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Dec 21, 2012

Sket One x The Loyal Subjects – Transformers Skate Decks


The Loyal Subjects has collaborated with Sket One on their new collection of Transformers Skate Decks.  For this project, Sket’s incorporated his aesthetic into  five street smart designs  featuring classic characters from Hasbro’s beloved series – Grimlock, Megatron, Soundwave, & Optimus Prime.   His hand can be seen in the deft mixing of  paint-splattered backgrounds, the use of comic style lettering, and the stylized images of the two alpha bots on the  monochromatic Optiums Prime Vs. Megatron design.   The new Transformers Skate Decks are available for pre-order from The Loyal Subjects for $55 and will ship after 1.8.13.

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Mai Hiro Online Shop Release (Today!)


Mai Hiro will be releasing some goods today in their webstore! Nakanari will finally be dropping his Spiki The Wolfman custom Dunny that he’s been posting recently. A custom that would go amazingly well with his upcoming Wolfman Spiki Chiisai soon to come form Kuso Vinyl. For al the Hello Kitty fans, the Skitty Dunny is back, and will also be up for grabs. They will also have some framed canvas paintings and sketches. All of these are great for a late X-mas present! Keep updated on when the release takes place by following them on Twitter or their Facebook.


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Dec 20, 2012

BAIT x Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collection


BAIT’s new 25th Anniversary  Street Fighter Collection of apparel celebrates the legendary coin-op, the recent Street Fighter World Championships held in San Francisco, as well as the city’s baseball achievements.  The collection features two designs – a World Championship-themed one featuring Ryu in an Orange/Black homage to the SF Giants, and another featuring  his rival, Akuma, poised above the simple and to the point ‘SOLID’ tag line.   The Ryu design is available on Tees, Raglans, as well as Pull-over and Zippered hoodies.  While the Akuma design is available on Tees, Raglans, and a Crewneck.  

The smart and tasteful designs of BAIT’s 25th Anniversary Street Fighter Collection honors the dedication of veteran gamers who spent endless hours playing SFII and its successors.   The complete collection is available now at BAIT’s web shop and their retail location in Diamond Bar.


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The (In)action Figure Show @ Clutter Gallery (1.12)


Clutter will present ‘The (Inaction) Figure Show’ at their NY gallery in January (1.12).  The group show features new, artistic takes on the action figure with pieces (many handmade) that push  the classic toy form past its licensed media origins  into new realms including the sculptural.  The nostalgically modern show will showcase the work of 2bitHACK, 4 the Luv of Toyz NY (Cash Cannon), BigManToys, Brutherford, ButcherBrand, Danny Frankenstein, The Disarticulators (Tru:Tek, Zectron & BigManToys), Eric Nilla, From the Styx Toys, Fuei Shokai, Galaxxor (Ben Spencer), Josh Longo, Healeymade, Killer Bootlegs, L'amour Supreme, ManOrMonster?, MonsterPants, October Toys, Ron English, Scott Wilkowski x Sucklord and Triclops Studio.


The (In)action Figure Show
Opening: Saturday, January 12th 2013

The Clutter Gallery
163 Main Street
Beacon, NY 12508

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Frank Schaefer’s 2013 Vinyl Rorschach Calendar


With 2012 almost in the bag, Photographer Frank Schaefer has us covered to face 2013 with the latest edition of his Vinyl Rorschach Calendar.  The calendar features 13 of Frank’s clever photos of designer toys as well as about as many holidays, birthdays (including those in the art toy game), and official ‘X Day’ as is humanly possible to squeeze in. Of his new images, the ones featuring the black staple pigeon and the SB spongebob caught our eye. 

The 2013 Vinyl Rorschac Calendar is available now for $20 (+ $4 domestic  s/h) by emailing frank at frank[at]charter[dot]net or purchasing it from eBay for the same $20.  Oh, and we should note that Frank is offering a 200%  money-back guarantee should Armageddon indeed become a reality (expires 12.31.2013).  Very reassuring!

