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Jan 14, 2013

mr clement – the luster ji ja


mr clement is out with another new edition of his latest figure, the ji ja. The Luster edition features a both a black and white glossy figure, with shiny bright golden beaks and eyes. Each colorway is limited to 200 pieces and will retail $40 each. You can order them directly through mr clement HERE or ask your local designer toy stores if they will be carrying these fine pieces soon.


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Seen: ‘Toy Giants’ @ Toy Art Gallery


For over a year Toy Art Gallery has been looking to redefine the upper-end of the art toy category by curating, producing and promoting their impressively ambitious (and ever growing) Life Size Figures line.  On Saturday evening, TAG presented ‘Toy Giants’, a showcase of their unprecedented lineup of large-scale fiberglass art toy sculptures featuring the work of Okedoki, Blamo Toys, David Flores, Arkiv, Paul Kaiju, T9G, Nathan Hamill, Francesco de Molfetta, Quim Tarrida and Bob Dob   If you’re in the market for a showcase piece (or two) for your collection, or simply love high-end toys, it’s definitely worth your time to visit the gallery.


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Mintyfresh’s Exclusive Bad Apple Noir Edition by GOIN (1.15)


Mintyfresh has started 2013 in grand fashion with several sweet exclusives including their latest – the Bad Apple Noir Edition resin sculpture by French artist GOIN and Mighty Jaxx.  Limited to 50 pieces, this exclusive offers a reverse colorway of the OG edition and will be available for pre-order on Tuesday January 15th (6 AM PDT, 3 PM Amsterdam, 11 PM Tokyo) from the Mintyfresh web shop for 99.95  euros (~ $134).  The figure is expected to ship towards the end of the first quarter of the year.

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Tesselate – B5600sec1 (1.15)


So far we’ve been introduced to two models of the ED-IT DJs from Tesselate.  As the story unfolds release by release, it turns out that the popular robotic spin masters are protected by an able security ‘bot force including the one-off B5600sec1.   Equipped with four eyes for maximum awareness (two forward facing & two rearward facing), the gray B5600sec1 is ready to fend off groupies, paparazzi and more.  Limited to one piece, this hand-made, hand-painted 6” resin drops on Tuesday January 15th @ 9 PM UK time (1 PM PST) for £60 (~ $97) from the Tesselate shop.


When performing, the ED-IT DJ's have a very strong team around them. Formed of primarily colleagues from the factory days, they have an eclectic mix of skills and will always work their hardest.

B5600sec1 is in charge of security and it's not hard to tell why. His head unit has four visual sensors which enable a full 360 'double' degree view at all times, whilst being packed with state of the art 'BlueZoom' technology that allow a for massive resolutions and amazing clarity. He is also very agile, and can often be seen scurrying throughout the nearest gantry to get the optimum view to protect his team.

His exterior casing is super toughened, which affords him extra protection when any rogue droids have to be ejected from a show. He often carries a few scuffs and scars on his person, but it's all part of the job for our B5600sec1. He really is one bad ass


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Jesse Hernandez – Jaguar Knight OG Signing @ TAG (1.26)


Toy Art Gallery will be hosting Jesse Hernandez for a release/signing of his OG Jaguar Knight (9+”, 360 pcs, $120) from Pobber on Saturday January 26th 2012.   So if you’re in LA, mark it down on the calendar now.  If you’re really lucky, you might score one of the elusive chases and if not, you can drool when some one else pulls one…

Jesse Hernandez || Jaguar Knight OG Release / Signing
Saturday January 26th 2012 (7 to 10 PM)

Toy Art Gallery
7571 Melrose Ave.
Hollywood, CA 9006
877.910.toys (8697)

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