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Jan 31, 2013

Fools Paradise x Minty Fresh – Battle-Damaged Keiko Trooper


Minty Fresh has teamed up with Alan NG of Fools Paradise to produce their very own exclusive Battle-Damaged Keiko Trooper. This will make for the 6th version in the Keiko series to be released. The Battle-Damaged edition Keiko stands 12” tall and is limited to 200 pieces worldwide. Each figure is hand painted and slightly different from one another. They will drop in the Minty shop HERE on Friday, February 1st at 7AM PST for approximately $275 each. 

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64Colors – Love Yeti Mini Marshall (02.05)


Last mentioned HERE is the upcoming release of 64Colors Love Yeti Mini Marshall figure! This is the second colorway from the Abominable Mini Marshall series and would make a perfect gift for that special Yeti in your life for Valentines Day. The online and in store release will take place on Tuesday, February 5th at 11AM CST through Rotofugi. Each little 2” Love Yeti will retail $7.95 each. 

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Rivet Gallery Presents: Ohio, You RAWK! (02.02)


Taking place this Saturday, February 2nd from 7-10PM at Rivet Gallery is a show featuring 16 Ohio artists + a few once from Ohio in, “Ohio, You RAWK!”. All the works will comprise of Gig posters and Rock inspired artwork by: A Hot Mesh, Brian Ewing, Brian Methe, Clinton Reno, Craig McCudden, Graham Erwin, Jason Goad, Jeff Lamm, Jeremy Slagle, John Lara, Mike Martin, Miles Tsang, Nick Nocera, Rich Rayburn, Ryan Mowry, and Will Ruocco. During the opening, Clinton Reno will be doing a live screen print demo and a special edition print release by him and Brian Ewing.

1200 N. High St.
Columbus, OH 43201

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Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica – Jumbo Combattler V Qee


Here we have another magnificent and highly detailed custom from the Ong brothers, also known as Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica. They’ve taken apart this massive 16” Qee and turned it into the Jumbo Combattler V (a holy grail of Jumbo Machinders I hope to one day add to my collection). This commission also comes apart into 5 separate pieces just like in the show! There is a collector somewhere out there jumping for joy, knowing he will soon have this piece in his collection. Rotobox also mentioned it took them 6 months to complete this custom and I believe em’!


They’ve also go this tribute celsius piece in the works at the moment. Can you guess who this commission piece will be? Here’s a hint, it’s Akuma from Street Fighter.


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Chris Ryniak – Blushing Snybora (02.07)


The Snybora has crawled out of the Lake of Monsters and will soon be making an appearance in the Rotofugi shop on Thursday, February 7th at 11AM CST. The Blushing Snybora features a grey vinyl with black paint rub and pink sprays. This monster was designed by Chris Ryniak and painted by Joe Somers and Kirby Kerr. They will retail for only $35 a piece!

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Jan 30, 2013

64Colors Valentines Day Abominable Marshall Release?


It looks as though 64Colors are getting in the spirit of Valentines day. Teaming up with Rotofugi, they plan to release what looks to be a pink and white edition Abominable Marshall figure. Perfect for that special toy collector in your heart! Stay tuned for news and more detailed shots of this release!

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Ferg x Grody Shogun – Young Gohst Lucky Bags (01.31)


Ferg and Grody Shogun have teamed up to bring you some lucky bagged goods to brighten up the new year! The 2013 Young Gohst Lucky bags will contain two figures, one smoke grey base vinyl Gohst with a glitter brain/tongue and metallic pink spray. The other will be a random mixed parts edition. These will be available on Thursday, January 31st at Noon PST through Lulubell Toys for $55. Only one per household.

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Pause x Kevin Gosselin Mystery Collabo Project Teaser #3

Teaser 3

It looks as though the creature coming from Pause and Kevin Gosselin will soon be unleashed! Seeing as the crate has been unchained, perhaps maybe the next photo from these two artists will reveal what we’ve been wanting to see for so long! From the looks of it, we may expect Pause’s Panda with dueling chainsaws. Tune back in for upcoming news for the February 21 release!

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Gary Ham – Exclusive Classic Monster Toytem (2.1)


Back in November Gary Ham released a small number (20, to be exact)  of his Monster Toytem Classic Edition as a DesignerCon exclusive, which sold out at the show.  Now he’s about to release the remaining 80 pieces (100 total) of the nifty mono/grayscale edition on his website.   As with the other editions, the Classic edition  features any-way-you-want stackable fun with six memorable monster characters, all in glorious mono. They drop on Friday (2.1) @ 11 AM PST from his web shop for $85 (+ s/h).  If you missed them the first time around, this is your last opportunity. 


