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Oct 31, 2013

Reactor-88’s Custom Corner: Shadoe Delgado

photo 4

Welcome to the October edition of Reactor-88's Custom Corner. This month we're highlighting Shadoe Delgado. Shadoe is a full-time toy maker/customizer/artist, born and raised in central Arizona where he currently resides. Shadoe earned a degree in sculpture and primarily focused on ceramics w/steel, but then in July 2012 he came across custom vinyl art toys. He was drawn to toys as it was nice to have something he could sculpt with at home that didn’t require all the special facilities or equipment that ceramic work does. Shadoe’s work really felt like a perfect fit for the month of October- it leans towards the dark and creepy, yet there’s a certain playful, fun side to it. While there are many great aspects to his work, I think the texture and choices of color on his pieces are what really make it stand out for me. Shadoe gives some insight to his work: 

“My Ceramic Work is a little more Dark, utilizing more subdued colors whereas with the toys I try to be a little more playful and use more vibrant colors.  You'll tend to see masks, teeth and genitalia on my work and those tend to be the focal points for most people. With the Mask and genitals I'm playing around with this idea of Persona and not really showing who we are as well as the idea of our Shadow, all the things we tend to repress and hide from everyone else. I love teeth and how expressive the whole mouth area can be, but teeth really do it for me ;) My favorite Color schemes for the toys are Cotton Candy Bubblegum and a kind of Blood Orange thing.”

Shadoe does take commissions, so If you’d like to contact him to discuss a project, you can email him at ShadoeDelgado[at]gmail[dot]com. He’s also has a series in the works that he’s hoping to release around Designer-Con, so if you like more info on that or just want to keep up with his work, be sure to check out his website: www.ShadoeDelgado.com. He can also be found on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr, and of course Facebook.


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Oct 30, 2013

Cometdebris – Designer Con Exclusive Ace Robo


Here is another official announcement of the Designer Con exclusive Ace Robo figure by Cometdebris! There will be 15 of these bad boys available at $60 a piece. So far we have this and the Kappa Shonen, now where’s the Sametan?!

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Official Mighty Jaxx Designer Con Release Information


Here is a follow up to our previous post HERE on the releases Mighty Jaxx will be bringing to Designer Con! The follow is all you need to know for their booth #116. This may be one of the hot booths at the con!

Black Mamba Hell Lotus by Clogtwo
Edition of 50 (25 available at DCON)
8" - Header card in bag
USD$70 each

Edition of 200 (20 available at DCON)
8" - Header card in bag
USD$80 each
* Signing on Saturday at 1PM

SIDEWAYS by Yoskay Yamamoto (Final Colourway)
Edition of 100 (30 available at DCON)
8" - Blister in cardboard box
USD$80 each
* Signing on Saturday at 2PM

Stealth Oi! Cthulhu by Daniel Yu
Edition of 50 (10 available at DCON)
6" - Blister with backing card
USD$55 each

Hug the Killer GOLD by Nikopicto
Edition of 50 (20 available at DCON)
4" - Blister in cardboard box
USD$40 each

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Shub Zeroth "Negocio De Horror" edition by Meta-Crypt @ “Horror Business” Show at Rivet Gallery (11.02)


Along with Brian Ewing’s solo exhibit, “Horror Business” at Rivet Gallery, will be the release of Negocio De Horror edition of Shub Zeroth by Brian Ewing and Justin "Hateball" Jewett aka Meta-Crypt. These are limited to only 8 pieces and will be available for $125 each. Attendees of the show on Saturday, November 2nd will have first dibs on this release. Any remaining figures will then be available online!


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Cometdebris x Pangea Seed - "Smile, You Son Of A Bitch!" Exclusive Sametan (11.01)


This weekend,the Hero Complex Gallery will be hosting a show, “Smile, You Son of a Bitch!”, which was put together by PangeaSeed and Craig Drake. This show will feature tons of amazing artwork from artists all the world in the effort to educate and help save the sharks. It is also at this show Cometdebris will have 13 exclusive Sametan figures. This show will only be up from November 1st to November 3rd and the opening reception will take place on Friday at 6PM. They are also asking for $10 donation at the door.

