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Apr 30, 2013

Tolleson, Leecifer, J*Ryu & Aaron Brown – Strange Symbiosis (5.4)


Giant Robot 2 will present the toy-fueled art of Scott Tolleson, Leecifer, J*Ryu and Aaron Brown with Strange Symbiosis. Opening on Saturday (5.4), the show will focus on 3D work ranging from original sculptures and figures to custom toys.   Hit the jump for a quick preview including a look at J*Ryu’s crazy spider inspired piece, Scott Tolleson’s patina styled ANCNT GRDN Deadbeet which looks to be a new edition rather than a one-off, and Leecifer’s new PickleBaby original resin figures.

Scott Tolleson, Leecifer, J*Ryu and Aaron Brown || ‘Strange Symbiosis’
Opening: Saturday May 4th (6:30 – 10 PM)

Giant Robot 2
2062 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025




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TLS x Sket One – New Transformers Tees


If you grew up watching the old school OG Transformers cartoons back in the 80’s, you’ll definitely want to check out the brand-new retro themed Transformers Tees from The Loyal Subjects and Sket One.  Similar to his Transformers decks, Sket’s new shirts feature paint splatter graphics and vintage action-word designs.     All nine designs are available for pre-order from theloyalsubjects.com for $25 each (+ s/h). Check ‘em out.


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Broken Piegon x De Korner Exclusive Black + Yellow Marbled Death Vader (5.3)


Back in late March, De Korner debuted LA artist Broken Pigeon’s Death Vader resin figure with three small exclusive editions at WonderCon.  The figure design re-envisions Vader  as a grim reaper, a concept which fits nicely into the  character’s destructive nature.   Now DeKorner is following up on the WonderCon releases with  a new exclusive marbled edition mixing black with the brand’s signature yellow.   Limited to 20 pieces, the exclusive  will be sold in bag and header packaging with 5 figures sold in special chase blister + card packaging.  The Black + Yellow Marbled Death Vader will be released on Friday, May 3rd 2013 @ 10 AM PDT from DeKorner.com for $45.  In other DeKorner news, founder Kevin Cao is celebrating his birthday with a special sale featuring discounts of up to 50% off a nice selection of figures.


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Reactor-88’s Custom Corner – Charles Rodriguez

-main-High Amarok

Welcome to the April edition of Reactor-88's Custom Corner. This month we're highlighting Charles Rodriguez, who hails from Caracas, Venezuela. Charles is a trained graphic designer who has been working as a creative director at an international advertising agency, though he recently left his job to focus full-time on his custom toy art. He's also a new member of Red Mutuca Studios, which is jam packed with talented folks such as Sergio Mancini, Grimsheep, and many more. One of the first things you'll notice about Charles' work is that none of his creations have eyes. While many folks utilize the eyes of their characters to bring out emotion and set a mood, Charles  focuses on a heavy, defined brow to set the tone of his pieces. He also adds a lot of texture to his work with a very interesting raised hair technique, along with very precise carved-in fur and other details. On top of that, I really love that he sometimes creates a larger scene for his pieces, such as the ice throne he created for his Amarok Fonzo Custom- amazing stuff. If you enjoy Charles's work as much as I do and you are interested in working with him, he can be reached via email for commission inquiries. If you'd like to keep up with him and his work, he can be found on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Behance.


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Apr 29, 2013

SSUR -- Rebel Ape Bust


Recently spied on  Russ Karablin’s (SSUR) instagram is this shot of an upcoming bust of his iconic ‘Rebel Ape’ character inspired by Che Guevara and the Planet of the Apes. Word on the street is that this is coming in vinyl in several editions.  More details soon.

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Yoskay Yamamoto’s ‘My Little Universe’


Yoskay Yamamoto is offering three handsome ‘My Little Universe’ sets featuring matching 6”x 6” original mixed-media paintings (7” x 7” red oak frame) and 2” mixed-media sculptures. Inspired by his yearning for the night sky of his native Japan, each set is available for $580 directly from his site.  If you’ve been wanting to add an original Yoskay piece to your collection, these sets are the perfect double feature.


