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Feb 28, 2013

Mishka x L’amour Supreme x BlackBook Toy – Keep Watch “OG” Edition


BlackBook Toy is happy to announce the release of the Original Edition of the Keep Watch Piggy Bank with Mishka and L’amour Supreme. This third Keep Watch release will be available at the 3rd Anniversary of the Mishka Store in Tokyo on March 9th. Online sales for this piece will go up on March 11th JPN Time HERE during that time. For international inquiries, send an email to info[at]blackbooktoy[dot]com containing your name, shipping address, and phone number. They will retail $80 each.


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64 Colors – Toasted Mini Marshall


Am I the only one who loves those mini marshmallows that come with your hot cocoa? What’s better than mini marshmallows? Toasted mini marshmallows! Introducing the Toasted Mini Marshalls from 64Colors. Standing 2” Tall, these pint sized mallow’s will be available on Tuesday, March 5th at 11AM CST through Rotofugi HERE. They are an open edition and will retail $9.95 each. Be sure to nab your own Original Sized Marshall HERE if you didn’t already!


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Feb 27, 2013

Huck Gee— Post Apocalypse A/P Sets (2.28)


Huck Gee will release his Post Apocalypse A/P sets on Thursday (2.28).  Limited to 25 sets, each set will include all thirteen figures (numbered and signed), plus the series case, also signed and numbered.  Huck’s A/P sets drop @ Noon PST on 2.28 for $650/each via his web shop.


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POPaganda Exclusive Pink Temper Tot by Ron English (2.28)


Part homage to the Incredible Hulk and part social commentary on the sometimes seemingly invincible power of an unhappy child, Temper Tot – Ron English’s latest art toy is the latest in a string of powerful pop culture appropriations.  Hot on the heels of the OG green/purple version, comes Ron’s POPaganda exclusive Temper Tot in Pink/Turqoise.  Limited to 100 signed pieces, the pink edition drops on Friday March 1st @ Noon EST from the POPaganda web shop.


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Emilio Garcia x K.Olin tribu – Skull Brain in Porcelain


Emilio Garcia’s Jumping Brain started life as a resin and quickly spawned other forms including several vinyl releases. Garcia debuted the next step in his  brain evolution, the Skull Brain, late last year during Art Basel Miami – one of the world’s premier art events.  So it’s fitting that K.Olin tribu has worked with Garcia to release the Skull Brain in high quality limoges porcelain.

Limited to 100 pieces, the porcelain skull brain (~ 6.3 x 4.7 x 4.7”)  will be available for pre-order on Thursday February 28th 2013 from K.Olin tribu’s online store for 200 euros (~ $263) each.



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Feb 26, 2013

Joe Ledbetter – Mr. Bunny’s Photolab

Joe Ledbetter has recently come out with his very own Photo app! Working alongside Rombee Games, they’ve developed a new app for your iPhones or iPads to add a fun Jled twist to your pics. Mr. Bunny’s Photo lab features over 220 of your favorite Joe Ledbetter characters, artwork, accessories, headwear, disguises, and symbols. You can find the Mr. Bunny’s Photolab app available HERE for $1.99. Also check out the Mr. Bunny’s Photolab Community Facebook for photo contests and product updates. 


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Cris Rose - Maintenance Sprogs Mk2s Release (02.27)

Renold Mk2, Renold Mk1 and Runcible Mk2 - Copper editions over the years

Cris Rose is out to release his latest run of his Maintenance Sprogs Mk2s, this time in his classic copper colorway. They will be available on Wednesday, February 27th at 18:00 London Time on his Online Store HERE. They are limited to only 5 pieces each and will retail $65. Check out more photos after the jump!


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Seen: Luke Rook – Grody to the Max


On Saturday evening, Giant Robot presented the opening reception for ‘Grody to the Max’, a custom sofubi toy show featuring eclectic mashups from Luke Rook (Grody Shogun). While Luke wasn’t in attendance, he created a large amount of work for the show out of his own toy parts and that of Velocitron, Skinner and Blobpus. He also offered collectors the chance to experience mashing together various components to make a unique toy with his mixed parts bags ($25). 

