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Jul 01, 2013

Super7 SDCC Exclusive “Raids Again” Fossilla


It’s Monday, which means it is now a new weekday! Thus. the reveal of another Super7 SDCC exclusive release! Here we have the “Raids Again” Edition Fossilla figure by Josh Herbolsheimer. This release is cast in a green vinyl with black, violet, and metallic purple sprays, as well as blood red guts and bleached bones. Fossilla will retail $95 at the S7 booth #5245.

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5&A Dime x Water Moon Studios – Barrel Manny Commercial (NSFW)


5&A Dime just released a short fun commercial to promote their Exclusive “Barrel Manny” figure with Watermoon Studios. For those of you who know what to expect, the video can be seen after the jump. Those not knowing what to expect, the video is NSFW and it may shock you. The “Barrel Manny” is available now HERE (NSFW) for $56 and you can also pick up a limited edition shirt that goes with it for $28. Put two and two together.


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Chris Ryniak – “Tide Pool” Edition Stinky Ginger (07.03) *Update*


Chris Ryniak is out with his newest “Tide Pool” edition Stinky Ginger figure.
This grumpy looking condiment is limited to only 60 pieces, 30 of which is available through Stranger Factory for those stateside and the other 30 will be available through Tomenosuke for the international customers.

**Update** Circus Posterus has just annoud that they will be releasing their half of the figures on Wednesday, July 3rd in random quantities through out that day. Stinky Ginger will be available for $89. Stay on your toes folks!

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DKE at SDCC: Gay Empire ‘Best Buddies’ by Sucklord


Next up in DKE’s impressive string of Comic-Con announcements is Sucklord’s Gay Empire ‘Best Buddies’.  That’s right, moving beyond the trilogy, Bert and Ernie are now part of the Gay Empire.  The two pink peg-style figures will be released together (as is only appropriate) on a pink blister card. Limited to 50 pieces, Gay Empire ‘Best Buddies’ will be available from the DKE booth [#5045] for $75.

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Ferg x Rotofugi – SDCC Exclusive Green Misfortune Cat


As part of its Comic-Con lineup, Rotofugi will release their SDCC Exclusive Green Misfortune Cat from FERG and Playge.  The 8” figure might not bring you luck, but he just might make your friends green with envy especially considering his clear green eyes and !tongue!.  Limited to 100 pieces, the figure will be available for $120 starting on preview night (7.17) @ the Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi Booth [#5248]. Btw, 70 of the run of 100 pieces will be available at comic-con as Rotofugi has  reserved some for members of the Collect and Destroy forums who are some of the most dedicated FERG collectors out there.

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Martin Hsu – Full Reveal of Blacky Protype


The other day we posted a rear photo of Martin Hsu’s upcoming Blacky dragon dog vinyl, friend and companion, to the previously released Dragon Boy.  Now here’s a full look the final Blacky proto atop his floating cloud.  If all goes according to plan, Martin hopes to release the first Blacky edition @ SDCC in his booth [#4531].


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Tesselate – ED-IT DJ x 2 Releases (7.4)


UK artist Tesselate is about ready to release his two latest resin figures from his ongoing ED-IT DJ series featuring robotic spin masters and associated ‘bots.  This time around he has two one-off (editions of 1) pieces.  First up there’s the B5100_OQ complete with his club desk.  There’s also the D4488 – an architectural model that’s been pushed into service as a surveillance ‘bot used to monitor crowds at ED-IT DJ events.   These newest figures continue the ED-IT DJ aesthetic with their multi-part construction in bright, alternating hues.  The two new ED-IT DJ members will be released on  Thursday July 4th @ 1 PM PDT with the B5100_OQ going for £70 (~ $106) and the D4488 available for £40 (~ $61).


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Joe Ledbetter x The Loyal Subjects – Ghost Pirate Bunny at SDCC


With SDCC right around the corner, many have been waiting for news of the next Chaos Bunny release from Joe Ledbetter and The Loyal Subjects.  With today’s announcement we now know that the Ghost Pirate Bunny – a GID edition of the regular Pirate Bunny, will debut at Comic-Con. With his trusty blade, Ghost Pirate Bunny is ready to plunder day or night.  

Limited to 300 pieces, 150 will be available at the ‘con  at The Loyal Subjects booth [#5645] on Thursday, July 18th between 1-2 PM with the other 150 releasing online immediately after  via the Loyal Subjects on  July 18th at 2 PM PDT.  The figure will be available for $125 (+ s/h if applicable).

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