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Apr 14, 2013

Seen: Bartholomew Punchyface Release @ GR2


On a busy Saturday evening, Scott Tolleson and Luke Chueh released the standard edition of their Bartholomew Punchyface plush at Giant Robot 2.  Their new toy offers a lighthearted, all in good fun look at nerdiness. Produced by 3DRetro, Bartholomew offers a slightly melancholy face and his wedgie  in the back just might be the reason. 

After some gallery hopping earlier in the evening, I was fortunate enough to get to Gr2 take some shots of Luke, Scott and Bartholomew near the end.  In an interactive twist, fans were encouraged to doodle on Bartholomew fliers and then put their masterpieces on the wall.  Fans also either chose to wear or were  more fittingly victimized with different printed yellow ‘kick me’ style notes.  

In addition to the plush, GR2 also offered a two print set featuring one Bartholomew image each from Luke and Scott.   As you can see in the shots after the jump, Scott and Luke took turns doodling on some early test runs of the print with some humorous and cool results.   If you missed the release, both the plush ($40) and the prints ($50) are available from GR2.


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Dunny 2013 Leak


With each Dunny series, it’s just a question of when the designs will be leaked.  Dunny Addcits posted  this high-resolution image which they apparently found with some clever web sleuthing.   While Dunny Addicts posted the image with a disclaimer, we’re confident that this is the real deal.  2013 will feature designs from 14 artists including  Andrew Bell,
Nathan Jurevicius, Cris Rose, Jeremyville, DGPH, Jon Paul Kaiser, Julie West, Mishka, Okkle, Sergio Mancini, Scott Tolleson, Ardabus Rubber, Chairman Ting, and Scribe. In addition to the 14 designs shown above, there’s a mystery design (not shown) – and perhaps alternate colors as well.  So now that you’ve seen the lineup, what do you think ?

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Frank Kozik x BlackBook Toy – ‘A Clockwork Carrot’


We’ve got an exciting update for all you Kozik fans, as BlackBook Toy has announced a special Pre-Order for Kozik’s Clockwork Carrot sofubi figure, sculpted by T9G. The Clockwork Carrot figure stands 11.25” tall, with Pre-Orders going up HERE on Monday, April 15th. Overseas customers can also make orders through the given link with the Paypal button. The ACC figure will retail roughly $130 each!


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Nakanari – Spiki Wolfman & Doodle Foomi Release (04.19)


Nakanari will be releasing some goods this Friday, April 19th! Up for grabs will be Nakanari’s Spiki Wolfman AP set, which includes the Wolfman figure and a 9”x12” print. There will also be 5 custom doodled 4” Foomis available as well, featuring some of Nakanari’s signature characters. Be HERE on the 19th to grab your Nakanari goods!


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Junichi Tsuneoka - Toraji


Junichi Tsuneoka has another one of their figures up for grabs, dubbed Toraji. A bamboo figured inspired by the mighty tiger, one who fights against evil robots. This figure measures 3” tall and is available HERE for $60 each.


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