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Apr 01, 2013

Lunartik for ToyCon UK


Lunartik has come up with a couple exclusives for his booth at ToyCon UK. First up is the Mini Lunartik in a cup of Tea “Royal Tea” edition, which is limited to 200 pieces and all come signed and numbered for £15 each.


Second is the Royal Fail resin figures. Featuring the Pink and Turquoise colors, these will be limited to 25 pieces. They stand 2.5” tall and are also signed and numbered for £30 each.

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Kuso @ WonderCon


For the second year in a row, Kuso made the trip down from SF to Anaheim for WonderCon.  On the Kuso Vinyl side of things, they featured the new golden version of their Luckitty mini-pon from Rotobox, gorgeous electroplated Chrome and Metallic Gold Mictlans from Jesse Hernandez, sweet Fahrenheit customs from Fuller. KusoPop  showcased their new merch including laser-cut keychains, new bamboo iPhone cases, wood pendants, and new Tees.


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Colus x Kidrobot – The Hunted 8” Dunny (04.11)


Kidrobot has teamed up with South African artist Colus to produce their latest 8” Dunny. This new take on the Dunny features printed horns on the ears with a sculpted wood grain trophy plaque around the neck, dubbed “The Hunted”. They will be limited to 1250 pieces worldwide and will be available on Thursday, April 11th through all Kidrobot Stores, KR Online, and select retailers for $75 each.

The springbuck. Nimble protectors over the southern plains of Africa. Once revered, they struck fear in the eyes of enemies big and small. Springbucks kept peace in the land for many generations until they were declared “traitors of the plains” by the new king. A bounty was set for their heads, and so the legendary tale of survival began. They were now trophies, they were now… The Hunted.


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Seen: G.I. Joe Mini-Fig Release and Art Show @ BAIT



Two Saturdays ago, The Loyal Subjects and BAIT collaborated on a G.I. Joe event featuring the release of the new G.I. Joe minis from TLS and an art show offering visions bold, cute, and sexy.  If you grew up on the cartoon, this is the event for you – celebrating all things Joe – toys and art.

The new toy series features a total of eleven designs including three chases – hooded cobra commanders, black hooded cobra commander, red ninja. While the minis have a designer toy body style they also come with detailed weapons and other accessories – a nice mix.   The designer of the mini-fig series, Les Schettkoe was on-hand to sign the toys for collectors.

The art show featured original art and prints from a large group of artists including Jerome Lu, Tracy Tubera, Maxx242, Gregory Siff, Kwestone, and more.  Some of the highlight pieces include Les Schettkoe’s Cobra Trooper spraying graffiti over the Joes’ logo,  sexy visions of the baroness by Maxx242 and  Menso and  Tracy Tubera’s stylized Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes complete with oversized kicks.  Mixed in with the art, BAIT also showcased their G.I. Joe toy collection from the original Hasbro action figures to hyper-realistic 1:6 scale figures.

If you’re out near Bait’s flagship store in Diamond Bar, drop by and check out the art and the new G.I. Joe figures from The Loyal Subjects.


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