In reading Luke’s show statement, he mentions ‘shippai’ boxes – filled with mistakes or literally ‘failures’. It’s a fun term to know and sheds light on the fact that artists apparently keep their mismatched parts. His statement talks about valuing these odds and ends for the possibilities they embody.  For many collectors,  Luke has made the most from his and others’ shippai.

If you missed the opening, Giant Robot has put up the available pieces in their online store for your browsing pleasure.


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Preview: Tokyoplastic x Emilio Garcia – ARThropod Brain (3.9)


It’s been a few weeks since we first posted about the collaborative ARThropod Brain show (3.9) @ Toy Art Gallery which fuses the talents of Tokyoplastic and Emilio Garcia. During that time, tokyoplastic has been generously posting previews of their in-progress efforts to fuse their love of insects and taxidermy with Emilio’s brain aesthetic.  As you can see in the preview pics, they’ve done an amazing job melding the two worlds in a completely, convincing, coherent, clever, and yes creepy manner.  

It looks like the show will feature both the 3D sculptures (presumably in resin) as well as prints of select pieces. Additionally, Emilio will present his Skull Brain for the first time on the West Coast.  So mark your calendar for the 9th and come on out and enjoy cerebral insects.

Tokyoplastic x Emilio Garcia || ARThropod Brain
Opening: Saturday March 9th 2013 (7-10 PM)

Toy Art Gallery
737 Seward St. #1
Los Angeles, CA 90038
877.910.toys (8697)



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Drilone’s Pink Blindbagged Micro Drones (2.27)


DrilOne’s Blind-bagged Micro Drone resins in assorted colors done for his recent Empty World solo sold quickly.  Now he’s about to drop a new unpainted pink blind-bagged edition of his post apocalyptic minis. Since these are blind-bagged, we don’t know exactly what to expect. However, from early WIP pics we do know that there are pink opaque bodies + a few violet GID ones as well.   These drop on Wednesday (2.27) @ 11 AM PST from his online shop for $16 each / limit 2 per collector.  After the jump we’ve got a few more images + a shot of the Micro Drones from Empty World just to give you a better feel for the figure’s shape/design.


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Buff Monster x 3DRetro – Boob Ball Gray Edition


3DRetro has released (or is that unleashed) Buff Monster’s Boob Ball Gray Edition. Limited to  this mono-ish edition [4”, 120 pcs, $35] features an abstract ‘face’ – a bit ink-blotish.  Dig the effort to  mix-up the deco here rather than sticking with the industry standard formula of  color-swaps we’re so accustomed to.


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Chris Ryniak x T+CP – Pickled Ginger (3.6)


While I actually don’t care much for Ginger in my food, Chris Ryniak’s upcoming Pickled Ginger (120 pcs) sofubi from Tomenosuke + Circus Posterus is quite tasty.  The second edition of this figure and the first painted edition appears to feature black and pinkish sprays over a translucent pink base vinyl. 

She will be released first during Chris and Amanda Louise Spayd’s Migration opening at the Stranger Factory on Friday (6-9) for $89, in-store only.  Remaining figures from Circus Posterus’s stock [60 pcs] will be released via their online shop on March 6th @ Noon PST for North American collectors.  Tomenosuke will then release it’s 60 pieces for collectors outside of North America on Thursday (3.7) @ Noon JST from their web shop.

[via Circus Posterus]


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Preview of Ferg’s GERM s004 [BYO] Retail SQUADT


Hot on the heels (literally) of GERM s003 [NUUK], here’s a look at the inbound retail edition – GERM s004 [BYO] SQUADT.  Rocking the orange biohazard suit and sporting the LED eyes, this one’s ready for whatever nasty comes its way.

