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Jun 30, 2013

Seen: Scott Tolleson’s Deadbeet Custom Group Show at Toy Art Gallery


On Saturday evening, fans of angry root vegetables and customized sofubi made a pilgrimage to Toy Art Gallery for the opening of Scott Tolleson’s Deadbeet Custom Group Show. The exhibition showcases custom interpretations of Scott’s extremely popular sofubi figure, with production editions selling out in minutes.  Featuring customs by a large group of artists including Leecifer, Jeremiah Ketner, Paul Kaiju, Rsinart,  Nathan Hamill, Valleydweller, SquinkMonstrehero, Velocitron, and many more.   Approaches ranged from pure custom paint applications to mostly sublte use of sculptural elements to add to the original figure rather than completely transforming it.  Our pick ?  PJ Constable’s cartoony worm-infested beet. It’s a great piece made even more amazing when you find out the PJ is only sixteen ;)  If you missed the show, no worries – TAG  has made the available show customs in their online shop.



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Butcher Brand - Megara Micro Release Lottery (Now - 07.03)


Butcher Brand’s got a lottery going on right at this moment. The lottery is for his Megara micro release, which is cast in a hot pink vinyl and are hand-painted with acrylic paints and topped off with a black rub. They will run you $55 each. To enter, simply send your contact information butcherlee127[at]gmail[dot]com with SECTOR 8 in the subject line. This will be open until Wednesday, July 3rd.

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Reactor-88’s Custom Corner – Haus of Boz


Welcome to the June edition of Reactor-88's Custom Corner. This month we're highlighting Laura Copeland, who works under the name Haus of Boz. Laura grew up in rural areas of the UK, where each day she ran around in the fields and woods, playing with animals and examining the natural world. This provided her with the inspiration that drives the direction of her work. These days she lives in Leeds, and to quote Laura, "is your friendly, highly-pierced, blue-haired, busty, comic book retailer and freelance illustrator who by night makes customs and toys in my basement studio." Laura has been collecting toys since she was twelve, but has only been making custom toys for about a year and half. What started as a therapeutic exercise to recover from a hand injury has turned into a major love affair for her. After a chance meeting and some enlightening words from Squink!, Laura realized the possibilities are limitless and she could turn a plain toy into a real work of art. For Laura, turning these hunks of vinyl into works of art is all about the sculpting. She says that's where the piece really comes alive, and it's her favorite part. Her sculpting is definitely top notch, but the real magic for me is how she uses her sculpting talents to create her fantastic, dreamy, animal characters that I would love to think visited Laura in the woods during her childhood days. One other thing Laura mentioned is how blown away she is by the art toy community. From the reception of her work at ToyCon and her Clutter show, to her great fans, to all the fellow artists being so friendly and welcoming, Laura is just overwhelmed by it all. To quote her once again, "It's been like one continuous cuddle from a magical glittering rainbow bear made of marshmallows. MORE!" As an added bonus, Laura sent over some fun facts about herself:

I LOVE bunnies.  I collect bunny things, I wear a bunny onesie all day, I've got bunny tattoos, and I have a fat grey bunny named Butters that lives in my studio.  Seriously, if you want something done to do with bunnies  CALL ME NOW!  LET'S BE BUDS!

I am really scared of small birds, moths, and butterflies.  Oh my god!  Get them away from me!  Don't let them near my face!

I am a big wartime history buff.  I've got a WWII air raid shelter in my basement studio.

I used to play guitar, but now I couldn't play a note if I tried.

Laura can be found on Twitter, Instagram, and Vine as HausofBoz- there you'll get exclusive announcements and updates, WIP shots, and workspace tours. On Facebook she can be friended via Haus Ofboz.  Her online store is over at Hausofboz.bigcartel.com, and if you just walk to take a leisurely tour of all her custom toys, drawings, plush and other artwork head over to www.hausofboz.co.uk.


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Angry Woebots x Silent Stage – 14” Panda King Chopper Head Weathered Bronze Edition (7.1)

003-panda king bronze

Silent Stage and Angry Woebots continue their long-time collaboration with the  regal 14” Panda King Chopper Head Weathered Bronze edition.  Manufactured in a multi-layer bronze process, this imposing 1:1 piece (14” x 10” x 13”)  weighs nearly 8 lbs and is limited to 15 signed pieces.  If you’re wondering, the piece will indeed fit in the everyone-has-em  Detolf display cases.  The 14” Panda King Chopper Head drops on Monday, July first @ 11 AM PDT from the Silent Stage web shop for $500 each and includes a certificate of authenticity.


