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May 31, 2013

Arkiv x Visual Ark – New Vinyl Art Sculptures

It’s been awhile since Arkiv has released a vinyl figure.  In fact, his last vinyl release was the Sumo which dropped in 2011.  In the meantime he’s released several resins but has been eager to work in vinyl again as well.  To do so he’s working with Taiwanese brand Visual Ark on high-end figures which he calls ‘Vinyl Art Sculptures’ or VAS for short.  Up first is a vinyl version of Mickiv in five different editions (2 of which are GID), a teaser of which is shown above. Look for the first edition to drop this summer.    For more info on the upcoming releases head over to visual-ark.com and sign up for their newsletter – the first 300 subscribers will receive a special free  figurine.


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Rotobox’s Transformable Valkyrie VF-1J MegaMunny


Before they created the Fahrenheit family of vinyl toys with Kuso Vinyl, Spencer (above) and Stephen Ong of Rotobox made waves in the designer toy scene with their high quality customs – many of which were based on Japanese robots and mecha.   For their latest piece, they’ve revisited their  Robotech Valkyrie VF-1J mecha fighter medium size Qee custom.  This time around they’ve gone bigger by using a 16” Mega Munny as the base platform.  Just like the first time, the custom transforms into the three classic forms – Fighter, Gerwalk and Battroid. Plus it has the giant blaster we all know and love.   Given the larger size, this new custom is even better than the first one.


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Otto Björnik’s ‘The Exlir’ Foomi

001-The Elixir 1

Otto Björnik has made a name for himself by painting customs in his subtle, elegant style which favors mood over detail.  For one of his newest pieces, ‘The Elixir’ – a custom Foomi, he’s enhanced his signature approach by sculpting the character’s organic hair which flows into a flower. In addition, he’s cleverly transformed the toy’s arms into two hummingbirds which are feeding from the character’s flowers.   This gorgeous custom is one of Otto’s submissions for Kidrobot’s Munny Munth contest in the Pro-Series category.


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VP x Vinyl Riot’s Dudebox Giveaway Winner

VP giveaway winner

Thank you to all who entered our Dudebox DIY giveaway generously sponsored by Vinyl Riot.  We’ve randomly selected a winner from all the entires and that lucky person is @lobitoalex on Instagram.  @lobitoalex will receive all three of the  7” Vinyl Riot exclusive Dudebox DIY figures (shown above).

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May 30, 2013

QPop Shop Presents: Go Nagai Tribute – Devils & Robots (06.01)


Taking place this Saturday, June 1st at Qpop Shop will be hosting a group tribute show paying homage to the man behind Mazinger Z and Devilman, Go Nagai. Devils & Robots will feature over 60 artists from all around the world will be participating in this show, as well as industry giants with backgrounds from Pixar, Disney, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network. Some of our favorite artists include: Brian Flynn, Bwana Spoons, Chris Lee, Crowded Teeth, Joshua Herbolsheimer. Junko Mizuno, Mark Nagata, Martin Ontiveros, Paul Kaiju, Paul Shih, Plasticgod, Touma, and tons more! There will be much more going on at the event, including food trucks, refreshments, sweets, Go Nagai clips, DJ Garada K7, and folks cosplaying! The show will begin at 7PM, we will see you there!

128 Astronaut E S Onizuka St|
Los Angeles, CA 90012


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Cometdebris - Full Color Ace Robo B&W Teaser


Cometdebris will soon be releasing the first ever full coloredition of his latest figure, the Ace Robo. Above is a black and white teaser of the release, with an expected Pre-order available some time in June. Stay tuned for the full reveal and order information!

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Ron English – Popaganda Exclusive Metallic Temper Tot


With his Temper Tot toy, an  Incredible Hulk homage of sorts, Ron English has released all but the standard edition as small-run web exclusives through his Popaganda site (Pink and Monochrome so far) . The trend continues with the upcoming Popaganda Exclusive Metallic Temper Tot.  Limited to 60 pieces (rarest yet), the newest edition features a nice light green metallic finish and blue shorts.  This one would make a perfect compliment to the OG which was neon green + purple. The Metallic Temper Tot drops on Friday (5.31) @ Noon EDT from Popaganda.com for $89.99 (+ s/h).


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Buff Monster – Melty Misfits Double Heather Cheap Toys in Pink and Black (5.31)


Back in April Buff Monster released his Double Heather mini resin (1 3/8”) an homage to the Garbage Pail Kids’ Cheap Toys figure of the same name in the four OG GPK colors.  Now he’s about to drop two new editions in classic Buff Monster hues – Pink and Black.  Both colorways will drop on Friday (5.31) @ 10 AM EDT for $15 each ( + s/h) from buffmonster.com in classic bag/header packaging.   Also, be aware that Buff will be closely monitoring the sale and erring on the side of caution  to avoid overselling the figures – if you see a ‘sold out’ notice, wait say 10 or 15 minutes and then try your luck again.


