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Sep 30, 2013

myplasticheart x MAD – Skele-Con Modern Hero for NYCC


Can we expect to see the first Modern Hero release take place at NYCC? We hope so, because what looks to be a skeletor colorway looks amazing! What better place to release such a colorway than at NYCC? Even the skull and mouth accessory are GID! Stay tuned for more info on this release!


It looks as though Mad’s Modern Hero will be making an appearance at NYCC, exclusively through the myplasticheart booth #113. The Skele-Con colorway will be available throughout the convention for $65 each. MAD will also be signing at the booth on Saturday, from 3-4PM.


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myplasticheart – NYCC Glop in a Box by Andrew Bell


Andrew Bell’s Glop in a Box returns! This time in radioactive form and an exclusive to the myplasticheart booth #113 at NYCC. This awesome new colorway will be available in custom wooden crates, which means a chance at finding a special chase variant hidden inside. This limited edition piece will be available during Andrew Bell’s signing on Saturday (Time TBA) and will retail $120 each.

Project Glop-BX5 – Classified Document

Incident Report 10.11
Shipment MPH13
Upon arrival at project site, manifest check discrepancy was noted. Crate #1027 unaccounted for. Search of immediate area unfruitful. Item is highly radioactive and should be handled as class 3 waste. USE GREAT CAUTION WHEN HANDLING. RETURN TO LOS ALAMOS NATIONAL LABORATORIES IMMEDIATELY UPON RECOVERY.

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Jeffrey Lamm – Battle Damaged M5 Bravo

1278177_589353611121033_1244194231_o 1381970_726892347337993_61541922_n

It looks as though Jeffrey Lamm’s M5 Bravo took a few hits battling some giant monsters. As any other Jeffrey Lamm fan, we are super excited to see the Battle Damaged M5 Bravo happen! Hopefully this figure will make its debut during Jeff’s show at Clutter sometime in November. Stay tuned!

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Ron English x Clutter Magazine – NYCC Exclusive Count Calorie


From Ron English’s Cereal Killer series is the brand new signature Ron English Count Calorie Colorway. This purple and green colorway is limited to 100 pieces and will be exclusively available through the Clutter Magazine booth #504 (50 pieces) during NYCC and online through Popaganda.com (50 pieces). The NYCC release will take place on Friday, October 11th at 10AM.

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Max Toy Co. x Clutter – NYCC Exclusive Micro Kaiju Negora


Here we have another exclusive to the Clutter Magazine booth #504. Check out the hand-paited Micro Kaiju Negora by Mark Nagata. Limited to only 6 pieces, these will be available on Saturday, October 12th at 3PM for $45 each.

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Josh Keyes x ToyQube -- ‘Lifted II’ Sculpture (10.8)


Back in August, ToyQube released a closeup detail teaser of their new sculpture with popular painter Josh Keyes. Based on the circus flags surrounding the large animal, we guessed that the piece would be based on Lifted II.  And in fact, Toy Qube  has officially announced and revealed their upcoming Josh Keyes sculpture, ‘Lifted II’

The upcoming limited-edition  resin sculpture is a strong 3D translation of Keyes’ popular painting of the same name.  The piece features an elephant rescuing a baby tiger from a torrent that has liberated the two from the Circus but at the same time imperiled the smaller animals.  As you can see in the preview photos, ToyQube has done an excellent job of capturing the feel of the original painting for this, the  first release in their new Signature Series of art sculptures.

Limited to 350 pieces, Lifted II (6” x 4” x 4”) will be available for pre-order from both ToyQube and JoshKeyes.com for $265 on Tuesday, October 8th 2013 with an anticipated ship date in 2013.  For more info and photos check out Dailydujour’s post.

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Looking back at the Monsters and Misfits III Exhibition


On September 16th, Tomenosuke and Circus Posterus  continued their fine tradition of having top-flight Western artists exhibit their toy-centric work in Japan with the opening of Monsters and Misfits III.  Held at the Kusakabe Folk Museum in the ancient city of Hida-Takayama, this year’s exhibition featured work from Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Chris Ryniak, Amanda Louise Spayd, Andrew Bell, Doktor A, Ragnar, Carisa Swenson, and Stan Manoukian.  