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Sket One x 1xRun – Galactic Empire (5.6)


In Sket’s Galactic Empire, AT-AT’s roam the land instead of Grizzlies. 1xRun will soon release two editions of his re-interpretation of the California Stage Flag.  The Star Wars inspired flag image will be available as both a 5-color screen print (19” x 13”, 80 pcs, $50) and an actual flag (60” x 36”, 20 pcs, $100).   Both editions will be released on Monday May 6th and be available through the 20th or until they sell out via 1xRun.


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Android Artist Series 4


Hey Android fans! Coming soon from DyzPlastic is another artist series of their popular mini Android figures! Series 4 will feature artists, Andrew Bell, KRONK, Kong Andri, Scott Tolleson, Sergio Mancini, and more! Who else will be apart of this amazing line up? When will we see teasers? Stay tuned for more on that!

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Apr 28, 2013

Maximum Fluoride x Kozik Studios – Pyramid Artifact (5.2)


Mike ‘Maximum Flouride’ Fisher first released four editions of his Pyramid Artifact resin at the end of last year – each of which sold out quickly.    Now he’s working with Frank Kozik on follow-on editions.  The two new editions of Fisher’s Pyramid Artifact – White and Eye of Odin, will be the first figures produced by Kozik Studios from an artist besides Frank himself.  The piece appears to be based on the Eye of Providence symbol (Eye of God,  a version of which appears on the Dollar Bill and is also used by the Illuminati.

The White Edition (open run, $55) stands 5 1/4 inches tall and shows off the sculpt from special effects industry sculptor Caleb Schneider.  While the White is an open run, only 50 pieces will be available initially.  It will ship with a button and sticker in a Refuse/Resist box.  The clear with blue marbling Eye of Odin is limited to just 25 pieces for $70.  Both will drop on Thursday May 2nd via frankkozik.net.


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Apr 26, 2013

Kathie Olivas x Brandt Peters x Artoyz Originals -- Mortimer and Oliver

Artoyz Originals is readying two vinyl art toys from Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters -- Oliver the Bat Boy and Mortimer the Mortician. A Misery Child reminiscent of the caped crusader, Oliver will be accompanied by two Scavenger Birds (Robins perhaps?). Outfitted with his wide-eyed cowl and his oversized cape, Kathie's Bat Boy seems to embody innocence, a touch of melancholy and the courage to fight for what's right even in the face of long odds. The 6.25" figure will be available in four colorways -- Grey Scale, Purple, Red and Turquoise (editions of 200), for $60 each. Brandt's recurring Mortimer makes a living seeing to the dead, a perfectly normal occupation for a Narwhal. The figure will ship with both a straight razor and bottle of Toxico. The 6" Mortimer will also be available in four colorways -- Grey Scale, Purple, Red and Turquoise [gid](editions of 200), for $60.

After a fairly lengthy hiatus from vinyl, it's great to see both artists embracing the medium again whether it be their recent sofubi toys with Tomenosuke, the upcoming Wandering Misfits minis from Cardboard Spaceship or these new larger format toys.


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Kozik x Skinner -- A Northern Bog (5.1)

Frank Kozik has been on a toy painting tear lately. His next hand-painted release, A Northern Bog, is a haunting edition of Skinner's Ultrus Bog. Kozik used the sofubi paint of choice, v-color, on these -- looks like purple, red, gray and black, to realize his vision. Limited to 9 pieces, Northern Bog (w/special header) drops on Wednesday (5.1) @ Noon PDT from Frank's site for $200 each.


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Cavey’s 3rd Birthday (05.31)


A Little Stranger’s Cavey is just turning 3! To celebrate, they’ve assembled a team of over 40 artists to take on the task of customizing some vinyl Cavey figures. The big party will take place at the Fleet River Bakery in London (Same spot as the 1st Bday) on Friday, May 31st from 8-11PM.

Participating artists include:Ali Coleman, Chauskoskis, Cris Rose, DMS, Doktor A, DrilOne, Jay222, Jon Paul Kaiser, J*Ryu, Gary Ham, George Gaspar, Haus of Boz, Jake Waldron, Jeremiah Ketner,  Kerry Dyer, Lady Lauren Loves, Leecifer, Lisa Rae HansenLuke Chueh, Lunabee, Matt Jones, Map Map, Mike Strick, Mister Lister, Okkle, Onell Design, Onorio Depiro, Peskimo, Phil Corbett, Planet Domu, Podgy Panda, RunDMB, Scott Tolleson, Scott Wilkowski, Sergey Safonov, Stitches and Glue, The Sucklord, The Tarantulas, Squink, and Triclops.