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Frank Kozik x BlackBook Toy -- ‘A Clockwork Carrot’ Test Pull


Frank Kozik’s Kubrick-inspired rabbit sofubi, ‘A Clockwork Carrot’, is getting closer and closer to production in Japan from BlackBook Toy.  Today both Frank and Blackbook Toy sent out tasty pics of an unpainted white test pull of the large  figure which was sculpted by none other than the extremely talented T9G.  Very nice.  The  bad ass yet humorous figure continues Frank’s love for the cult film.  We’ll be sure to update you on release info.


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Jesse Hernandez Upgrades his Subscriptions


Jesse Hernandez has sweetened the pot on his current 2012/2013 season subscriptions. In addition to all the toys/merch mentioned in the original announcement, he’s also added an as-yet unrevealed Jaguar Knight ‘secret’ colorway.  Plus, he’s also about to hold a raffle for subscribers with four sweet prizes – a unique Bandito Muerto custom and three pairs of Jesse’s Sol Republic Apocalypse Headphones.  It’s still not too late to get in on the subscription – there are 3 slots left for $3000 each.  If you are quick you can get in on the raffle as well.  Check the original announcement for all the specifics.


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Reactor-88’s Custom Corner -- WuzOne

main-dunny con logo

Welcome to Reactor-88's Custom Corner. For February, we're highlighting WuzOne. WuzOne (who's real name is Jose) is from Seville, Spain, where he's a practicing psychologist and avid basketball player. Jose became aware of art toys back in his graffiti days, but didn't start painting them until 2008. Since then Jose has painted and sold more than 400 custom toys. He's also appeared in many gallery shows across the globe and of course had work showcased at our favorite toy mecca- San Diego Comic-Con. Jose is inspired by typography, Arabic calligraphy, music and cartoons. Speaking of cartoons, WuzOne is probably best known for his pop-culture customs, but it seems more and more he's developing his own very interesting style. On the surface they appear to be monster-ish figures with eyeballs as a recurring theme, but beyond that the colors, abstractness, and complexity really make the pieces. I think his three most recent pieces are probably my favorites, as he continues to push his work in new directions. If you'd like to see more of WuzOne's work, head over to his Flickr or Behance page. Of course he can also be found on Facebook and has an online store presence as well. Lastly for commission inquiries, he can be reached via email.


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Grody Shogun x Ferg – Young Gohst ‘Cap Gun’ Edition


Heads up, all Young Gohst fans.  The brand new ‘Cap Gun’ edition of the Grody Shogun and Ferg collaborative mini (3”) will soon be available at retailers around the globe.  If you played with cap guns as a kind, you’ll recognize the flat black and bright orange color combo on this new edition.  These come with a black cap accessory (heh, nice ‘pun’ny touch) and as with all Young Gohsts – a random brain sculpt. Sorry, cap gun is not included.  Look for these shortly for $35 each.


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Otto Björnik -- Kwadro Kwin: Royal Couples (2.28)


Over the past few months, we’ve posted about Otto Björnik’s ongoing Kwadro Kwin project.  From the very first beautiful  images he sent, we’ve been asking for release info.  So we’re happy to pass on the word that the first drops for the ‘Royal Couples’ – matching 3” King and Queen Dunnys of a particular suit ($225) , will occur on February 28th.   Otto’s created 5 couples per suit (20 total sets) – Hearts, Clubs, Spades and Diamonds as seen above.

Since he’s received heavy interest in this series, Otto will offer these lottery style.  If you’d like to have a chance to purchase ($225/couple) drop him an email, ottobjornik[at]gmail[dot]com, by February 28th @ 11 PM PST with the Suit you prefer and also a second choice. Also, there’s one reserved complete set (all four couples) available as well.