While we didn’t make it out to the show, Tomenosuke posted several videos about the exhibition including a look at the packed opening which began with a traditional  tea ceremony enjoyed by the visiting artists and attendees.  The concept of showcasing art toy sculpture in a traditional Japanese setting remains powerful,   as seen in the installation shots (after the jump).   While the exhibition closed on 9.26,  many excellent pieces are still available from the exhibition web site as well as the exhibition catalogs and the GID sofubi set.   Here’s hoping for a M&M IV…


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Reactor-88’s Custom Corner: Igor Ventura

Welcome to the September edition of Reactor-88's Custom Corner. This month we're highlighting Igor Ventura. Igor resides in Sao Paulo, Brazil and is a motion graphics designer for a video studio. Having a full-time day job, Igor finds time during the night and weekends to work on his custom toy art. Igor and friend Sergio Mancini founded Red Mutuca Studios -- a design collective featuring some very talented artists and A-list toy customizers. Igor started as a collector in the designer art toy world around 2007, and opened an online store called Banana Suicida with Sergio. In 2008 they both entered a Brazilian toy design contest and had their designs selected, which they then customized on 8-inch Qees. That was his first custom toy and he has kept going ever since.

Igor's earlier work was more focused on political critique- incorporating concepts from both Capitalism and Communism to show people we should try to live peacefully with our differences. But finding himself not entirely politically engaged, he decided to change the focus of his work to more fun, playful, and weird concepts. Though on occasion he still tries to convey a message to society with his work. One thing to note about his custom toys is that he has never felt satisfied with the way he painted noses on his pieces, so a few years ago he made the decision that most of his pieces would not have noses. Funny, as I've always liked the noses on Igor's work- that along with his heavy line, cartoon-friendly style. Igor takes commissions, but with a full-time day job it can take him a while to complete pieces. If you'd like to discuss a project with Igor, he can be reached at igor@redmutuca.com, or to follow Igor's work, head over to redmutuca.com. He can also be found on all the usual social media sites- Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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Sep 27, 2013

myplasticheart – NYCC Exclusive Negora by Konatsu


myplasticheart’s exclusive train isn’t stopping just yet! Here we have the NYCC edition Negora figure by Konatsu. This release features a black vinyl with red details and green and yellow mismatched eyes. Find them only at the MPH booth #113 for $35 each.

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Scott Tolleson x Clutter Magazine – NYCC Exclusive Beet-Dazzle


Clutter Magazine has one killer line up of NYCC exclusives so far, one of which includes the exclusive Beet-Dazzle Deadbeet by Scott Tolleson. These are uber limited to 30 pieces and feature a transparent glitter pink vinyl, with black eyes and purple accents. They will be available on Saturday, October 12th at 5PM during Scott’s signing at the booth #504.

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JFury x SubUrban Vinyl – NYCC Exclusive Bunny Boom Boom

Bunny Boom Boom

Suburban Vinyl will have a number of exclusive releases available at NYCC. One being their collaborative exclusive with JFury. Take a gander at the Mountain Dew colorway of the Bunny Boom Boom figure. Limited to only 10 pieces, these 4” tall figures will retail $65 each. Find them available at booth #208.

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MAD – Modern Hero Test Sample


MAD has been getting a string of goodies in the mail as of late, which has been keeping us on our tippy toes. Here he has some test shots of his upcoming Modern Hero figure, which looks amazing! Tons of articulation and accessories, what’s not to love! We hope this passes the test and that they will be put into production very soon.


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Cometdebris for Super Festival 63


Cometdebris has got the goods for this upcoming Super Festival 63! Not only that, but he will also be celebrating 20 years of Astro Zombies. Available will be the Kappa Shonen in a red vinyl, with gray shorts and black Astro Zombies t-shirt for $60. Then there is something for all you Sametan loves! This release features a pink vinyl and green vinyl, with white and black details for $45. I’d like to call it the Watermelon edition. For those not able to attend, these figures can be found on the Cometdebris shop on Sunday Morning PST.

