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Feb 05, 2013

Joshua Herbolsheimer x S7 – Off Road Casket Cruiser (2.21)


Super7 is lining up this month’s drops.  Two weeks after the Valentine’s Day Frederick, comes a toy with a very different vibe – Joshua Herbolsheimer’s Off-Road Casket Cruiser. Who knew Rose Vampire loved to tear up the back roads?  This one is cast in neon green vinyl with brown splatters and blue, yellow and red sprays. Rose vampire features metallic green leaves, and metallic blue sprays on his cape and bow tie. 

The Off-Road Casket Cruiser drops on Thursday, February 21st for $65 over @ Super7store.com.

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KusoPop x Zephyr – Freddy Kreupon vs. Pon the 13th Snapback

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KusoPop has collaborated with Zephyr on a new snapback perfect for all those who grew up on slasher films.  Freddy Kreupon vs Pon the 13th pays homage to Freddy and Jason, perhaps the most iconic celluoid serial killers ever.  Limited to 70 pieces, this cap features all embroidered deco.  It’s available now from the KusoPop shop for $35.


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Bwana Spoons x S7 -- Valentine’s Day Frederick (2.7)


Super7 will release the Valentine’s Day Frederick by Bwana Spoons just in time for that special day you either look forward to or loathe.  The four inch figure is cast in light pink with pink and white gradiated sprays.  The new Frederick drops on Thursday (2.7) from Super7store.com for $35 each.

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Emilio Garcia x Tokyoplastic --Arthropod Brain (3.13)

Whoa. Emilio Garcia just sent out this teaser of the Arthropod Brain, a collaborative piece done with Tokyoplastic, best known for their Geisha figures. This is Emilio's Jumping Brain evolved into something much more sinister. It's part of their long-evolving joint show in March (3.9) at Toy Art Gallery which focuses on insect variations of Emilio's brain as animal concept.


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