Priority availability to purchase pieces from the show will be via a preview list sent out prior to the event. If you would like to receive the preview list please enter your email address below. (Please note, this is a separate list to the standard Cavey newsletter, and is for preview information only)

Fleet River Bakery
71 Lincolns Inn Fields

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McBess x Kidrobot – Le Dead Plastique 20” & 3” Dunny (05.09)



McBess has teamed up with Kidrobot to go BIG with the latest Dunny Release. Unlike past releases, there will be a 20” and a 3” Dunny available! There is no word on if these will be available separately or not, but lets hope so! Just for the fans who really love the design and lack space or the budget. The “Le Dead Plastique” Dunny is set to release on Thursday, May 9th at all Kidrobot Stores, KR Online, and select retailers. The 20” is limited to 300 pieces and will retail $400 each.

What inspired this design?
I wanted to make this like an extension of my illustrations, simple black and white / rock and roll character, with big bold text on him, something with a lot of impact like a punch on the cheek.

Is there any significance to your band, The Dead Pirates, rock, roll or your meat iconography?
Of course, this is all a big meat-pie, this toy is summing up everything that I do, the band, the drawings, the food…this should be like a icon for what I do.

Is it post-modern rock and roll?
Well I listen to a lot of different type of rock but the main veins are 70′s, stoner and psychedelic rock’n'roll, but overall it’s link to the music that I love to do because of it’s simplicity and contrast. I see him as the incarnation of rock’n'roll itself


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Lightlseepers Presents: Tracy Tubera Pop-Up Spot (04.27)


At the Hawaii DunkXchange in the Blaisdell Center, Tracy Tubera will have his very own pop up shop alongside The Lightsleepers booth. Available will be a number of original prints sharing his love for both sneakers and pop culture. Also, any purchases made at the booth will earn them a raffle ticket, with the chance of winning a signed 7” “Super Double Ninja Battle Bros.” 10-Doh figure from Squidkids Ink. If you don’t win it, they’ll have some available for purchase as well!

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Paul Kaiju’s Solo Show at Grasshut (05.02)


That’s right folks! Paul Kaiju will be taking over Grasshut Corp for his very own solo show on Thursday, May 2nd. From what he’s been sharing on his Instagram feed, those attending will not be disappointed! Those of you checking out the show may even get a closer look at a few upcoming figures! Let’s hope they are ready by then. Sneaks after the jump.


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Gary Baseman x 3DRetro -- Creamy Vinyl


Gary Baseman has collaborated with 3DRetro to bring his sad but cute Creamy character to life as an upcoming vinyl art toy. Here's a look at the Toby inspired colorway of Creamy which was created for his 'The Door is Always Open' exhibit at The Skirball. The museum's gift shop is taking pre-orders for the figure.


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Apr 25, 2013

FERG – Perple SQUBE (4.29)


After a bit of a  hiatus, FERG’s SQUBE is back with fairly regular drops.  Next up: Perple.  Cast in clear purple hard plastic, the new edition is limited to just 125 pieces [compared to 200 for last year’s Ice edition].  The Perple Sqube drops on Monday (4.29) @ Noon CDT for $55 (+ s/h) via Playge.


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Huck Gee – Heavy Trooper Vasquez


Gear up!  Following up his custom 8” Penelope Heavy Trooper, Huck has now dropped his Heavy Trooper Vasquez.  Clad in gold armor with the removable helmet, this limited edition custom (10 pcs), recreates his  3” Post Apoc Dunny in the larger format.  Love the custom sculpting on these.  The larger Vasquez can be had for $800 – drop a line to sales@huckgee.com


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Super7 Release: Friend of the Forest Frederick the Beetle


Releasing today at Noon PST, through Super7 is Bwana Spoons x S7’s Frederick the Beetle! The “Friend of the Forest” Frederick figure is cast in a brown vinyl, with a metallic green spray and yellow details. You can find him available in the S7 shop for $35 a piece.