Hero Complex Gallery
2020 South Robert Blvd. Studio D
Los Angeles, CA 90034


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Tested Interviews Jason Freeny

Norman Chan of Tested.Com stops by Jason Freeny’s studio for a little interview! Here we learn all about the thought processes, techniques, and everything Jason goes through when creating some of his amazing dissected figures. Take a few moments out of your time and check out this rad interview!

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Squid Kids Ink – Ante Up Series Unveiled at Designer Con


Squid Kids Ink have been hard at work and it’s all about to pay off, starting at Designer Con. There they will unveil their newest series of original figures, the Ante Ups. There will be 10 of these preview edition sets in resin for D-Con, which consists of Stud (playing card), Craps (die), and Short Stack (chip). Prices are yet to be determined, but be sure to check them out at their booth #332.

It's time to put up or shut up. Ante Ups was created because I love playing cards. I've been collecting playing cards for a really long time. These figures have been on the back burner for over 5 years and I've finally got around to unveiling them.

b40b5d_678b7430a9777fd563ad5c62e12dcfee.png_srz_580_560_75_22_0.50_1.20_0 b40b5d_814d4a2cfe82515c16bc10c61225a586.png_srz_390_578_75_22_0.50_1.20_0b40b5d_293629cb89f9a09cad18c775417fa93f.png_srz_550_540_75_22_0.50_1.20_0

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Oct 29, 2013

Brandt Peters x FERG – Terror Boys – Gohst Bat Skelsuit (10.31)


The release of Brandt Peters x FERG’s Terror Boys Gohst  Bat Skelsuit will be taking place on Halloween, Thursday, October 31st. The set includes 2 sets of arms (classic & 2.1), Skelsuit with embroidered bones, GID Machete, GID Axe, and removable helmet! Talk about accessorizing! These are limited to 225 pieces and will be available HERE at Noon CST for $105.


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Vinyl Riot - Blue GID Cavey & DIY Vinyl Cavey Available Now!

Vinyl_Riot_Cavey_GID_Exclusive04a0d3 Vinyl_Riot_Cavey_DIY_Exclusived99758

Vinyl Riot has got their hands on a couple exclusive Cavey figures that we think you may want to check out! Available now is the GID Blue Cavey and DIY White. The Blue GID is limited to only 50 pieces and stand 3” tall for $16. You can find it available HERE now! Do you want to get crafty with Cavey? Head over HERE to swoop up on the DIY edition for $15 a piece. Buy more than one and get creative with it!

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Super7 for Designer Con


Super7 will once again be making the trip from San Francisco to Pasadena for this years Designer Con. Along with them will be a couple of exclusives you’re not going to want to miss! First up is the brand spanking new Pumpkin Pie Guy figure by Brian Flynn. This release features a brown and tin vinyl with white sprays for the whipped cream mustache. These will be available for $25 each.

Next up is the release of Josh Herbolsheimer’s Caveman Dinosaur figure, which we last saw at SDCC. This release is cast in a blue vinyl with green, orange, red, and brown sprays for $35 a piece.

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Mighty Jaxx For Designer Con – EWOKONE & Yoskay Yamamoto

a0f8fa183eb211e3b7a722000a9e5154_8 4c3d0968403f11e39a6422000a9e06c4_8

Mighty Jaxx will be making their appearance known for this years Designer Con with some amazing early releases! The first being the limited release of the original colorway of Ewokone’s Brainlington figure (mock version seen above). They will only have 20 or so pieces available. If it will be anything like it’s online release, you can expect these to go quickly!

There is also the final colorway of Yoskay Yamamoto’s Sideways figure. There will be a limited release of these figures, so if you’re in town, stop by so you can grab one before they are available worldwide.

