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Apr 08, 2013

Steff Bomb - Plush Pizza & Beer Anyone?

pizza my heart DSC_9468 

Plush Pizza and Beer anyone?! It’s been some time since we’ve seen a release from the lovely Steff Bomb, but she is back and kickin! This time with some delicious treats! “Have a Pizza My Heart” plush features some of your favorite toppings, cheese, tomato sauce, peponi and measures 9” x 9” of everything you want in a slice. It can be found HERE for $35 a slice. What goes best with Pizza? How about some “Party Time Beer”! This 4” x 3” Plush piece features a gocco printed label and tab for $15 each HERE.


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Colus x Gunnzo – “The Hunted” Dunny Release Party & Signing Event (04.13)


This Saturday, April 13th you will find Colus at Gunnzo for a release and signing event for his new 8” “The Hunted” Dunny with Kidrobot. The event will take place from 5-8PM, where there will be tacos, drinks, and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream provided! There will also be some Colus Brand T-shirts, as well as a Gunnzo exclusive Letterpressed print, which are signed and hand numbered (50 pieces) by Colus.

2445 Juan Street
San Diego, CA 92110

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Seen: Creature Feature @ TAG


On Saturday evening, Toy Art Gallery spoiled sofubi collectors with its five person ‘Creature Feature’ exhibition offering new works and four toy debuts from Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, Splurrt, Elegab, Kenth Toy Works, and Munktiki.   In addition to several small-run and one-off pieces , the show marked the release of Splurrt’s Evolved Beast Diggler, MvH’s Berserker Ollie, and two Toy Art Gallery produced figures – Nadsat Boy by Kenth Toy Works and Munktiki’s  Takoshi.  Here’s quick run-down of the highlights of the show.

Rich impressed with a strong mix of Ollies, Enmas, Six Eyed Ghouls and more.  Perhaps his most anticipated drop, the all-black, caped Berserker Ollie features the new  masked head and is a  preview release of sorts as it has the standard Ollie arms rather than the upcoming Berserker arms.   Always on the move, Rich also showed off the sculpt for the massive Toxigon figure which is slated for production by Toy Art Gallery.

Splurrt offered three or so shelves full of crowd pleasers including one-off Cadaver Kids, Usirs, and what I believe is the first painted run of the new Evolved Beast Diggler in sort of a ‘natural’ colorway.

TAG’s two new figures mark the first vinyl figures from both Munktiki who’s known for his gorgeous ceramic figures and Japanese artist Kenth Toy Works.  Munktiki’s debut Takoshi sofubi edition in dark green vinyl includes the removable squid head, and mini squid figure that come with the ceramic edition on which its based.   A fan of Clockwork Orange, Kenth Toy Works’ first vinyl, Nadsat Boy in white, is a larger, reworked version of his original resin figure.

By 9 PM or so the gallery was filled with red dots. A large number of the one-off, and small run pieces sold out before the night was over.  However, are a few pieces left including the Takoshi and Nadsat boy sofubi figures – check it all out on TAG’s web shop.   If you’re even mildly interested in sofubi, the show is definitely worth an in-person visit.


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Proto Monday >> Buff Monster’s Ice Scream Dude Sofubi


Happy Proto Monday. Today we’re bring you a 360 degree look (animated GIFs ftw!) at  the final sculpt for Buff Monster’s upcoming mini Ice Scream Dude (unofficial name) sofubi. Buff’s work  with NYC sculptor Kate Chilko to bring the lil’ dude to life began with his initial sketch.  This detailed 3” figure has gone through a few revisions to get the character just right and also to ensure smooth  production in Japan.   We’ll bring you more about Buff’s first self-produced sofubi as we get closer to the anticipated Summer release.


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