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Apr 04, 2013

Cometdebris – Ace Robo


What does Cometdebris have under his sleeves? A brand new sofubi figure that is! Keeping to the classic vintage style, Cometdebris has created Ace Robo! He plans on having this figure up and ready for Super Fest 62! Stay tuned for more photos and information as the event gets closer.

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Dolly Oblong – Billy Brains for ToyCon UK


Dolly Oblong, along with the Muffinman, will be unleashing their Billy Brains resin figures for ToyCon UK as well as an online release for those unable to attend. Billy Brains is limited to 20 pieces and stands 3” tall and will retail £35 each. This guy is too cute to pass up!

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TADO for ToyCon UK!


TADO will most definitely have their presence felt at Toycon UK with the slew of awesome goods that will be available at their booth. Some things you can all be looking forward to would have to be their new resin figures, The Hermazinger and Miss Panda Super Idol. Not to mention their laser etched wood keychains that feature 6 different designs at £5 each. In need of something to cuddle or rest your head on after a long day at ToyCon UK? TADO will have their hand made cushions that will range from £10 - £25 depending on size. In need of more things to add to your shelves? Check out the painted (£120) and unpainted editions of Panda Otaku, who is armed to the teeth with cameras. He stands 6.5” tall and even comes with a ‘Hobbyshop Astro’ bag and miniature ‘gentlemans comic’. The packaging for this figure is even good enough to go on your shelf! There will be a limited number available at ToyCon, as well as a pre-order for those not able to attend HERE after the convention. More pics after the jump!


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Angry Woebots x Flabslab – Chewballer Bust


Singapore’s Flabslab has made a name for itself by producing unique, pop influenced art sculptures.  Their ‘Chewballer’ bust from Angry Woebots blends everyone’s favorite Wookie with a laid-back urban vibe.  Based on an original drawing from Woebots, the sculpt is quite detailed and in a humorous touch features an AoS (Army of Snipers) cap.   These photos are from Flabslab’s ‘Making Of’ album so we’re not sure if this is the final sculpt, but it definitely looks close. No release info as of  yet. 


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Chima Group x The Hang Gang ToyCon UK Exclusives


Just when we thought they were through with ToyCon UK exclusives, The Hang Gang has just announced two more from Chima Group. Available will be Amedas (£20) and Wool (£26), which are cast in a white vinyl with pink and teal sprays. There will only be 9 of each figure up for grabs, so head to their booth quickly!

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Blobpus x Paul Kaiju – Mockbat Raffle (04.07)


Blobpus has gotten his hands on yet another one of Paul Kaiju’s figures. He’s already held his own lottery over in Japan, but for the US collectors, Paul will be taking over those reigns. On Sunday, April 7th at 12PM PST, the online form for the raffle will be available online. The raffle will only be up for 24 hours with winners being notified 2-3 days after. The Blobpus Mockbats will run you $150 each! Good luck everyone!

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Scott Tolleson x Luke Chueh x 3DRetro – Bartholomew Punchyface Release (4.13)


The wait is almost over. 3DRetro will launch Scott Tolleson and Luke Chueh’s Bartholomew Punchyface OG edition plush on Friday, April 13th @ Giant Robot 2.  The adorable yet sad and vulnerable nerd bear nicely represents both artists’ aesthetics.   Scott and Luke will also be releasing a 2-print set based on their Bartholomew paintings.   Pricing is still yet to be determined, but the bear should go for about 40 and the print set should be in the $50 - $60 range.  Drop by the release to pick up the plush to rescue him from would-be bullies or if you have a twisted side, to bully him yourself.

Scott Tolleson & Luke Chueh || Bartholomew Punchyface Plush Release
Saturday, April 13th 2013 (5-8 PM)

Giant Robot
2062 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025



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Ron English – Mono Temper Toy (4.5)


First there was the OG ‘hulk’ edition and then the pink edition.  Now Ron English is about to release an exclusive monochrome version of his new Temper Tot vinyl.   Limited to 100 pieces, each mono Temper Tot will be signed by Ron himself.  They will be released on Friday (4.5) @ Noon EDT for $85 via popaganda.com  as the latest drop in Popaganda’s  ‘First Friday Art Toy’ series of releases.


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Preview: Creature Feature @ Toy Art Gallery (4.6)


With Saturday’s opening of Creature Feature’,  Toy Art Gallery will present the latest toy creations of five talented artists – Mutant Vinyl Hardcore (Lash), Elegab, Splurrt, Kenth Toy Works, Munktiki.   Anticipated by sofubi fans, this show will feature the release of several new figures including MvH’s Berserker Ollie (head sculpt revealed at NYCC), Splurrt’s Evolved Diggler, and two TAG-produced toys – the clockwork orange inspired Nadsat Boy from Kenth Toy Works and a figure from Munktiki. 

With small runs for many of the figures, especially hand-painted editons, Toy Art Gallery will handle sales via lottery. Lottery tickets will be handed out from Noon on Friday (4.5) through 6 PM on Saturday. If you’re a collector of at least one (or more) of the featured artists, this one is a no-brainer if you can make it – but then, you already know that!


Creature Feature
Opening: Saturday, April 5th 2013 (7 – 10 PM)

Toy Art Gallery
737 Seward St. #1
Los Angeles, CA 90038
877.910.toys (8697)


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