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May 29, 2013

Brandt Peters x Ferg – Trouble Boys – Ooze no. 00


The newest Trouble Boys Squadt from Brandt Peters and Ferg feels like a  bit of a departure from the previous editions which were inspired by key gang/underworld eras and organizations including the mafia of yesteryear and the Yakuza.  0oze no. 00 complete with burlap style hood, crazy new slime head sculpt, shotgun and machete is a bit harder to place.  Perhaps  he’s a feared hitman, a random killer on the loose, or a supernatural psycopath. At any rate, Trouble Boys Ooze (225 pcs). is one of the most stylish releases for 2013 so far.  It drops  from the Squadt Shop on Monday (6.3) @ Noon CDT (10 AM PDT) for $105


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May 28, 2013

Podgy Panda Store Closing… for now…


Podgy Panda will soon be packing up his bags and will be moving back home to New Zealand. Why don’t we all help lighten the load for him a little bit ey? Beginning on June 4th, there will be a sale, where everything on his Online Store will be 20% of when you use the code BLUEISTHENEWBLACK. Along with your order you can receive an A5 print, which normally retail $20. All you have to do is include in the text box, which A5 print you are interested in. What a great deal! Once Podgy settles back in at home, the store will re-open, but now is your only chance to take advantage of this great offer.

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Uamou, RealxHead, & Skull Toys – ‘Rock ‘n’Roll Uamou’ (6.1)


Ayako Takagi and her frequent collaborators, RealxHead and Skull Toys, have created a new collection of work proving that her adorable Uamou can also rock out with the best of ‘em.  Opening on Friday (6.1) @ Toy Art Gallery‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Uamou’ will feature Uamou customs, a Rock ‘n’ Roll Real Uamou sofubi edition, a series of mini-prints, and an exclusive poster.  The 9” Rock ‘n’ Roll Real Uamou is a new deluxe edition of the Real Uamou figure comple with handmade leather jacket accessories in both red and black.

More than just a cute face, this exhibition reveals and revels in Uamou’s slightly ‘edgier’ side. If you love Uamou (and most of us do, deep down), be sure to check out the show opening (6.1). 

Uamou, RealxHead, & Skull Toys || ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Uamou’
Opening: Friday, June 1st (7-10 PM)

Toy Art Gallery
7571 Melrose Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90046
877.910.toys (8697)



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Marka27 – 20 Years in the Game + New Site


Time does really fly.  Marka27 recently sent me a note about celebrating his 20 years of creating art and mentioned the first post I did on the minigods.  So I did a quick check and that was in ‘06 – more than seven years ago.  In that time Marka’s released two (or perhaps three, depending on how you count) generations of his innovative music + toy minigod line,  designed and curated the Bic Buddy minifig series, opened numerous shows, released prints, and most importantly left his mark by mixing the imagery of indigenous people and music into his own unique aesthetic.   

I’m definitely  looking forward to what’s next including the long awaited black + red Japan mini-god.  To keep up on Marka’s work, be sure to check out his newly revamped site complete with a stocked online shop featuring toys, tees & prints.



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Paul Kaiju – Boss Carrion “Mystery Date” Raffle (06.02)


Paul Kaiju has a very special raffle release taking place this Sunday, June 2nd at Noon PSD. You may wonder what makes this more special than any other release? Well that’s because this is a set release, featuring a painted vinyl green Boss Carrion and a blind bagged painted Salamander Joe green vinyl, Mockbat flesh vinyl, Unchiman flesh vinyl. They “Mystery Date” release will retail $250 each and will be very limited. The raffle entry form will appear at the given time above on his Blog, where it will be open for only 24 hours.

Please note: Reservations, special requests, MULTIPLE ENTRIES, MULTIPLE ENTRIES, MULTIPLE ENTRIES, or entries via comments or personal email  will not be accepted or tolerated.

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A Peek Inside the Super7 12th Anniversary Lucky Bags


This past Saturday saw Super7 release their 12th Anniversary Lucky Bags as well as host an extensive Gargamel custom show.  If you missed the event, you’ll be happy to know S7 still has Lucky Bags available on their site ($300),  each of which features nine vinyl figures exclusive to the bags. Now, you might be wondering what’s inside the big brown bags?  Luckily, a few collectors have shared photos of the contents of their Lucky Bags. We’ve taken the liberty of showing you some of  ilmuffino’s scores including one of the highlights of the Lucky Bags, Josh Herbolshimer’s new Caveman Dinosaur (shown above) which is available randomly in the bags. Hit the jump to see more of Ilmuffino’s bag.


