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Jul 03, 2013

Philip Lumbang x Dragatomi – Awesome Bear Figure @ SDCC


Philip Lumbang’s long awaited Awesome Bear will make it’s first appearance at the Dragatomi booth #5350 at SDCC! As excited as we are for this release, we are anticipating that Panda edition! Stay tuned on release information and prices!

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Ron English x Blackbook Toy– SDCC & TTF Exclusive Big Boner figures

bigbonerbk bigbonergid

Here we have the full unveil of Ron English x Blackbook Toy’s collaborative figure, Big Boner. This figure has two exclusive releases, the “Blackout” edition at TTF and the GID at SDCC through the DKE booth #5045. The beautiful craftsmanship behind The Big Boner is all thanks to T9G. They are both limited to 50 pieces and will retail roughly $110 each. Check out more photos of this figure after the jump.


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Super7 SDCC Releases: Mummy Gator & Caveman DInosaur


It’s a new day, which means more news on SDCC exclusive releases from Super7. The newest Mummy Gator looks really good on a hot summers day. Take a peak at the “Creamy Filling” Mummy Gator, which is cast GID and orange swirled vinyl, with white and red facial details. These will be up for grabs at $50 each.


Here we have one of their newest figures that was first scene in the S7 lucky bags. Introducing Josh Herbolsheimer’s Caveman Dinosaur. The “Prehistoric Punch” Caveman Dinosaur is cast in green vinyl, with tan and brown sprays. He stands only 4” tall and will retail $35 at the Super7 booth #5245.

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Flying Fortress x kaNO x de Korner – SDCC Exclusive Bodega



For Comic-con, De Korner will release their SDCC exclusive Flying Fortress Bodega.  This artist edition of kaNO’s figure features Flying Fortress’s Teddy Troop character on the front with a blue fill inside the clear quarter water body.  Limited to 100 pieces, this edition includes 10 randomly assorted chases featuring white + blue caps hand-painted by kaNO himself.  The edition will also include a sweet kaNO mini-print as well (pic after the jump).  De Korner’s SDCC exclusive Flying Fortress Bodega will be available at the Kuso Vinyl booth [#5642] for $55 (cash only) and kaNO will be signing on Friday (7.19) from 1 to 3 PM.


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Cavey x Dragatomi – Super Duper Caped Cavey


San Diego Comic Con is where all the super heroes come together and unite. It looks as though Cavey got the message and they are coming all the way over from UK to join in on the festivities at the Dragatomi booth #5350. This time the Cavey will be there in vinyl form! The Blue Caped Cavey is an SDCC exclusive, while the Pink Caped Cavey will be released online on July 18th at 8PM BST.

Each colorway is limited to 15 pieces and are hand painted. They both come with a felt cape and are individually numbered and packaged. They will retail roughly $28 each.

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Gary Ham x Flat Bonnie Flattie Wooper & Neapolitan Wooper Looper @ SDCC

G9153b3e8e40111e29c4222000a9e071d_7 9e5cc97ee33b11e2ae8022000a1fc41a_7

Gary Ham will be having a few goodies for you at SDCC. The first release is the Flattie Woopers, which is a collaboration with Flat Bonnie.They are limited to only 20 pieces for $45 each. Need more Wooper action? Well Gary’s got your back! He has also unveiled the release of his Neapolitan Wooper Looper figure, which features your 3 favorite vinyl flavors, vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate! No news on edition size or price as of yet, so stay tuned. All of these fine products will be available at his booth #5139.

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Simpsons x Kidrobot – Zombie Bart (SDCC?)


Could this be the very release from Kidrobot for SDCC? Perhaps its just a pre-release or an exclusive. What say you?! It’s hard to tell, but we think this is a mini figure release. Stay tuned for confirmation folks!

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