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Jun 29, 2013

Seen: Tristan Eaton x kaNO – Bodega Release at BAIT


BAIT celebrated the release of their exclusive Tristan Eaton Bodega figure with a signing with both Tristan and Bodega creator kaNO on Friday.  Limited to 100 pieces, Tristan’s orange edition featuring  his tribal queen adds a sexy and charged flair to the  Bodega which blends quarter waters, spray cans, and a dose of urban toughness.   kaNO also offered a few of his  hard-to-come-by purple Bodegas which will eventually be released directly on his site.  Collectors both local and non-local came out to BAIT’s flagship store in Diamond Bar, to pick up the new Bodegas  and to have both artists sketch and customize DIY toys.  The first 30 collectors who picked up a new Bodega also came away with the super-limited (60 pcs total) black Tristan x kaNO tee from fate as a free bonus. The shirts look sharp with the 50/50 design.  If you missed the event,  Tristan’s Bodega and the Tees will be available shortly on BAIT’s web store.


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Jun 28, 2013

Kidrobot Teaser for SDCC


The moment a lot of you have been waiting for! The announcement, well in this case, a teaser of Kidrobot’s SDCC exclusives. They’ve got a number of exclusives by some of your favorite artists at their booth #4549. You’re just going to have to wait just like us for the full reveal and signing schedule, but why can’t we play a little guessing game as to what we think may be released. Here are our guesses from left to right: Wolverine and Venom Labbits, Zombie Bart, A Dunny, Zoidberg Color Variant, and the rumored Mishka Labbit. Oh boy we can’t wait! Only a few weeks away!

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DKE Toys at SDCC: Ron English ‘GID Count Calorie’


DKE keeps the SDCC exclusive ball rolling with the unveil of their GID Count Calorie figure by Ron English. This release will be limited to only 100 pieces and will retail $100 each. This one will definitely brighten up your collection and is needed for your Cereal Killers collection. Find this and many other exclusives available at their booth #5045.

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Super7’s SDCC Exclusive Little Prick


It’s that time again for another SDCC announcement from Super7! Here we have the “Late Night” Edition of Little Prick, which is cast in a purple vinyl with green and red sprays. They will be available at their booth #5245 for $35 each.

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Dragatomi Booth for SDCC


It looks as though the Dragatomi boot #5350 will be one of the most crackinist at SDCC! They have a ton of goodies in store for you, as you can see from the above teaser flier. They’ve got exclusive releases coming from Blamo Toys, Max Toy Co., A Little Stranger, Rampage Toys, Dynamite Rex, J*RYU, Furry Feline, ESC Toys, Double Parlour, and Jason Limon. They will also be releasing the Awesome Bear figure from Phillip Lumbang! As always, you can expect to see a ton of customs from amazing talent from around the world. For this years SDCC they also planned a SDCC custom Blind Box Series “Androids Vs. Dunnys”. We’re curious to see how that turns out!

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Jun 27, 2013

The Loyal Subjects – Transformers Minis @ BotCon in San Diego (6.27 – 6.30)


The Loyal Subjects will be at this weekend’s BotCon in San Diego at the Town and Country Resort. (6.27 – 6.30)  to unleash their new Transformers minis to Transformers collectors at the event.  The Series 1 figures will be available to purchase from the Loyal Subjects booth. Series designer Les Schettkoe will be signing at the booth on Sunday @ Noon.  In addition to the new minis, TLS will also be offering Transformers tees, decks and surfboards.  Drop by to check out the new Transformers collection and grab some free stickers at the same time.

The Loyal Subjects x Transformers @ BotCon 2013
Friday (6.28) – Sunday (6.29)

Town and Country Resort
500 Hotel Circle North
San Diego, CA 92108

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DKE Toys at SDCC: Mike Egan ‘Death Goes Pop’


As part of their comic-con lineup, DKE will release artist Mike Egan’s first art book, ‘Death Goes Pop’.  This is the first of two Mike Egan  SDCC releases coming from DKE. Perhaps, another edition of Mike Egan’s sofubi or maybe a new toy ?  DKE will will have 100 copies of the book with signed/numbered book plate and hand-embellished screen print, available for $25 at their booth [#5045].

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Super7 SDCC Exclusive Zombie Fighter & Doku Duo


It looks as though Super7 has a double feature for us today. Check out two more exclusives for their SDCC line up. First up is the S7 x Secret Base “Mixed Up Massacre” Zombie Fighter. This release features different color vinyl parts, including GID torso, grey head, and green arms. Then its followed up with a blue, yellow, brown, black, and dark green sprays. These will be available for $65 each.