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Cop-A-Squat Toys Semi Korosiya Designer Con Exclusive Release

c1c0153c40ed11e39d6522000a9f134c_8 6431bd2840f011e384c522000aa801df_8

Cop-A-Squat Toys will have a limited run of his Semi Korosiya figures available at this years Designer Con at the Spanky Stokes booth #201. The above edition is limited to only 7 pieces and will retail $75 each. It is cast in a yellow vinyl with green, pink, and white spray. Not only that, but Adam will also have 3 one-off customs also available for $75! Get them before they are gone!

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Cometdebris at Designer Con 2013


Cometdebris will be making his first trip to Pasadena for his years Designer Con! This year he will be bringing a few exclusives you’re going to want to get your hands on! Such as this beauty above, the Pink & Blue marbled vinyl Kappa Shonen, which will be available for $60 at his booth #418. You can also see a nicer teaser after the jump of what other things we may find at his booth this year! This is also a great chance Koji to meet and hang out with his fans!


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Mathew Curran x Silent Stage – Designer Con Exclusive Metalhead Raven


Here is a preview shot of Mathew Curran’s exclusive Metalhead release for Designer Con with Silent Stage. These will be super limited to an edition of 10 pieces and will include an original hand stenciled 6” x 6” maple wood canvas, stenciled red velvet bag, and stenciled box. They will retail $100 each and will be available at the Silent Stage booth #623.

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Hyperactive Monkey – Monkey Kung Fu Master D-Con Exclusive


It’s no Designer Con without some Hyperactive Monkey action going on! This year Jerome Lu will be releasing the Jade Edition Pocket Monkey Kung Fu Master, which stands 3” tall and is just big enough for your pocket. You can find them available at booth #331 for $40 each and are limited to only 40 pieces worldwide.


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NooN x K.Olin tribu – Skull Cashmere Black


French artist NooN designs yet another porcelain Skull with K.Olin tribu. Introducing the Skull Cashmere Black, which is available for Pre-Order HERE for roughly $390 each. They are limited to 50 pieces and are each done by NooN himself, meaning each piece is unlike the others! They will also be delivered in a wooden case! It can’t get any more safe than that!


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Mr Clement’s 16” 10th Anniversary Astrolapin


My how has Mr Clement’s Astrolapin grown! Standing at a staggering 16”, the 10th Anniversary Astrolapin will soon be landing at your local designer toy store. They are limited to only 300 pieces in both the orange and yellow colorways. They will also include a map of Paris as an accessory and will retail $146 each. This figure looks both massive and well detailed and is sure to brighten up your Mr Clement collection.


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Oct 28, 2013

Cameron Tiede -- Chester from the Wood Candy Workshop (11.29)

Tuesday's the day. Chester (30 pcs, $99), the first wood toy from Cameron Tiede's Wood Candy Workshop drops on Tuesday (10.29) from woodcandyworkshop.com at 10 AM PDT. Truly a bargain for a hand-made figure created with 17 individual components from five different types of hardwoods; the perfect 'nautral' edition.


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Oct 24, 2013

Jeff Lamm – Mecha Greasebat Vs. M5 Bravo @ Clutter Gallery (11.9)

clutter Lamm postcard final big

Jeff Lamm will present a titanic battle ‘Mecha Greasebat Vs. M5 Bravo’ opening at Clutter Gallery on November 9th.  The new solo will feature silkscreen prints, canvas prints and digital prints as well as a fistful of toys including a M5 Bravo & Stee-Gar flocked vinyl two-pack, a Sakhalin Blood Red Greasebat & Friends Gummi Play Set, as well as the debut appearance of the Battle-Damaged M5 Bravo vinyl from Jeff Lamm and Unbox.   Sounds awesome.

Jeff Lamm || ‘Mecha Greasebat Vs. M5 Bravo’
Opening: Saturday, November 9th 2013 (6-9 PM)

Clutter Gallery
163 Main St.
Beacon, NY 12508

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Mishka x Skinner x Unbox Doom Belt Pre-Order


Unbox is now accepting pre-orders for ‘Doom Belt’ – a Mishka edition of Skinner’s angry elephant, Bullet Belt.  Doom Belt’s metallic paint design was created by Lamour Supreme with a nod to a particular super villain. The fearsome figure stands 12” tall and boasts five points of articulation.  As a cool bonus, Doom Belt will ship with a ‘keshi’ style B.A.S.T.A.R.D. injection molded mini figure designed by Skinner for Triclops.   Both figures will ship in a resealable blister pack for easy/stylish display complete with print insert designed by Skinner.