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New Dust figures @ ToyCon UK (4.6)


Dust will release two new resin figure series @ ToyCon UK (4.6) in conjunction with Creo Design who handled production.   First up is the return of his classic RAS mech soliders.  RAS2013 (in black and white editions, shown above) will be sold as a 2-pack with the sturdy 7.5 cm RAS trooper and a smaller, trusty medic.   In addition to the RAS figures, Dust will also drop the new 7.5 cm AlterEGO_ghost (black & white editions). Finally, check the jump for an in-progress shot of Dust’s new custom featuring the new RAS2013 on a busy battlefield complete with troops in action.


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Feb 25, 2013

KAWS Companion: Resting Place (Black) @ KAWSONE (2.26)


It’s a busy, fun time to be a KAWS collector with several high-profile releases stacked closely together.  Just on the heels of the release of the Grey edition of the Companion: Resting Place figure comes the drop of the Black edition via KAWSONE on Tuesday (2.26) @ Noon EST (9 AM PST).  Best of luck!

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Mr. Clement’s Petit Lapin Odyssey


Mr. Clement has been posting space-themed teasers for his upcoming Petit Lapin Odyssey for a little while now. Today, he revealed a partial look at one of the four colors of the upcoming figure.  From the shot it looks like Petit Lapin Odyssey is based on the 2012 Please Forget Me vinyl figures with special hand-sprayed  cosmic paint applications by the artist himself.  Maybe he’ll also add some astronaut gear… if only we could see more… Moving from speculation to official info, Odyssey will be limited to 30 pieces in 4 colorways.  Look for these to be released sometime this week.


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Touma x Bandai – Upcoming Mao Cat Gashapon Project


Touma is working with mega toy company Bandai on a series of capsule toys (Gashapon) featuring his popular Mao Cat figure.  The new project should dramatically increase Mao Cat’s exposure with kids (and adults) who enjoy collecting affordable capsule toys – these will apparently be 200 yen/piece (~ $2.17) .  While Touma has worked with Bandai before – mostly recently on the Power Ranger figures, we believe this is the first time the toy brand has released one of his original characters.  Congratulations to Touma on this big project and here’s to hoping these somehow make it stateside.

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Brandt Peters' Mini GID Greeter Skelve Available @ Cardboard Spaceship

If you are on the hunt for the 5" Mini GID Greeter Skelve by Brandt Peters, you're in luck. While Circus Posterus quickly sold through of their stock, Cardboard Spaceship still has a few left (ed. of 120). This sweet figure is a larger resin preview of sorts of the Greeter vinyl mini which will be a part of Cardboard Spaceship's Wandering Misfits' mini series featuring designs from both Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters. Digitally sculpted by Shinbone Creative, The Mini GID Greeter Skelve (glows blue) is available for $65 over at Cardboard Spaceship. Get it while you can.



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Feb 22, 2013

Infinite Rabbits’ Latest Customs


Infinite Rabbits has been keeping quite busy recently churning out several excellent customs.  Here’s a look at three pieces done as commissions/gifts.  Up above is his surreal Treehed based on a So What mini-fig (remember those?) – featuring custom sculpting and  a nice paint style apparently  utilizing a mix of brush techniques. That same painting style can be seen on his CHKBOT, a custom Chuck Boy 3” Dunny and his wild in-progress  ‘Bruiser’ Tequila custom (after the jump).  Really nice work.  Be sure to check out Infinite Rabbits’ facebook and online store.


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Scott Kinnebrew – Our Lady of Immaculate Rebellion (2.24)


As part of their ongoing Super Series Sunday weekly releases, Tenacious Toys will release Scott Kinnebrew’s (Forces of Dorkness) ‘Our Lady of Immaculate Rebellion’ – a holy x pop culture crossover that the artist refers to more simply as ‘Leia’.  The wall-mountable idols (5” x 3”) feature Leia standing on an organically rendered Rebel Alliance logo.

Rather than going with one colorway, Scott has made each piece unique (15 pcs) with its own color combination.  Our Lady of Immaculate Rebellion will be released  on Sunday (2.24) @ 3 PM EST from Tenacious Toys for $30/blind bag.


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