Next up is Brian Flynn’s “Orange Fizz” Doku Duo figure, which is cast in glitter filled orange vinyl with dark orange gradients, yellow, and blue sprays. This figure stands “4 tall and will retail $35 each. Both of these fine products will be available at the Super7 booth #5245.

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Brandi Milne x 3DRetro – Sugar Lamb, Go! at SDCC

3DRetro will debut the second vinyl art toy in Brandi Milne’s ‘Ride’ series at SDCC, Sugar Lamb, Go! Limited to 200 pieces, the 7” across toy has a surprising  hand-painted, retro porcelain look despite it being a vinyl figure.   The follow-up to Brandi’s previously released, Bunny Ride, Go!, will be available for the first time at SDCC from the 3DRetro booth for $90. Brandi Milne will be signing at the 3DRetro booth at a time and date to be announced.

"I'm excited to release and finally talk about my vinyl figure with 3D Retro! The second of a two figure series, Lamb Ride, Go! is based on my painting "Carousel Flight; Lamb Face". The thought behind the painting is the possibility of escaping life's seriousness and taking a ride in the sky on your favorite carousel ride from your youth. Forever. I hope the figure can spread some of that nostalgic joy to art fans everywhere." - Brandi Milne



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Kevin Dart – SDCC Exclusive Yuki 7 at Gentle Giant


Kevin Dart’s Yuki 7 is an international spy for hire from a secret agency in Tokyo. This retro looking fashionista has turned into a vinyl statue and will be available at the Gentle Giant booth #3513. The details on this figure is amazing and even the little compact she is holding has a little mirror in it. Yuki 7 is limited to 250 pieces and or hand painted and individually numbered. This will retail $100 and will come with a Certificate of Authenticity. They are available for Pre-Order HERE through Gentle Giant.


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Haus of Boz – Ghost of the Narwhal “Sakana” (07.02)


Lisa Copeland of Haus of Boz has just unveiled her newest creation, the Ghost of the Narwhal. The “Sakana” (Fish in Japanese) one-off is the first of the four from the Irezumi Series to be released. This resin figure is single casted and features painted on koi, maple leaves, and cherry blossoms with pearlescent acrylics. It is then finished off with a matte and gloss varnish and is signed at the base. “Sakana” will be available HERE on Sunday, July 7th at 8PM BST for $100. After the Irezumi series, Laura hopes to release a scrimshaw and Nishikigoi series.

In the most secluded depths of the tides, concealed in the swirling, sunless water, rest the bones of the narwhals, bare, and silent in the sand, yet their defiant souls remain.

Refusing to abandon the site of their greatest victories, the Ghosts of the Narwhals, haunt the wrecks of sunken whaling boats, like relics.

Through the gloaming, they rise from the spectral realms to protect their timeworn bones from those that would disturb their eternal peace beneath the waves.


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Touma x Bad Juju x Toy Tokyo SDCC 2013 Exclusives

Toy Tokyo will have four SDCC exclusive releases from Touma who will be making an appearance in conjunction with Bad Juju who now represents him.  As seen on the flier above, TT will be offering Touma’s Zoppy Purple Edition (3.25”, 40 pcs, $40), Zoppy Dog Brown Edition  (2.5”, 40 pcs, $30), Pico Hitch Bear Turquoise Edition (1.5”, 20 pieces, $15) and the Pico Mao Cat Turquoise Limited Ed. (1.5”, 20 pieces, $15) from their booth [#5337]. Touma will be signing at the TT booth on Thursday, July 18th @ 4 PM.

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Vinyl Riot x Nathan Hamill – Exclusive Curiosity: Lava Edition (6.29)


For its newest exclusive release, Vinyl Riot is working with Nathan Hamill .  Limited to 10 pieces, Nathan’s Curiosity: Lava Edition resin figure stand 5” tall, was sculpted by Julie B. and manufactured by Oni Creations.  The edition features multi-color resin (red and ?orange?) swirled together, making each piece unique.   The Lava Curiosity will be released exclusively from Vinyl Riot on Saturday (6.29) @ Noon EDT for $70 (+ s/h).

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Jun 26, 2013

Doktor A x Munky King – Mr. Pumfrey *Another Teaser*


Here we have yet another teaser from the fine folks of Munky King, featuring the brand new Mr. Pumfrey figure with Doktor A. This is just a test pull, which is looking just brillaint! The details are so intricate and we cannot wait to see this figure pieced and painted together! SDCC is only a few weeks away!

