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Jan 03, 2013

Tim Biskup x Rotofugi – Pale Green Helper Dragon


It’s a new month, as a matter of fact, it’s a new year! That means Rotofugi has picked out a brand new colorway for Tim Biskup’s Helper Dragon. The Pale Green Helper Dragon is available now HERE for the unbelievably affordable price of $6 each.


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PHU x Four Corner Store – Custom iPhone Tank Charger


Four Corner Store has teamed up with PHU! to bring you something totally unique and original, as well as functional! With the mass majority of folks out there with smartphones, preferably the iPhone, you may want to feast your eyes on this! Up for grabs now are two iPhone chargers seen above, DATA (iPhone 4/s) and M.A.C. (iPhone 5). You can find them both HERE for $395 each or you yourself can work with Four Corner Store and PHU! to create your very own to your liking. All tanks are made from found objects and repurposed model fittings and are all different from one another. If you’ve been looking for a way to improve your iPhone charging experience, here it is!


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Junichi Tsuneoka – Robotmatic


Junichi Tsuneoka of Stubborn Sideburn has developed a new toy design entitled Robomatic. This toy is made from a bunch of individually cut bamboo boards and are each hand stained, sanded, and assembled to bring you this eco friendly robot. They normally retail for $60 shipped, but unfortunately they are sold out at the moment. Hopefully Junichi plans on creating more for sale!


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Dust -- 'Teddy Ninja Gang'

While you may know Dust for his creative resin toys, he's a well-rounded artist and paints on canvases, panels, and walls. Here's a look at his latest mural, 'Teddy Ninja Gang', painted on the 'old castle hill' in Staufen, Germany. In addition to the photos, Dust also sent along a great first-person perspective video (head cam) shot while he was painting the piece. If you dig this one, you might also want to check out his earlier trippy Lost Spirits piece painted under a freeway overpass. Finally, Dust just opened his Dark Maya solo @ 44309 Street Art Gallery in Germany.



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Amanda Visell's Star Wars Idols

Amanda Visell's brand new Wood Idols offerings bring you her take on George Lucas's epic galactic trilogy (selective amnesia works wonders). The ten one of a kind, hand-painted wood pieces feature a good mix of star characters (Leia x 2, Yoda), notable supporting baddies (Gredo, Jabba) as well as extras that enriched the tale (Gammorean Guard, Tusken Raider). For pure geek appeal, its hard to go wrong with the stealthy Boushh Leia who comes with swappable heads (masked and unmasked). For Star Wars + AV collectors, these should be irresistible. Available now for $800 each right HERE.



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