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Reactor-88’s Custom Corner – Hugh Rose


Welcome to the May edition of Reactor-88's Custom Corner. This month we're highlighting Hugh Rose, who resides on the small island of Guernsey. If you're not familiar with Guernsey, it's a British Crown dependency located in the English Channel. One bit of Guernsey trivia- it is the only English soil that the Nazis conqured during WWII. It's a very unique place and has been very inspirational to Hugh, who started making toys about four years ago. Hugh helps out at a local school art department in the day, and afterwards treks to his studio to continue with his passion for making custom toys.

A lot of Hugh's toys have a classic nautical theme, which I really enjoy and of course makes sense living on a tiny island. Along with very nice, subtly sculpted additions, many of Hugh's pieces are jam packed with tons of detail - it's easy to get lost in each piece just staring at all the intricate paint work. I can only imagine how long it took him to finish his "Once and Future King" Munny. Hugh mainly creates for shows and direct sales through his site, but he is taking commissions at the moment. If you'd like to discuss a project with him, he can be reached through his site at www.hughrose.co.uk or directly via email. If you'd just like to admire Hugh's work, you can follow him on Twitter or friend him over on Facebook.


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May 27, 2013

Kidrobot – Dunny “Side Show” Series 2013 (06.14)


Kidrobot has just announced some news on their upcoming 2013 Dunny Series, dubbed the “Side Show” series.Take notice on our previous post on the leaks of the upcoming release HERE. The drop is set to take place on Friday, June 14th! The “Side Show” series will feature 20 designs from 14 amazingly talented artists. Who has already started counting down?

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Marvel x Kidrobot – Munny and Labbits in August

yhst-51568362379717_2264_1306369432 yhst-51568362379717_2264_1305871333 BTP10021 yhst-51568362379717_2264_1305306653

Shortly after this year’s Toy Fair trade show in February, word started to leak that Kidrobot had several crossover toys in the works featuring licensed Marvel Comics superheroes and villains.   Recently, several online stores ( including Bigbadtoystore.com) have begun posting pre-orders for several of the upcoming Marvel x Kidrobot toys along with product art and release info.  Kudos to The Blot Says for early reporting on the  pre-orders which include both Marvel-based Labbit and Munny releases. While Kidrobot has been releasing toys based on high-profile entertainment properties including the Simpsons, Street Fighter and more for quite some time, the new Marvel projects are noteworthy because they blur the line between KR’s licensed products and art toys with the use of two of the company’s key platforms.

On the Labbit side, Kidrobot is going to release two 7” Marvel Labbits – Wolverine and Venom.  While the posted art, which  appears to have been created primarily by applying 2D images to design templates, reveals the basic visuals we’re curious to see whether the Venom Labbit has some custom sculpting (esp. for the teeth) or whether all the character details will be done with painted deco.   Based on the pre-order info, both Labbits have a SRP of $49.99 and are expected to drop in August.  In addition to the 7” Labbits, we expect a 2.5” Marvel mini Labbit series in the near fture.

In addition to the upcoming Marvel Labbits, Kidrobot is also bring Marvel’s characters to its extremely popular Munny DIY platform with a comprehensive set of releases featuring stand-alone 7” ($19.99)  and 4”  ($9.99) Marvel themed Munnys as well as a blind-boxed Micro Munny series.  The stand-alone Munnys will be available in four character editions --  Spiderman, Venom, Wolverine, and Iron Man.  The blind-boxed series expands the reach into Marvel’s universe with eight characters:  Iron Man, Spiderman, Venom, Doctor Octopus, Captain America, Thor, Wolverine and the Hulk.  In addition, word has it that  a line of Marvel Munny zipper pulls is in the works.

Now you might be wondering if the Marvel Munnys will break Kidrobot’s strict division between Dunny and Munny where Dunny is their premiere art toy platform featuring painted designs and Munny is their DIY platform free of any painted designs.  The answer is no, at least not technically.  Rather than going against the grain by offering Munnys with printed deco, Kidrobot has come up with an interesting solution – stickers.  That’s right, each of the  Marvel Munny offerings including the 2.5” Micro Munnys  feature solid color Munnys and a sticker pack enabling collectors to ‘create’ a specific iconic characters.  The 7” ($19.99), 4” ($9.99) and 2.5” Munnys ($7.95 / blind-box) are expected to drop in August. 

While there’s plenty to discuss about the Marvel x Kidrobot project, we’d like to get your opinion.  What do you think of the upcoming Labbit and Munnys?  Do you  like the idea of Kidrobot  bringing  licensed characters to their staple art toy platforms?  Also, what’s your take on the inclusion of design specific stickers with these upcoming Munnys ? Finally, are you relieved or disappointed  that Kidrobot has seemingly opted not to bring the Marvel wave to Dunny ?

