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Apr 05, 2013

Vinyl Riot x Dudebox – Three Exclusive DIY Platforms


Vinyl Riot has worked with the folks at Dudebox to exclusively release DIY editions of three of the UK brand’s medium sized figures – Scratch (pig-like creature), Ted (teenager style character, originally was a ‘ted’dy bear) and Hau (tank-head character).  The figures stand between 7” and 8” tall and each is available for a rather reasonable $20 over at vinylriot.com.

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Toy+Life’s C2E2 Exclusives (4.26 – 4.28)

toy_life_critters toy_life_hustle toylife_11x14 toy_life_quackula

Toy+Life will be offering several exclusive resin and rubber figures and a print at C2E2 in Chicago (4.26 – 4.28) at booth 954.  From the Disarticulators comes the H.U.S.T.L.E. Glow edition  minis (10 pcs, $18) as well as Zectron’s ‘Critter inspired’ Deep Dish edition mini (6 pcs, $18).  From David Healey, there’s the exotic Ecto Lake Quackula (7 pcs, $60) in a sweet emerald green.  Finally, there’s the ‘Mistress of the Universe’ print from ThickBlackOutLine (edition of 100, $10).

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Amanda Visell’s Voltron Print


Amanda Visell just released a Voltron print.  The image features the awesome  Lion version of the giant robo hero with various doodles depicting warriors and weapons from a much simpler age lurking in the margins and on Voltron as well.  This print project grew out of Amanda’s Voltron wood idol which was seen by the powers behind Voltron.  The 16 x 20” print is limited to 100 signed and numbered pieces and is available now for $100 (+s/h) via Amanda’s web shop.  Stay tuned, it sounds like  this is just the beginning of Amanda’s journey with Voltron.

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Gary Ham x Sucklord – Super Suckset Vinyl Toy Release @ BAIT (04.20)


Thanks to the help from 3DRetro and BAIT, Gary Ham’s once one off wood Sucklord figure will soon be available in vinyl! Introducing the Super Suckset vinyl figures! Available in two versions, which are limited to 210 each. How exciting is this! BAIT will be holding a release event on Saturday, April 20th, where both Gary Ham and the Sucklord will be in attendance! Could we perhaps be awaiting the Kozik version as well? *Crosses Fingers*!

Super Suckset Vinyl Toy Release / Signing
Saturday April 20th (4:20 – 9:20 PM)

2753 Diamond Bar Bld. Suite B
Diamond Bar, CA 91765



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