Kidrobot — ‘Dunny Evolved’ Series Announced


Kidrobot has officially announced their upcoming ‘Dunny Evolved’ blind-box series.  As the name implies, this one is all about evolution or progression of a design concept.  Each of the five featured artists – Frank Kozik, McBess, Kronk, Huck Gee and Scott Tolleson, has created a trio of Dunnys – each an iteration or step in the evolution. As the promo graphic implies, we are guessing that each artist will go from minimal to complex with their three Dunnys.  If you’re looking for alittle more in the way of a ‘preview’, KR also posted five silhouettes to instagram – each one presumably a different artist’s evolution (perhaps the highest evolution for each?).

Dunny Evolved will be released on October 10th  (the day before NYCC) for $9.95/blindbox from Kidrobot and select retailers.  It’s nice to see KR trying new concepts for their tried and true Dunny platform.  Are you excited about the new series [Via Kidrobot Blog] ?

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