Doom Belt is available as a timed edition pre-order through October 31st for $150 via the Unbox web shop.  The edition size will be set by the number of pre-orders received, so if you want one act now.  The figures will ship in November.



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Stranger Factory Presents: Ragnar in “Engine” & Gary Ham in “Sentimentrees” (11.01)


Taking place next Friday, November 1st at the Stranger Factory is a dual exhibit featuring the artworks of Ragnar in his show “Engine” and Gary Ham in “Sentimentrees”. For Gary’s exhibit, he’s given the things we used to play with and on, a life of its own. He’s produced many one of a kind wooden pieces that perfectly reflect what it was like when we were children with limitless imaginations. You can see more of his pieces for the show after the jump!

Sentimentrees” is based around the personification of his own sentimental childhood memories. If the things we loved as a child could walk and talk, what would their childhood be like? As children, we saw our treehouse as a trusted friend and sanctuary; as adults we see a wood box nailed into tree branches. “Sentimentrees” brings us back to seeing our playthings through the optimism and unconditional love of our youth

Stranger Factory
109 Carlisle Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106


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Oct 23, 2013

October Mai Hiro Releases (10.25)


The Mai Hiro shop is gearing up for another online release this Friday, October 25th at Noon EST. There will be artwork from their previous Mai Hiro Galaxy Show, as well as some custom Munnyworld figures by Nakanari. Just as previous releases, the doodled customs went fairly quickly, so be sure to keep your eyes posted up on their Online Webstore for the drop!


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Rivet Gallery Presents: Brian Ewing in “Horror Business” (11.02)

Print Print

Rivet Gallery is proud to present Brian Ewing in his very own solo exhibition, “Horror Business”. This show will feature a number of limited edition screen print artwork, as well as an exclusive colorway release of his Shub Zeroth figure with Meta-Crypt. The opening reception takes place on Saturday, November 2nd  from 7-10PM. We’re sure a ton of you will still be in the Halloween spirit, which is a perfect reason for you to come out and visit this show.

1200 N. High St.
Columbus, OH 43201

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Instinctoy – Halloween 2013 inc figures


Japan’s instinct toy has created two deluxe Halloween versions of their signature 9”  inc vinyl figures.  Both the magicalrainbow (100 pcs) and greenhorn (31 pcs) feature  a special pumpkin-head sculpt with a little liquid figure peeking out, mated to the classic inc body.  For that extra touch, each features an embedded light module to make the pumpkin head sculpt glow.  Now comes the really crazy part, the light module is RF enabled meaning you can activate it with pretty much any remote control and toggle between five light patterns.  See the video below to see this in action.  Each comes with plenty of extras including translucent right/left footprint accessories,  collector cards, printed hemp bags, suede key chains, and more.  Because of the expected high demand, instinctoy is handling sales through a lottery which closes on 10.26 Japan time, the figures will sell for  13,440 yen each (~ $138).    Please note that I relied on web translation to decipher the details of this release, but believe it to be accurate.  If you’d like more pictures and info (japanese), please see the official product announcement.


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Winson Ma – 8th Anniversary Ice in Black + Book Box Set

001-Oversea ad first page

HK artist Winson Ma helped to pioneer the 1/6 scale urban art scene as part of the celebrated Brothers Free trio and then created the Apexplorers line for his own Winson Classic Creation brand.  To celebrate the 8th Anniversary of his own brand, Winson has released a special box set featuring a 12” Ice in Black vinyl figure and Winson’s first ever book detailing his large Apexplorers line.  The book features 192 color pages and includes drafts/design sketches, crossover products, and other projects from Winson Clasic Creation.  For all of those that love old school urban vinyl, this has your name written on it.  The set is available now for HK$1260 (~$162.52 + $12.90 for shipping) by dropping an email to info@winsoncreation.com.


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