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Jul 02, 2013

Hyperactive Monkey SDCC Exclusive – Adolescent Hyperactive Ninja Monkeys


Hyperactive Monkey is happy to announce their official SDCC Exclusive release! The Adolescent Hyperactive Ninja Monkeys, who as you guessed it, pay homage to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Sculpted by Squidkids Ink. and produced by Mana Studios, the AHNM resin figures stand 5” tall and feature a cloth mask, 2 katana blades, 2 ninja stars, and a kusarigama. They even have a bright toxic glow! They are limited to only 45 pieces and will be up for grabs at the Hyperactive Monkey booth #5644 for $70 each.


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Kidrobot SDCC Exclusives, Releases, and Signings


A lot of you are banking on this information to plan out your SDCC adventure. Here we have the first couple days of Kidrobot’s SDCC Exclusives, Releases, and Signing Schedule. Unfortunately the releases aren’t full revealed, so we will all have to wait on that!

Day One – July 17th – 6-8PM
Frank Kozik – 7” Logan Labbit (looks more like Venom)


Day Two – July 18th – (Time Unknown)
Yoshinori Ono – Mecha Zangief

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Kozik – Hateball

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Frank Kozik with the help of Klim of Bigshot Toyworks (sculptring) and Grody Shogun (manufactured) have been working hard on a new figure that goes by the name of “Hateball”. This figure will be made in two different sizes, the large size to fit Mishka x L’amour Supreme's Bootleg bodies and a smaller size for soon to come zombified WW1 German Soldier/Monster. If you are without a Bootleg body to swap, the large versions will come with a resin stand. We cannot wait to see these guys pulled and painted! The body is currently in the design stage and they hope to have it ready by the end of the year.


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DKE Toys SDCC Release - Bernice Beggadear and Beatnik Owl Dude by Robin VanValkenburgh!


Taking a little turn away from your usual vinyl toys, DKE Toys will be releasing some amazing ceramic pieces by Robin VanValkenburgh. The Bernice Beggadear and Beatnik Owl Dude will be available at the DKE Booth #5045 for $50 per figure and are limited to just 50 pieces each.

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McBess figure reveal for “Dead Ahead” at Dudes Factory


Here we have the full reveal of McBess’ newest figure from his past show, “Dead Ahead” at Dudes Factory (FIRST SEEN HERE) a week ago. He shares with everyone a familiar character seen in many of his art pieces, which is now alive as a 3D figure! It stands nearly 8” tall and is limited to 250 pieces. They are only available in store through Dudes Factory, so be sure to wait a few weeks where they will be released through McBess’ online shop.

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DKE Toys SDCC Release – Kronk x Pobber Toys – Bad Ass : Forest


DKE Toys has just unveiled the newest original figure by Kronk and produced by Pobber Toys. The Bad Ass : Forest figure has definitely earn his title, as this beast of a figure will take up some shelf real estate. The first release will be limited to 40 pieces and will retail $95 each at the DKE Booth #5045.

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Super7 SDCC Exclusives – Honoo, Leroy C., Zagaturd


Super7 is happy to announce 3 of their SDCC exclusives today! First up is Leecifer’s
Honoo figure. The “Nightfire” edition cast in an orange and GID vinyl swirl and is detailed with brown and dark orange sprays for that extra Fire-ey look.


Next up is Invisible Creature’s Leroy C. figure, as the “Pink Passion” edition who is cast in translucent pink vinyl with silver glitter, with white, blue, and violet sprays to help make it pop!


Last is the cross between Gargamel’s Zagarad and La Merde’s Turd, which makes Zagaturd. The “Super Misty Bros” Edition features a orange swirl head and blue GID body, with black, red, and metallic blue sprays. Each of these figures will retail $35 and will all be available at the Super7 Booth #5245.

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