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Darbotz – Monster Ball

sneakpeak prelaunch

My Tummy Toys has recruited Indonesian artist Darbotz for their latest toy venture, Monster Ball. This resin figure stands 6” tall and they are hoping to have a release ready for an upcoming art event in the middle of October in Jakarta. This black and white release will be limited to only 20 pieces worldwide and will retail $150. This is one ball I’d be scared to toss around! Look at those teeth!

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Matt JOnes x Clutter Magazine – NYCC Exclusive Furry Cup of Tea


Lunartik aka Matt JOnes has designed a Clutter Magazine Exclusive Cup of Tea for NYCC. Limited to 200 pieces, 100 will be available at NYCC at the Clutter booth #504 and the other 100 will be up for grabs through Lunartik’s webstore (10.11 3PM GMT). They will retail $30 each and comes complete with pink Lunartik figure and white flocked tea cup. Each figure is also signed and numbered by the one and only, Matt!

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Itokin Park x Amanda Visell x Michelle Valigura – Sofubi Triple Threat in Progress


As many of you know, Itokin Park has been hard at work sculpting, casting and painting (with airbrush and brush) three separate sofubi figures he’s doing in collaboration with Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura.  There’s his friendly astronaut, Amanda’s construction beaver, and Michelle’s signature Robot Girl.   With his clay and resin figures, Kazu did almost everything himself from sculpting to making to packaging. 

Now he’s taken the same approach with sofubi.   Here’s a look at a few shots he sent us of the final steps before he gets on a plane to LA to release all three on Sunday (10.7) for the three artist  Pop Up Art Event at Thank you Comics in Highland Park.


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Sep 26, 2013

Tim Biskup -- ‘Charge’ at Martha Otero Gallery (9.28)


When I first started collecting vinyl, I was drawn to the mesmerizing toy work of a few key artists including Tim Biskup, whose Orange Deco Plague Qee seemingly taunted me as I hunted for it.  At the time, I could count the number of art shows I had been to on just  a few fingers.  I soon started following Tim’s gallery work and have since gone to many of his shows and that of  other artists as well.   Biskup’s toys and paintings  made gallery art ‘cool’ for me and his new show is a strong reminder of why.

Tim Biskup opens his new solo, ‘Charge’ @ Martha Otero Gallery on Saturday (9.28) in Hollywood. His style has changed fairly dramatically in the past eight years or so, but it’s always been a draw for me.  His new paintings just might be some of the best yet, combining all that has come before while transforming it as well.  If you’re in LA and a fan/collector of his, this opening is not to be missed.   For more on his show, check out Dailydujour’s preview.

Tim Biskup || ‘Charge’

Opening: September 28th 2013 (6 to 9 PM)

Martha Otero Gallery
820 N. Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90046

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SubUrban Vinyl x Juan Muniz – NYCC Philipe the Bunny

001-Juan Muniz Philipe resin

SubUrban Vinyl will be exhibiting at this year’s NYCC  and they’ve got quite a few exclusives to tempt you.  If you ‘re a fan of Las Vegas artist Juan Muniz, you’ll want to pick up  his NYCC exclusive Philipe the Bunny cast (3”) in clear teal resin by JFury. Limited to ten pieces, these will be available for $30 each from the Suburban Vinyl booth located within the Tenacious Toys Collective mega-booth [#208). In addition to the new toy, Suburban Vinyl will also have Juan Muniz OG art and prints.  Juan will be signing on Friday (10.11) from 2-3 PM.

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Paul Shih – Fortune Teller Debut Edition (9.30)


Paul Shih is ready to let his Fortune Teller (aka Master Bing) out into the world.  The debut edition of his new resin character is painted a light tan/brown to match the traditional treat offered at many Chinese restaurants.  Each figure includes an inserted ‘fortune’, a fun feature  made possible by the hollow casting process Paul uses to make his toys.  Limited to 20 pieces, Fortune Teller Drops on Monday, September 30th @ 1 PM PDT for $45 (+s/h) from Paul’s web shop.   If you’d like to see how Paul brought Master Bing to life, be sure to check out his “making-of” posts (part 1 / part 2).


