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Feb 01, 2013

KAWS – Mono Grey & Black Resting Place Release (02.23)


There has been a ton of activity going on the last few months from KAWS, Original Fake, and Medicom. First it was the Woodstock release, then the successful release of the KAWS Boba Fett, now this gem. Take a look at the first shots of the upcoming Mono & Black Resting Place companiosn. The release will be taking place by the end of the month through Original Fake and Kawsone. Can we expect the black to drop shortly afterwards? Prepare your wallets folks!

**UPDATE** Thanks to one of our readers “Dur”, we now have some full shots of both the Mono Grey Resting Place and the Black Resting Place figures. The Original Fake release will take place on Saturday, February 23rd, which will feature both colorways! Stay tuned on the Kawsone.com release. They will roughly retail $275 each. [Images VIA JumpJump]


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Sneak: Coarse's 'Souls Gone Mad'

Here's a look at Coarse's upcoming 'Souls Gone Mad' vinyl figures. Inspired by the resin sculptures created for their recent show @ Rotofugi, Fever and Omen look great in vinyl. The owl-like Omen has alot of personality while retaining Coarse's aesthetic. Look for these to drop sometime in February.


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Okkle – Love Beast


Okkle is out with a brand new original resin figure, dubbed Love Beast. This 5” figure is hand painted and hand sculpted by none other than Okkle. The Original Pink edition is limited to 6 pieces and available HERE for $87 + S&H. They will also come signed and numbered, as well as ‘1st run’ marked on the bottom of the foot. Grab em’ before they are gone!

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Huck Gee – The Eagle Hunter Print


Huck Gee is out with his latest print, titled The Eagle Hunter. This print features a nomadic Kirooki tribesman with an eagle on his shoulder and equipped with his dead bow and arrows. Each print is printed on art watercolor paper and measures 24” x 10”. They are all signed, numbered edition of 100, and gold embossed are available now HERE for $65. You’re all thinking what we’re thinking right? When is the custom coming out!?

"The men and women of the nomadic Kirooki tribe shadow the migration of the Great Plains buffalo and worship the same gods found in the Glorious Soaring temples to the mountainous east.Amongst these resilient nomads is one of the more interesting denizens of the northern Great Plains, a rare artisan amongst falconers, the Eagle Hunter. These hunters, when paired with the great Golden Eagles of the north are a proud sight to behold. Who knew anyone would have the deft or skill to tame such a majestic creature? In their natural habitat the Golden Eagle feeds on birds, owls and vermin but when paired with the right hunter they can be trained to take down fox, wolf and even bear! The training of these birds is as much an art as it is a skill. Caught when young, the eagles are hand fed, massaged, groomed, bonded, taught to hunt, and after 6 seasons released back to the wild. Releasing the Golden Eagle back to the heavens is done with honor and reverence and as such, closes an important chapter in the life of a Kirooki Eagle Hunter." - Chapters of the North, Volume IV - Mahotsukai Hoohige

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Tim Biskup x Rotofugi – Red Helper Dragon


The first month of the new year has gone by quickly! Meaning that Rotofugi will be dropping their all new colorway of Tim Biskup’s Helper Dragon. The brand new red edition is available now HERE for $6 a piece. Boy, that Roto-a-Matic does tons of magic!

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