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Feb 04, 2013

Cometdebris – February Release (02.09)


Cometdebris has some special releases taking place this Saturday, February 9th at 8PM PST. There will be a total of three figures available, the first being a One-Off Custom Chocolate Kappan Shonen ($125) figure. This edition looks almost as edible as chocolate, with the various shades of brown spray on clear brown glitter vinyl. Next up is the Tokoichi Seiju ($90) from Gargamel x Cometdebris, this edition features various sprays on a clear pink vinyl. Last but not least is the Valentine Kappa Shonen ($80), limited to 10 pieces, this figure comes signed and numbered on a glitter vinyl with pink, red, and light yellow paint.


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Bigfoot x DragatomI – “Himalaya” Edition Forest Warlord (02.06)


Dragatomi is proud to bring you their exclusive edition of the Forest Warlord figure with Bigfoot. The Himalaya edition is set to release on Wednesday, February 6th at Noon PST through Dragatomi. This icy blue edition also features a 4” resin ice club accessory, done up by Chauskoskis. Grab them when the time comes for $95 each.


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Angry Woebots x Silent Stage x Pow Wow – Exclusive Severed Panda King Bonehead


Looky what we have here! Another run of the Angry Woebots x Silent Stage Severed Panda King Bonehead resin figure. This limited edition run will be exclusive to Pow Wow Hawaii. It will also include this very nice looking wooden lock box with Aaron’s signature panda laser etched onto the top. How rad is that! Stay tuned for official release details!

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Seen: Pseudomorphism @ TAG


Toy Art Gallery presented Pseudomorphism on Saturday evening featuring the work of Blobpus, Paul Kaiju, Hanawa and Yamomark.  The show featured numerous hand-painted customs (beautiful work), and several excellent toy releases. 

TAG released their collaborative Vertebrata figure from Blobpus and Paul Kaiju in two unpainted editions – light green and light pink.  The gallery also debuted its newest lifesize figure – Blobpus’s iconic octopus style monster. This oversize version features cutaways (stomach and brain) revealing the beast’s inner workings.   As with PK’s large Boss Carrion, the Blobpus is articulated and features a beautiful paint job. New limited-editions of Pollen Kaiser (candy apple green) and Luftkaiser rounded out the show’s numerous drops.

Sofubi fans turned out for the show early to grab a ticket and then waited patiently for their randomly chosen number to be called so they could make their selections.  Things went smoothly with many picking up the new production Vertebratas as well as their favorite hand-painted pieces.  Many stayed to chat with both Kaji San (blobpus) and Paul.

While these shots give you a nice overview of the show, be sure to hit up our facebook album featuring Kris’s detailed shots of seemingly every custom in the show – beautifully executed work with considerable variety.

If you’re a  sofubi fan in the area and somehow missed the opening, it’s more than worth a visit.


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Kovas Music Video featuring Buff Monster

Buff Monster and his art are featured throughout Kovas’ ‘Ice Cream’ music video (not strictly work-safe).  A perfect choice given his fascination with the frozen stuff, the video features  a time-lapse of the pink one working on a wall mural as well as lightly animated backgrounds filled with his characters.  This is the first time Buff’s work has been animated.   Directed by Jessica DiCicco, the video also features Jesse Heiman, the ‘geek’ in Go Daddy’s Superbowl ad that’s causing waves.  The video is humorous, a bit raunchy and totally over-the-top. If you’re a Buff Monster fan, it’s definitely worth the watch.

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BAIT’s Exclusive Marvel Statues from MINDstyle

002-BAIT x Marvel 1 001-BAIT x Asics

First shown during SDCC, BAIT has recently released their exclusive Marvel statues (MINDstyle).  The exclusive series feature five iconic characters including the Incredible Hulk, Captain, America, Wolverine, Deadpool and Spider-Man.  Each statue features the character in a ‘doomsday’ pose, attached to a debris filled hexagonal pose (ideal for displaying multiple pieces together in various arrangements).   Standing 6 to 8 inches, the statues are available individually for $99.99 each or $399.99 for a complete set from baitme.com.

For those looking to mix their collectibles and kicks, the five previously released BAIT x ASICS ‘Rings’ shoes (after the Olympic Rings colors) match nicely with the new statues. So much so that BAIT is also offering Rings Packs ($179.99) featuring color-coordinated pairings of statues and shoes.


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