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Cop A Squat Toys – NYCC Okaasan Semi Korosiya


Cop A Squat Toys will release an exclusive Semi Korosiya sofubi edition for NYCC.  This special edition was created in honor of creator Adam Saul’s mother who passed way in February.   Cast in his mother’s favorite color, the new colorway is lovingly called the Okaasan Edition (‘mother’ in Japanese).  As a tribute, Adam, his wife and group of awesome friends sent one of the Okaasan Semi Korosiya figures nearly into space via a weather balloon outfitted with two cameras.  We’ve embedded a video below showing that ride high above Earth.

Limited to ten pieces, the Okaasan Semi Korosiya will be available on Friday (10.11) @ 3 PM EDT for $60 each from the Clutter Booth [#504]


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Sep 25, 2013

myplasticheart NYCC Edition – Denbu by Abe Lincoln Jr. & Leesasaur


Here we have another NYCC release coming from myplasticheart. Introducing the Denbu figure, which is a collaborative hand-crocheted plush figure by Abe Lincoln Jr. and Leesasaur. There are 4 different designs to choose from, “I Agore You” Denbu, “Damaged Goods” Denbu, and “Dapper” Denbu. They are limited to 6 pieces each, measure 5.25” x 3.25”, and will retail $45 a piece. Find them only available at the mph booth #113 at NYCC!

Denbu is a hapless fellow who’s luck is always running on empty. No matter the occasion Denbu always winds up mauled by some unforseen event. Some say he’s born under a bad sign, others say there’s a rational scientific explanation to his bad luck. Whatever the reason, Denbu is just one tiger attack away from exiting the emergency room and entering your heart!

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Coarse -- Dark Sorrows Nightshade (10.3)

Coarse has just announced their Dark Shadows Nightshade Edition resin figure, the second and final version of the limited-edition series. Presented this time around in muted natural tones, the figure is a 1:1 sized edition of the original resin sculpture shown at the 2012 Souls Gone Mad Exhibition at Rotofugi. This piece is one passage in the Souls Gone Mad narrative. With this release we learn that the horse head mask Fever discovers and dons links him to the Void, the mysterious and vile creature who lured his sister Ruth to join him on The Passage.

Limited to 99 pieces, the 11" resin figure complete with s/n certificate and silk-screened wood box will be available on Thursday October 3rd @ 8 AM PDT from coarsehkg.com for HK$ 5200 (~$670) which includes global surface shipping.


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MSX Toy Gallery x Pobber x JC Rivera -- Panda Champ Resin (9.27)

JC Rivera has teamed up with Pobber on a production resin version of his signature Bear Champ figure. The new incarnation will debut in a special 'Panda Champ' edition which will be fittingly sold as an exclusive for MSX Toy Gallery in Beijing, China. Set off by a golden crown and bright red gloves, the black+white design features a new streamlined sculpt and two points of articulation. Panda Champ drops on Friday (9.27) @ 8 PM PDT from msx-art.cn for $85 (+ s/h) -- half of the run has been reserved for international sales with the other offered in China. If you're going to pick up this first vinyl edition, be sure to hit the jump for the detailed ordering instructions so you'll be good to go on Friday.

Seemingly lazy and always hungry, Panda Champ lives alone in the bamboo forest high in the mountains of China and spends most of his time roaming and feeding in the cool forests of his habitat with little time spent on boxing.

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Scott Tolleson x Kidrobot – Dunny Evolved Design Revealed


Kidrobot continues their reveal of Dunny Evolved designs with this beautifully elegant piece by Scott Tolleson.  The one puzzle is that based on the silhouette preview scheme they’ve been using, this should be the 2nd preview of Scott’s designs, not the first.  At any rate, we’re definitely looking forward to seeing the next 2 in any order KR chooses.  These are coming soon, October 10th is right around the corner.

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Sep 24, 2013

Kidrobot @ NYCC 2013


Kidrobot announced their NYCC exclusives and artist signings earlier via instagram.  As far as exclusives there’s a Street Fighter Gold Ryu, Day of the Dead Mariachi Homer, Locodonta Dunny, Mishka Keep Watch Labbit and Mishka Beanie.  On Friday, KR will host three of the Dunny Evolved artists (Scott Tolleson, Huck Gee and Frank Kozik) for a signing of the series which officially drps the day before.   It sounds like KR will release more info tomorrow – if so we’ll definitely update you. It all goes down in booth #607 in ‘The Block’ section.

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