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Seen: Lab Art x Kidrobot - ‘Munny, A Vinyl Art Show’


On Thursday evening, Lab Art opened ‘Munny, A Vinyl Art Show’ in Hollywood. Co-Sponsored by Kidrobot, the exhibition showcased their Munny DIY platform with customs by Tristan Eaton, L’Amour Supreme, Annie Preece, Scribe, Sergio Mancini, Scott Tolleson, Galen McKamy, Devin Liston, Carson Catlin, Mar and Louis XXX.  The exhibition featured eight large 18” Munnys, a handful of classic 7” Munnys and one 4” Foomi. 

As an unexpected surprise, Tristan Eaton hand-customized a white 18” version of his incredibly popular DIY toy on the spot right as the opening got under way.  His piece features his signature femme fatale in silver marker on the front and his large signature on the rear. Other highlights include Scribe’s piece featuring one of his adorable characters  realized with custom sculpting and a sweet plush Squid hat from 40 Threads, L’amour Supreme’s gnarly 18”er in his trademark style, Devin Liston’s 18” blue undead overlord, Annie Preece’s ‘gut’sy large Munny, and Scott Tolleson’s cute, yet so cleanly executed Foomi.  If you missed the opening, there’s still time to catch the exhibition which closes on June 6th.


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May 24, 2013

Sneak Peek: Anna Chambers New GID Plush Series

001-cat GID_amb 

Anna Chambers is about to release a new series of GID plush animals, three in all. Here’s a look at the GID cat based on  Blinky the Cat, which was released at the end of 2012.  As you can see the new plush features GID thread/yarn in both green and orange.   While we haven’t seen the other two, we’re guessing one is based on Spark the Tiger.  So if you’re a glow fan and a plush fan, these new plush toys from Anna Chambers should be at the top of your list.

001-cat GID_dark

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Angry Woebots x Silent Stage – Fur and Fang Soft Goods

001-FF2 16inch pillow

Silent Stage has two lifestyle releases perfect for Angry Woebots collectors who want to go beyond toys and prints.  First up are the brand new  Fur and Fang Pt. 2 pillows (150 pcs, $50)  by Angry Woebots.  The 16” x 16” microfiber pillow features a sharp, vivid image of a panda mob achieved via dye sub.   In addition to the new pillow, Silent Stage is once again offering the Fur and Fang Ottoman (10 pcs, $250) which stands 18” tall and measures 21” around.  This one is perfect for your living room or den.


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May 22, 2013

Scott Tolleson – Tycoon Comicpalooza Exclusive Deadbeet


Scott Tolleson will be attending this years Comicpalooza in Texas this weekend, where he will be dropping his very own exclusive Tycoon Deadbeet. This clear Deadbeet will also feature 5 mini black Deadbeets inside! Any leftover from the show will make it online at $75 a piece.

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Lab Art x Kidrobot – A Vinyl Art Show (05.23)


Lab Art has teamed up with Kidrobot to pull together an epic exhibition, which will feature 13 very talented artists. Participating artists include: Tristan Eaton, L’amour Supreme, Jon Paul Kaiser, Annie Preece, Scribe, Sergio Mancini, Thank You X, 40 Threads, Scott Tolleson, Galen Mckamy, Devin Liston, Carson Catlin, Mar, and Louis XXX. What a line up! The show will take place at Lab Art on Thursday, May 23rd from 7-10PM.

217 S. La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles California 90036

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pe•cu•liar - Euranth


Based out of Jakarta, Indonesia, Chris Tianto of pe•cu•liar has been hard at work at his very first toy, Euranth. Euranth, the God of Nature is apart of their Glandastern mythology and just the first of many toys to come. This figure will stand roughly 5” tall, with the first release being limited to 10. The WIP photos are coming along, so get ready for a release in the next couple of weeks.

“Euranth is the god of nature, keeper of the forests. It dwells inside the darkest forest of Skard, a forest which never located on any existed map. Once was shaped as (one eyed) white flower, symbolizing the sacred of nature. But as the hearts of men filled with greed, damaging the nature, it started to bleed. It feels the pain, its wrath provokes natural disaster”


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Gargamel Custom Show @ Super7 (05.25)


Coinciding with the release of Super7’s 12th Anniversary Lucky Bags, they will be playing host to a Gargamel Custom show! There will be a number of one of a kind customs by the guys who make the toys! They will be making it out all the way from Japan to join in on the action. Both the Lucky Bag release and the show will take place this Saturday, May 25th at 7PM. Customs will be released first come first served, so we recommend arriving early for a good spot in line. Remaining bags and customs will be available the next day at 11AM.


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Gary Ham – Tiffany Blue Wooper Looper (05.24)


A brand new Tiffany Blue edition of Gary Ham’s Wooper Looper is set to drop this Friday, May 24. This release features a blue vinyl with silver, black, and white sprays. These are limited to only 30 pieces and will be available HERE at 11AM PST for $60 a piece.


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