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Nov 13, 2013

Buff Monster – Toy Machine in NYC (11.14)


For the PK Shop’s upcoming ‘Holiday Shop’ show  featuring artist multiples, Buff Monster will unveil his ‘Toy Machine’ – a gleaming black+silver sculptural piece which offers two side-by-side Gashapon style vending machines filled with mini resin figures hand-cast by the artist himself.   The left-side machine features Buff’s Ice Cream resin heads in four standard variations (OG, Skull, Demon, and Zombie) plus new Double Zombies and Half Devil/Half Zombie hybrids.   The right-hand machine features Buff Monster’s ‘Cheap Toys’ an homage to the original Garbage Pail Kids’ Cheap Toys line.  In addition to the previously released Double Heather, the machine features two remixed figures – Alice Island and Graffiti Petey.  

Both machines offer plenty of variety  with casts in multiple colors (transparent and opaque) plus a few unexpected surprises including hand-painted pieces and for the extremely lucky collectors – a few cast bronze figures.   Finally, Buff Monster designed a custom token for the machine featuring his ice cream dude’s head on one side and his logo on the tails side.  Rather than going with the standard brass token, Buff opted for a super shiny nickel token.

Buff Monster’s ‘Toy Machine’ offers collectors a unique, suspense filled, whimsical buying experience -– insert the custom token, turn the knob and see what fate has bestowed.  Or, collectors can opt to keep the shiny token as a collectible/memento in its own right. The Toy Machine will debut on Thursday (11.14) @ The PK Shop in NYC from 6-8 PM during the exhibition opening.

Buff Monster’s Toy Machine at the PK Shop’s Holiday Shop
Opening: Thursday, November 14th (6-8 PM)

PK Shop
511 W. 27 St.
New York, NY 10001

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