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Frank Kozik x BlackBook Toy – A Clockwork Carrot Blackout Edition


Already out with another colorway, a very rad matte black coloraway at that, is Kozik x BlackBook Toy’s A Clockwork Carrot Blackout Edition. This release will be made available at the upcoming Super Fest 68 on April 28th in Japan. They are limited to only 25 pieces each, with only a few available online after the event. You can find the purchase page HERE, where it will be available for roughly $126.


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Hey Cavey - Spring Lamb Cavey (05.01)


Holly aka A Little Stranger is out to release her latest Cavey plush to celebrate Spring! Check out the Spring Lamb Cavey in all of its fluffiness. They are limited to only 40 pieces and made from faux lambs fleece, with hand cut felt face, pink nose, and gray ears. They will be available in the Cavey Shop for £16 each on Wednesday, May 1st at 12PM PST.

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Andrew Bell x mphlabs – ‘Dealmaker’, Made In the USA Sofubi (4.25)


After two days of teases, mphlabs has revealed and announced the Dealmaker American sofubi figure  by Andrew Bell. The 4” untrustworthy devil has his hands tucked neatly behind his back in order to conceal his true intentions.  Interestingly, his forward-facing appearance features a wicked flame while a peaceful lotus flower symbol floats on the back of his head.

While sofubi is traditionally cast in Japan, this figure is one of the first to be manufactured in the USA by Veracious Vinyl using the classic ‘slush molding’ technique. The debut edition which is cast in Smoke Clear vinyl and features Red deco will be released @ Sixxa in Vienna Austria on Thursday (4.25) from 5 to 7 PM with Andrew in the house to sign and draw for fans.  If you don’t happen to live in Vienna, myplasticheart will offer its allocation for online purchase on Thursday May 2nd @ 1 PM EDT for $35 (+ s/h).


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Apr 24, 2013

Yoskay Yamamoto x Mighty Jaxx Mystery Project


Mighty Jaxx never ceases to amaze with the number of art toy projects they’ve got in development.  The Singaporean brand recently teased a new figure project with Yoskay Yamamoto with a hint that the pictured piece is the master sculpt – more than likely hand-carved by Yoskay in wood.  Our bet is that this will be produced in resin, though a wood figure would be awesome.

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Lady Aiko x Tomenosuke – Pearl White Lady Butterfly (4.26)


Tomenosuke is about to release the fourth edition of Lady Aiko’s exquisite Lady Butterfly resin.  Limited to just ten pieces, the new edition features a white pearlescent finish with a clear butterfly mask. The Pearl Butterfly will be released directly from Tomenosuke for $550 (includes global shipping) on Friday (4.26) @ 7 PM PDT [Saturday (4.27) @ 11 AM JST].


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Buff Monster – Melty Misfits ‘Double Heather’ Cheap Toy + Metal Misfits(4.25)


As you know by now, Buff Monster loves anything and everything Garbage Pail Kids.  Lately, he’s combined his love of the classic sticker trading card series with his own art to create homage products.  First there were the Melty Misfits trading cards and now comes his homage to the Garbage Pail Kids’ Cheap Toys – ten 1 3/8” figures released in four colorways. 

Now, Buff is about to unleash his first Melty Misfits Cheap Toy based on the OG Double Heather toy.  Buff’s version of Double Heather twists the Siamese twin action by swapping the girls’ faces with that of his ice cream dude characters.  The new figure was sculpted by Mitch Martinez. Cast by Healeymade, the figures will be available in the four classic colors from Buff’s web shop on Thursday (4.25)  @ 11 AM EDT for $15 each (+ s/h) or $55 (+ s/h) for a set of all four.

Speaking of the Melty Misfits, Buff will also release his special subset in a pack, ‘Metal Misfits’, a collaboration with Lamour Supreme on Thursday as well.  Each of the eight regular cards features a stand-off between both artists’ characters.  Each pack features a complete set of the regular cards and a chance to score the rare 9th chase card.  The packs will be available for $5 each (+ s/h) on Thursday (4.25) @ 11 AM EDT directly from Buff Monster.


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