of their smaller Omen Blink figures, Coarse continues to unfold their ‘Souls Gone Mad’ tale with the release of Omen Pain – Grim and Grudge, two separate 7” Omen toys.  Lured by the potential  of the gift of a  coveted golden cube from the Void, these two enterprising Omen venture to a dark part of the forest in the hopes of finding one of the children rumored to be mysteriously visiting from parts unknown.  Their self-inflicted injuries come as they try to capture a girl (likely Ruth, last seen in ‘The Passage’).

Limited to editions of 234 pcs, each of the Omen Pain figures will be available separately for pre-order on December 3rd @ 7:59 AM PDT for HK$660 ($85) from coarsehkg. The figures come in a gift box along with two shiny, translucent blood puddles to set the scene, just so. Continuing Coarse’s blood-soaked ‘Pain’ legacy, the newest Omen releases should be equally popular with both new collectors and long-time followers of Mark and Sven’s work.


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Coney Christmas Tree & Reindeer Vinyl Cavey (12.02)


Cavey is feeling mighty festive this holiday season with the release of the Coney Christmas Tree and the Reindeer Vinyl Cavey! This uber cute release will take place on Monday, December 2nd at 12PM PST. The Christmas Tree Coney is made from a green fleece with mini tinsel trim, gemstones, and a gold star topper. These are limited to 50 pieces and comes with a purple enamel Cavey badge and a Cavey cube for $26. The Reindeer vinyl Cavey are each handpainted and come complete with antlers. They are limited to 20 pieces, with one rare ‘Rudolph’ version. These will retail for $25 a piece.


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Lulubell Toys Release: Cojica Toys – Monoclon (12.01)

cojica_banner web_revised_2monoclon_cherry_1monoclon_cherry_2monoclon_package

Lulubell Toys is proud to announce that they will have a pre-order for Cojica Toys’ new figure, the Monoclon. The first release will take place on Sunday, December 1st at 12PM PST. The first release of Monoclon features a flesh Japanese vinyl with blue and orange sprays. Each figure measures 7.5” tall and will retail $65 each (limit one per household).

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Android Series 4 Preview Part Deux


Here is another round of previews for the upcoming Android Series 4 Artist Series! We last left off with designs from kaNO, Shawnimals, Andrew Bell, Scott Tolleson and Kong Andri. Now we have 4 fresh new designs coming from Sergio Mancini – Stress Tech 1/16, Andrew Bell – Core Dump 1/16, Kronk – Dicktator 1/16, and Google – Gold 2/16.

S4 will be available at the Dead Zebra Shop this Friday, November 29th at 11AM EST, with a restock at 11PM EST. Shipping will begin a few days after that! There is also a limit of 2 cases (32 pieces) per household. Be sure to keep a look out on other retailers who will be carrying this blind series very soon. Take a gander at the “Where to Buy” list.


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Nov 26, 2013

Amanda Visell – Custom Robots and Beavers


Remember that one time when Amanda Visell released some customs of her Beaver figure and Michelle Valigura’s Robot Girl figure? We do, because it happened today and the 9 customs she did, went in a flash! Only retailing $100 each, why wouldn’t you want to pick one or two up? There’s always a next time! If you don’t ever want to miss out on an opportunity like this, be sure to sign up for the Switcheroo email list. For those of you who are toy masochists and want to see what you missed out on, check out the customs in their shop HERE.

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Joe Ledbetter Holiday Special (11.26-12.31)


Looking for a gift for that special someone? Well look no further! Head on over to Joe Ledbetter’s webstore, where they are offering free domestic shipping and a $20 international flat rate. There are plenty of goods available, from prints, original art pieces, books, and mouse pads. Get your shop on!

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DeKorner – Black Friday Sale (11.28 – 12.1)


DeKorner is celebrating the coming of the holiday shopping season with their very own Black Friday Sale running from Thanksgiving (11.28) through 12.1.  Their triple-threat of savings include 50% off all blind box toys, 50% off select toys, and free shipping on all regularly priced items. 

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Huck Gee – Memories of a ClutterMunk Prints


Available now are a new set of Huck Gee Prints, which are titled, “Memories of a ClutterMunk”. There are three difference prints to choose from, Flying, Happiness and Ronin. They are limited to 100 pieces each and are available for $30 a piece. They measure 10”x10” (8”x8” w/ 1” Border) and come signed, numbered and gold embossed by Huck Gee. You can order yours now HERE!

Of what does a ClutterMunk dream? Are they haunted by their past? Of memories uncertain? Or do they dream of bold adventures... in home cobbled air filled flying apparatus? Or perhaps their dreams are of being great warrior munks... honorable zen ronin travelling the land, following the path of bushido? Or do their dreams recall happy remembrance... of clan, of family, of love and happiness....

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Reactor-88’s Custom Corner : Kong Andri


Welcome to the November edition of Reactor-88's Custom Corner. This month we're highlighting Kong Andri. Kong hails from Jakarta, Indonesia, where he’s a creative partner in a small graphic design studio. Kong has been painting custom toys since 2009.

He gets inspiration from his 5 year-old son, so a lot of his creations lean towards cute themes, happy people, and robots. He also likes to utilize bright colors to evoke a feeling of happiness from everyone that sees his work. I must agree as I really enjoy looking at his creations. Obviously others do as well since Kong has a production piece in the upcoming Android Series 4.

It’s hard to believe that some of his custom works are not production toys- the precision in his Christmas and Uncle Chop Dunnys are amazing. Then there’s things like his Snap Kit Munny custom- growing up as a model kit builder that brings back memories. While Kong does not take commissions, if you’re interested in purchasing his work keep an eye out on his online store, as that’s where all his fabulous creations end up. If you’d just like to follow his work, you can check out his website or find him over on Instagram.


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Nov 25, 2013

Frank Kozik – Mini Poop in Resin Coming Soon ?


Never one to keep still, Frank Kozik appears to be prepping a mini resin edition of another one of his toy creations.  We’ve seen Mini Mao, Mini Ludwig, and now… “Lil’ Unchi" (Japanese for ‘poop’). Because if opaque vinyl poop was cool, translucent resin poop (with the signature cig) is (wait for it)… even cooler.   Frank recently posted a test shot of an orange mini poop.  No word on a release yet.

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Frank Kozik x Blackbook Toy – Medicom Exclusive Clockwork Carrots


Medicom is now accepting pre-orders for their two exclusive ‘A Clockwork Carrot’ sofubi figures from Frank Kozik and BlackBook Toy.  There’s the painted Dark Hell edition featuring an orange bunny in black + gray garb and there’s the Hell Black for those that love all black figures and those that have to have ‘unpainted’ toys. Both versions  are available now for pre-order  through 12.31 for 12,600 yen each (~ $124) via a  special overseas order page from Medicom which includes full details on payment arrangements, shipping costs, and more. The figures are expected to ship sometime in February.



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Kuso Vinyl and Kuso Pop – 40 Percent Off for Black Friday (11.29)


Thanksgiving is almost here which hopefully means a relaxed, and festive day with family and friends.  It also means Black Friday and the ensuing shopping frenzy.  If you’re looking to pick up designer vinyl and perhaps some cool apparel on the cheap, Kuso’s 40% Off Everything sale on Friday (11.29) is calling your name. You can save 40% on the day at both kusovinyl.com and kusopop.com by using checkout code KUSOTHANKS2013. 

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