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Preview: Leecifer -- ‘Long Dogs’ (2.1)


A little while ago we mentioned the trio of solos from Drilone, Jason Limon and Leecifer opening @ Stranger Factory on February 1st. Now here’s a preview of Leecifer’s  ‘Long Dogs’ solo, which he kindly sent over.  He’s created a large number of customs for the show including at least one ‘long dog’, several Kathie Olivas / Brandt Peters figures including Big Sal, Benny and Red Bird, a Skelve, and Stingy Jack, as well as several of his own figures including Honoo and Pickle Baby.  If you’re in the Albuquerque area, definitely check out the opening this Friday. Hit the jump for more preview images.


DrilOne, Jason Limon & Leecifer
Opening: Friday February 1st 2013 (6 to 9 PM)

Stranger Factory Gallery
109 Carlisle Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106


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KusoPop x Urban Forest Jewelry – KusoPon All-star Keychains


KusoPop has collaborated with Artist David Quiles’ Urban Forest Jewelry brand on a new series of KusoPon All-star Pendant Wood Keychains.  The series features six designs, many from Rotobox, laser-cut on nature wood.  The series includes Luckitty Pon and PonBurger which have both been released in vinyl as well as a Celsius design and a few Star Wars inspired pieces as well. 

If you’re looking for a new, distinctive keychain, these are certainly worth considering. Each 2.5” tall design is limited to less than 10 pieces, and is available now from KusoPop for just $10 each.


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Jan 29, 2013

Chris Ryniak x Kidrobot – 8” Meltdown Dunny (02.14)


It seems as though there was another severe side effect occurring to Chris Ryniak’s 3” Meltdown Dunny from the Apocalypse Series. Not only did it almost triple in size, but is now producing a strange glow! The brand new 8” Meltdown Dunny from Kidrobot features a semi-translucent Glow in the Dark vinyl. There will be 4 different exclusive colorways available, Green via Kidrobot Stores, Yellow via KR Online, Pink via US Designer Toy Retailers, and Orange via international Designer Toy Retailers. Each edition is limited to 500 pieces and will retail $75 each on February 14th. For those who must have them all, we wish you all the luck in scoring one of each of them!


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TAG x SB – Karakasa Tattoo Man Black and White (1.30)

003-TAG x SECRET BASE  Karakasa Tattoo Man Black and White Edition

Toy Art Gallery is about to release the Karakasa Tattoo Man Black and White edition. This is the second edition of the collaborative figure designed by Hiroshi of Three Tides Tattoo and produced in conjunction with Secret Base. It’s a nice follow-up to the original painted edition which sold out very quickly.  The B/W edition drops from TAG’s web shop  on Wednesday (1.30) @ Noon PST for $100. It should also be available at their Melrose location.


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Reactor-88’s Custom Corner -- Southerndrawl


Welcome to Reactor-88's Custom Corner. To kick off 2013, we're highlighting long-time customizer Southerndrawl. SD is originally from Texas (hence the name) but calls New Jersey home. He's got a non art-related day job, so to get his creative fix he toils away at his craft during the wee hours of the night. Before entering into the realm of customizing toys, SD was carving his own wooden toys and figures. One day he hopes to return to wood carving, but for now it's just about the vinyl toys.

One of my favorite things about Southerndrawl's work is his style of meshing the mechanical with the organic. He focuses on animals for his subject matter, giving them a real-world feel- they're weathered and worn as if they've really been living out in the wild for years. While the majority of SD's work revolves around this style, a few years back he totally changed things up and created a set of old-time circus characters- to this day those are still some of my favorite mini customs. In case you were wondering he does take commissions, although he tends to shy away from Mad*Ls and 3-inch Dunnys (but loves Teddy Troopers.) To see more of Southerndrawl's work, check out the pics below. If that doesn't satisfy you or you'd like to contact him for a commission, head over to the Southerndrawl blog or Flickr page.


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Jan 28, 2013

Nakanari x Kuso Vinyl – Spiki The Wolfman


Is your Spiki collection lacking some “awwooo”? Well Kuso Vinyl has just released the all new “Spiki The Wolfman” edition. Perfect timing too, because there is a full moon out tonight! Find them available HERE for $15 a piece. They are limited to 500 pieces total with 100 “Teen Wolf” chases mixed in the batch.


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Pause x Kevin Gosselin Mystery Collabo Project Teaser #2

Teaser 2

Following up with our previous post HERE, Pause and Kevin Gosselin share with us another teaser for their upcoming collaborative project. From the first shot, we get some sort of tag on a chain. Now we have this chained up crate with the words “danger” stamped on it. Would could this be? Stay tuned!

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Seen: Jesse Hernandez’s Jaguar Knight Signing @ TAG


Jesse Hernandez made the trip to LA for his first official signing/release of the OG Jaguar Knight (Pobber) @ Toy Art Gallery on Saturday evening.   Quite a few collectors showed up to get figures signed (including many older pieces) and one had Jesse sketch on a black deck.  In person, the Jaguar Knight is impressive. It’s almost a full 12” at the tip of the helmet feathers, has a good chunky appearance, and the large-scale shield and macuahuitl really add to the overall feel of the figure.

