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Feb 26, 2013

Seen: Luke Rook – Grody to the Max


On Saturday evening, Giant Robot presented the opening reception for ‘Grody to the Max’, a custom sofubi toy show featuring eclectic mashups from Luke Rook (Grody Shogun). While Luke wasn’t in attendance, he created a large amount of work for the show out of his own toy parts and that of Velocitron, Skinner and Blobpus. He also offered collectors the chance to experience mashing together various components to make a unique toy with his mixed parts bags ($25). 

In reading Luke’s show statement, he mentions ‘shippai’ boxes – filled with mistakes or literally ‘failures’. It’s a fun term to know and sheds light on the fact that artists apparently keep their mismatched parts. His statement talks about valuing these odds and ends for the possibilities they embody.  For many collectors,  Luke has made the most from his and others’ shippai.

If you missed the opening, Giant Robot has put up the available pieces in their online store for your browsing pleasure.

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