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Jesse Hernandez x Kuso Vinyl – SDCC Exclusive Southern Edition Death Serpent


We feel like Jesse Hernandez will be all over the Toy Cultyard. Here we have his SDCC Exclusive Southern Edition Death Serpent, which will be available through the Kuso Vinyl booth #5642. No word on a signing/release date, so be sure to stay tuned for that. This figure will retail $110 each. Along with their Luckitty PonRevolver Girl, and Custom releases. The Kuso Vinyl booth will definitely be one we will be checking out.


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BAIT Exclusives For SDCC 2013

It looks like BAIT is going really hard for this years SDCC! They have tons of exclusive figures on deck from some of your favorite artists. We also have word that they have even more surprises in store for everyone. They can be found at booth #4632. Let’s have a look see.


David Flores “Charcoal Gray” Deathshead – $100


The Loyal Subjects 10” BAIT Edition Transformer Optimus Prime – $110


Coolrain – Bubba Chuck “Trigonal” Editon – $920


Jesse Hernandez – Jungle Edition Jaguar Knight – $120


Jesse Hernandez – Midnight Edition Jaguar Knight – $120


Kidrobot x BAIT – Shin Akuma$15

Be sure to also stay tuned on official release/signing information on all of these amazing releases.

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Super7 SDCC Exclusive “Glitter Grape” Foster


Super7 has just announced another one of their SDCC exclusives. Presenting the “Glitter Grape” Foster, which comes in a translucent purple glitter vinyl with light blue sprays. They will be available at their booth #5245 for $25 each. Who is next on their lineup?

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DKE at SDCC: Deathead S’murks Crimson by David Flores


DKE continues to reveal their comic-con line up.  Today they’ve announced the Deathead S’murks Crimson sofubi (7”) by David Flores and Blackbook Toy.   Limited to 50 pieces made in Japan, the figure will be available from the DKE booth [#5045] for $110.

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Fuller Designs x Rotobox x Kuso -- Custom Minicels for SDCC

Kuso Vinyl has turned to their go-to customizer James Fuller of Fuller Designs to showcase their new DIY Minicel platform designed by Rotobx.  The two customs – one of Iron Man and one of Iron Patriot look great with tight, clean paint, and well-executed effects. In addition to the customs, Kuso will offer the blind-boxed minicel series ($15)  and the DIY Minicel ($10).  All of the Minicel action will be at Kuso’s booth [#5642].


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Add to the Sucklord x DKE S.U.C.K.L.E. Line with new ‘Suck Goals’

 001-SUCKLE Logo3_sgoals

Here’s a sucky update on the S.U.C.K.L.E. Kickstarter campaign (initial post), which is reaching new levels of unprecedented suckiness.   The initial goal of $7000 to fund the production of the new 2” pvc mini set featuring 10  characters from Sucklord’s ever-expanding universe was met in a day or so.  The first stretch goal or ‘suck goal’ of $18k, has also been met which means anyone who contributed $40 or more will receive not just the OG (flesh) and kickstarter exclusive clear sets but also another ks exclusive GID set.  Now the race is on to reach five new Suck Goals – each one adding another new figure to the clear and GID sets up to five new figures.  If the ultimate sucky goal of $38k is reached, $40 contributors will receive the ten OG figures, 15 GID and 15 clear for a total of 40 figures – an amazing dollar/figure value.  For full details about the S.U.C.K.L.E. project including the new Suck Goals, and to contribute to the project, check out the kickstarter campaign page.

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Jun 25, 2013

ShinLamed – Hassidic Street Art Vinyl Figure


Israeli artist ShinLamed’s wheat paste and stencil pieces on the streets of Tel Aviv  are his attempt to reconcile his Hassidic upbringing (Orthodox Jewish) with the urban and pop cultures which are a daily part of his life.  A passionate fan of vinyl art toys, he’s just realized his long-time dream of making a vinyl toy based on his art.

His self-produced, untitled vinyl figure is based on his black + white piece of a young Hassidic child clutching a Torah.  A strong translation of his original art, the highly detailed sculpt  nicely captures the boy’s apprehensive mood.  Limited to 300 signed and numbered pieces (150 in black, 150 in white), the new figure stands 16 cm tall (~ 6.3”) and  will officially be released as part of his upcoming ‘My Yearning Soul’ exhibition  which opens on July 11th  @ the South Tel-Aviv Gallery. The figure  is available for pre-order from ShinLamed’s web shop  at an early bird price of $75 (includes global shipping) rather than the standard $100 pricing which will be in effect once it’s released on 7.11.  To see more of ShinLamed’s art, check out his Instagram and his flickr.


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