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Jan 24, 2013

Amanda Visell – Red Riding Hood & Honey Bee Colony Posters


Looks like Amanda Visell is expanding her poster line.  First there were her Posters for Girls (and Boys) and now she’s created two new retro styled posters.  The first provides an amusing narrative of how Little Red Riding Hood (and grandma) survived the big bad wolf. You might almost mistake the second quaint poster as something you’d find in a nature center or zoo, detailing the life cycle of Honey Bees.  While a bit of a departure from her character-based work, this piece’s ‘feminist colony’ label highlights the fact that the Queen Bee trumps all the other (male) bees and in so doing continues Amanda’s focus on offering girls empowering ideas.   And hey, Bees are cool.  

Both posters measure 16 x 20 and are available for $30 each from myswitcheroo.com.


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You guys should put a frame around that poster for it to really last long because those don't come cheap and having any dirt or damage on it is a huge loss. Maybe you should take a look at this: http://www.modulardisplaysystems.com.au/cheap_clip_frames_for_posters.html

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