In addition to the standard OG edition (360 pcs, $120), Jesse also signed the gold chase figures for a few lucky collectors.  Looking to do something special for TAG, Jesse used a silver paint marker to hand embellish (splatter) a few toys.   Fellow artists kaNO and Marka27 dropped by for the start of a great night in LA.


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Blobpus x Paul Kaiju x TAG – Vertebrata (2.2)


Here’s a first look at the new Vertebrata sofubi collabo figure from Blobpus and Paul Kaiju. The monstrously gorgeous dame carries elements from each artist’s aesthetic.  She’s shown above in a black test pull as well as a hand-painted custom.  Produced by Toy Art Gallery, the figure will be released during Saturday’s opening of the Pseudomorphism (2.2) featuring the work of Blobpus (will be attending), Paul Kaiju, Hanawa and Yaomark.

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Joe Ledbetter x The Loyal Subjects – Pink Bunny (1.29)


Just in time for Valentines Day, comes the next Chaos Bunny vinyl from Joe Ledbetter and the Loyal Subjects.  Limited to 200 pieces, Pink Bunny will be released on Tuesday (1.29) @ Noon PST from the Loyal Subjects’ online shop for $135.  As with the previous Chaos Bunnies, she stands 10” tall and will come in a large resealable blister pack.

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Bubi Au Yeung x Crazy Label – Ren 3


Bubi Au Yeung and Crazy Label are ready to release their third rendition of the 5” Ren figure. Ren 3 will soon be available at your favorite toy retailers or through Crazy Label HERE for $40 each. This edition features removable eye glasses, paint brush, palette, and 1” GhostB figure. Be sure to add this artistic Ren to you collection very soon!

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Shawnimals – Love Ninja


In search of that special something for that special someone for Valentines day? Well look no more Ninja Town fans! Shawnimals has you covered with the brand new, Love Ninja plush. Standing 5” tall and holding a big ol’ red heart, this special release will be available all the way through February 13th. Find him available now HERE for $15.

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Jan 26, 2013

Seen: Gary Baseman -- Bloody Buckingham Warrior Release

Gary Baseman released his brand new Bloody Buckingham Warrior (150 pcs, $120) on Saturday at a block party hosted by The Loyal Subjects and Mad Decent in Atwater Village. The event drew collectors, art fans and more to enjoy the sun (the looming rain kept its distance), music and free taco spread. Fellow artist Joe Ledbetter dropped by to help Gary celebrate the final colorway of his very personal toy project. If you missed the event, the figure is available at theloyalsubjects.com.

Next up for Gary is a milestone museum retrospective (4.25) at the Skirball. In conjunction with the show, Gary is working on several products including metal pendants (see photo after the jump) and a very cool vinyl toy.

Posted on the run...


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Jeff Lamm x Clutter – ‘London Face Punch, Round 2’ Print (1.30)


Clutter has teamed up with Jeff Lamm on his ‘London Face Punch, Round 2’ limited-edition screen print, a followup to the original green-hued print done with 1xRun.  Limited to 33 pieces, the new 5-color screen print features Greasebat, M5 Bravo and Stee-Gar going toe-to-toe in the city.  The print will be available from the Clutter web shop on Wednesday (1.30) @ Noon EST (9 AM PST). Pricing has not be announced.

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Jan 25, 2013

Saturday Toy Drops in LA (1.26)

BLOODY_WARRIOR_THREE-QTRS 001-3afc6bf85c6011e2929322000a9e0719_7

While the rain threatens to put a little damper on things, Saturday (1.26) in LA brings two high-profile signing/release events.  First up at 2 PM is Gary Baseman’s Bloody Buckingham Warrior (posted) which will be released at The Loyal Subjects x Mad Decent block party in Atwater Village.  Rounding out the day is Jesse Hernandez’s signing/release for the OG Jaguar Knight (Pobber) @ Toy Art Gallery.  See you all at both!

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Jan 24, 2013

Amanda Visell – Red Riding Hood & Honey Bee Colony Posters


Looks like Amanda Visell is expanding her poster line.  First there were her Posters for Girls (and Boys) and now she’s created two new retro styled posters.  The first provides an amusing narrative of how Little Red Riding Hood (and grandma) survived the big bad wolf. You might almost mistake the second quaint poster as something you’d find in a nature center or zoo, detailing the life cycle of Honey Bees.  While a bit of a departure from her character-based work, this piece’s ‘feminist colony’ label highlights the fact that the Queen Bee trumps all the other (male) bees and in so doing continues Amanda’s focus on offering girls empowering ideas.   And hey, Bees are cool.  

Both posters measure 16 x 20 and are available for $30 each from myswitcheroo.com.


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