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Feb 06, 2013

COARSE – "souls gone mad – chapter one: fever and the omens” (02.14)



COARSE Toys will soon be releasing their brand  figure, which was last seen at their ā€œsouls gone madā€ exhibit at Rotofugi this passed November. Fever and the omens (three owls) have been turned into vinyl and made ready for your collections.

Fever used to sleep peacefully, but omens have begun to roam his dreamscape playing with their golden dice and spinning their heads each time they win. While two of the omens, Nightfall and Daybreak, try relentlessly to carry him to their safe nests, Insomnia looms near, attempting to feed Fever nightmares from his beak. Night after night, Fever tries desperately to flee from the omens, but if he cannot get away, he can only hope it is the talons of Nightfall and Daybreak that grasp him.

There will be three editions available for purchase. For $74, you will receive one omen. For $178 you will get a Fever, an omen, and a golden die. For the most priciest package and IMHO the most bang for you buck, you will receive a complete set with Fever in pajama pants, three omens, six golden ā€œc-o-a-r-s-eā€ dice, and three exclusive prints. They will be available through Coarselife on Thursday, February 14th at 7:59AM PST.

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