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Jul 06, 2013

Scribe x Cardboard Spaceship – Scrimshaw Mattentoot Test Pull


Here we have an updated shot on Scribe x Cardboard Spaceship’s Scrimshaw Mattentoot figure. From the looks of it, the test shot above looks just about right to us and we are hoping it will go to production soon! We are crossing our fingers hoping this makes it to SDCC! Imagine the amazing paintwork Scribe can throw onto these.


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Anthony Ausgang x Munky King – SDCC Exclusive Bomb Cat


Anthony Ausgan’'s Bomb Cat will be making an appearance at this years SDCC. Munky King will be playing host as this exclusive release, which features a black vinyl figure, with golden wick, and keychain accessory. Stay tuned on the edition run, pricing, and hopefully a signing schedule!

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Paul Kaiju – King Jinx DX Test Pull


Paul Kaiju has just received his test pull for one of his latest and greatest figures, the King Jinx DX! This figure looks massive and we cannot wait for its first release. Check out a comparison shot after the jump, where the King Jinx is holding up a Seagool figure. Imagine all the epic battle scenes you can pull off with this piece. Does anyone even stand up to the KJ?!


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Doktor A. x Munky King – SDCC Exclusive Mr Pumfrey and His Astounding Mechanised Perambulator


As speculated, Doktor A.’s Mr Pumfrey and His Astounding Mechanised Perambulator is indeed being released in a Black and Gold colorway, exclusive to the Munky King booth #4851 at SDCC. Now Munky King has finally released a full shot of the release, which is outstanding! No word on price yet, but they will be limited to only 100 pieces!

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Blamo Toys for Dragatomi Booth at SDCC


The Dragatomi crew has invited a ton of amazing artists to join them at their booth #5350 for SDCC. One of them being Blamo Toys, who will be bringing a long a few releases. First is their Daku Daku figure, which features two sides, one happy and the other sad. There are a total of 10 figures. 5 of which will be at SDCC and the rest will available online after SDCC.


Some other goods they’ve got are 12 limited edition Swampy custom by Mikie Graham. There is also a giveaway of the King Swampy to the person who purchases one and finds a sword stone inside the box!

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Rocketboy Customs x Vinyl Riot -- 'Angry Littles' Hulk Micro Munny Customs (7.6)

Vinyl Riot is about to drop the new Angry Littles custom Micro Munny blind-box series (2.5") from Rocketboy Customs. The Hulk series features eight unique customs including five variations of the classic hulk, a red hulk, a grey hulk and a partially transformed Bruce Banner. Angry Littles will drop on Saturday (7.6) @ 3 PM EDT for $60 each over at Vinyl Riot.


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