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Feb 06, 2013

tokidoki Phonezies


For those of you that want to add more personality to your cell-phones, tokidoki’s Phonezies might be just the thing if you dig kawaii. The new line features a dozen .75” PVC characters that plug into a standard headphone jack.  The selection includes old-school characters such as Adios, Sandy, Mozarella as well as characters from the newer Royal Pride and Unicornos lines.  These are sold blind for $3.95 each from tokidoki.it and select retailers.

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Bait x Street Fighter Event (2.9)


Chances are you spent countless hours in the arcade mesmerized by the unparalleled game play of Street Fighter II.  If you just couldn’t get enough of Ryu, Chun-Li, Blanka, Honda and more you’ll want to check out this Saturday’s Street Fighter Event @ BAIT in Diamond Bar. 

The event will feature an art exhibition with original work from Ron English, Kwestone, Kidokyo and Jerome Lu, the introduction of the Ron English x Street Fighter apparel collection, an appearance by Street Fighter game producer Ono-San all the way from Japan,  a SF tourney featuring the top SoCal players competing for prizes (12 –5), and a pop-up shop featuring the new BAIT x Street Fighter gear as well as previews of upcoming SF merch. 

So if you dig Street Fighter and live in Southern California, BAIT’s the place to be this Saturday. Hit the jump for a look at Jerome’s sketch of his show piece which features a monkey-ized Ryu.

BAIT x Street Fighter Event
Saturday February 9th (12 – 9 PM)

2753 S Diamond Bar Blvd 
Diamond Bar, CA 91765



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TOKYO X CREATIVES – UAMOU Documentary Indiegogo Campaign

Tokyo X Creatives wants to bring you on an inside look at some of the Tokyo’s latest and greatest in the design world. There first episode would be following Ayako Takagi, the artist behind Uamou. They’ve captured hours of footage, which needs editing, sound mixing, color correction, translations, and time, to create a 20 minute documentary. To produce and fully captivate all the happenings in the world of Uamou, including turning her passion into a family business, they are in need of your help. That’s why they’ve created an Indiegogo campaign in hopes to raise 1.000€ ($1350). There are a number of contribution levels to choose from, ranging from 1€ to 1,000€, each with different perks. So if you want to see this documentary made, please send a contribution to this campaign!


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Cure x James Groman – Kinkeshi Edition Brain Bug Boogie Man Release (02.15) **UPDATE**


Cure Toys has teamed up with James Groman in creating the latest Boogie Man, introducing the Brain Bug Boogie! The Kinkeshi edition will be available in a flesh vinyl and will be up for grabs as a made to order, open run edition through Lulubell Toy Bodega. The sale will begin on Friday, February 15th at 12PM PST for only  a 24 Hour Period. They will retail $95each and there will be no minimums of this grotesque looking bug.

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COARSE – "souls gone mad – chapter one: fever and the omens” (02.14)



COARSE Toys will soon be releasing their brand  figure, which was last seen at their “souls gone mad” exhibit at Rotofugi this passed November. Fever and the omens (three owls) have been turned into vinyl and made ready for your collections.

Fever used to sleep peacefully, but omens have begun to roam his dreamscape playing with their golden dice and spinning their heads each time they win. While two of the omens, Nightfall and Daybreak, try relentlessly to carry him to their safe nests, Insomnia looms near, attempting to feed Fever nightmares from his beak. Night after night, Fever tries desperately to flee from the omens, but if he cannot get away, he can only hope it is the talons of Nightfall and Daybreak that grasp him.

There will be three editions available for purchase. For $74, you will receive one omen. For $178 you will get a Fever, an omen, and a golden die. For the most priciest package and IMHO the most bang for you buck, you will receive a complete set with Fever in pajama pants, three omens, six golden “c-o-a-r-s-e” dice, and three exclusive prints. They will be available through Coarselife on Thursday, February 14th at 7:59AM PST.


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