Mark Ryden’s YHWH Group Custom Show (5.11)


Toy Art Gallery will present ‘Mark Ryden’s YHWH Group Custom Show’ (5.11) featuring artist interpretations of Ryden’s milestone YHWH vinyl figure  – his one and only art toy to date. The exhibition will feature a talented  group of top-flight illustrators, designers, and painters including Akira Kiriya/Chikuwaemil, Anthony Ausgang, Bob Conge/Plaseebo, Camilla d’Errico, Camille Rose Garcia, Cris Rose, Daniel Goffin, David FloresDrilOne, Doze Green, Emilio Garcia, FFINC, Francesco de Molfetta, Frank Kozik, Isabel Samaras, Jessicka Addams, KMNDZ, Joshua Petker, J*Ryu, Julie BKathie Olivas, KRK Ryden, Liz McGrath, Lola, Marion Peck, Mark Ryden, Mark Dean Veca, Mia, Mikie Graham (Blamo Toys), Naoto Hattori, Nathan Hamill, Scott Hove, Sean Christopher,  & Yosuke Ueno.

The exhibition will offer the best of both worlds – excellence in toy customization from artists well versed in the medium as well as fresh perspectives from artists who have made their mark primarily in 2D mediums including illustration and painting.  In addition to the numerous YHWH customs  YHWH creator and celebrated pop surrealist painter Mark Ryden will exhibit his 6 foot wood rendition of the toy’s original cardboard packing. Put this down on your calendar now and while you’re at it RSVP so TAG can prepare.

‘YHWH is the unpronounceable name of god.  My YHWH represents the indefinable nature of the divine and its unspeakable mystery, which can be represented by anything from a burning bush to a three eyed bunny totem.  In creating my YHWH toy edition, I strove to elevate each and every individual figure from a mass produced piece of plastic to a magical object. 

I very much look forward to seeing how each artist responds to the spiritual energies of their YHWHs.‘
-Mark Ryden


‘Mark Ryden’s YHWH Group Custom Show’
Opening: Saturday, May 11th 2013 (7 to 10 PM)

Toy Art Gallery
7571 Melrose Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90046 (8697)


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