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Welcome to Reactor-88’s Custom Corner. To wrap up 2012, we’re highlighting Björn Eding, aka Otto Björnik. Björn resides in the Philippines and is a trained architect, but has pursued a career as a designer/illustrator with much success. Björn came across the vinyl toy scene back in 2009, but didn’t actually start toy customizing until a few years later. Hoping to realize his dream to be a painter, his early works were more just exercises with acrylics. At the same time, he experimented with transferring his character illustrations to toys and that definitely clicked with the toy community. My first glimpse of Björn’s work was his very impressive Dunny chess set. Looking beyond the shear feat of creating an entire set of chess custom toys, his actual designs stood out as very unique. They have a very classic, delicate, and whimsical look- almost as if they stepped right out of an antique fairytale book. He also sticks to a very minimal palette- usually focusing on black and white and sometimes one accent color, which also accentuates the old world feel. And while I’d like to keep this totally focused on toys- his 2D pen and ink artwork is phenomenal and should definitely be checked out as well. So to peruse all of his work and much more, head over to the Otto Björnik website.

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  1. He is good with those eyes. I like these. But I dont think the line work is steady at all. If you look close they could be cleaner. Pretty nice though.

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