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Dec 19, 2012

Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica – Iron Man Mark VII Custom Celsius


Check out yet another outstanding custom Celsius figure from the boys of Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica! This one of a kind custom commission piece embodies the billionaire bachelor playboy, Tony Stark aka Iron Man in the Mark VII suit. Let’s hope that the commission-e loves this (as much as we do) to ask for a War Machine! More detailed shots after the jump!


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Peanuts x KAWS x Original Fake – Woodstock (12.22)


Guess what?! It looks as though KAWS and Original Fake will be releasing their latest rendition of one of the ever so popular Peanut characters, Woodstock. Snoopy’s little sidekick get’s the KAWS treatment with the X’ed out eyes and the Crossbones. From the different photos we’ve seen of the KAWS Woodstock, I believe it’s safe to say this figure stands roughly 6-7” Tall.  About an inch or 2 shorter than the Joe Cool KAWS release. This figure will drop at the Original Fake store on Saturday, December 22nd via Lottery beginning at 10AM. They will each retail roughly $160 each. Anyone stateside anticipating this release? Thoughts?


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64Colors -- Abominal Mini Marshall (12.20)

Based on the teaser shots floating through twitter and instagram, we wrote earlier today that it looked like there would soon be a new production 'Abominable Marshall' from 64Colors and the production duo of rotofugi + Squibbles Ink, based on the 2011 limited-edition custom. Now that Rotofugi has made their official announcement -- we know that we were half right. There is a production Abominable edition, but it's also the first of a new line of Mini-Marshalls. The new figures stand a cute 2" rather than the original 3.5".

Limited to 500 pieces, the Abominable Mini Marshall will be released on Thursday (12.20) @ 11 am CST (9 am PST) for $7.95.


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Vinyl Pulse x You Bent My Wookie – Cubify 3D Printer Giveaway


As part of our recent collaboration with pop culture site You Bent My Wookie on creating an art toy section for their holiday gift guide, we are co-sponsoring a giveway for a Cubify Cube 3D Printer.  A $1299 value, this wireless 3D printer creates solid 3D objects and would be an excellent machine for doing quick, rapid prototyping of toy designs.  The printer also comes with ready-to-use digital models for popular items including phone cases and bracelets.

If you’ve always wanted a 3D printer (and who doesn’t?), this is the perfect opportunity. To enter, visit the contest page and fill out the form.  You can enter once per day through the deadline which is  11:59 pm on  December 24th. 

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Kusopop Lucky Bags


KusoPop is celebrating the end of 2012 with two Lucky Bag Offerings ($40 and $60).  The bags feature a mix of Kusopop tees (size of your choice), keychains, phone cases, and a fwe mystery gifts (hat, minifig, etc).  Each bag’s contents is worth at least 3x the purchase price.  The lucky bags will be available here through 12.24.  Here’s the breakdown:

$40 Bag (retail value between $120 - $170)

  • 3 Kusopop Tees (randomly assorted). Retail value: $90.
  • 2 Kusopop Keychains or phone charms (random). Retail value: $10.
  • 1 Kusopop iPhone case (3GS/4GS, random design) Retail Value : $20
  • 1 Mystery gift. Retail $20 to $50

$60 Bag (retail value between $190 - $225)

  • 4 Kusopop Tees (randomly assorted). Retail value: $120.
  • 3 Kusopop Keychains or phone charms (random). Retail value: $15.
  • 2 Kusopop iPhone case (3GS/4GS, random design) Retail Value : $40
  • 1 Mystery gift. Retail $20 to $50


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New Shirts, Totes, and more from Buff Monster


Buff Monster has just released brand new tees ($26), tote bags ($15), as well as a few of the Mishka 2012 calendar featuring one of his paintings.  On the Tees there’s a Melty Misfits design and a ‘Ralphin’ Ralph’ starring his ice cream dude.  Mr. Ice Cream is front and center on the new tote as well.  The t-shirts were made by a new print shop and are according to Buff the best shirts he’s done so far.   In addition to the new lifestyle items, Buff also released  and quickly sold out of the GID Sue figure, the second colorway of his collab fig with Healeymade.   Check it all out on Buff’s online store.  


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Dec 18, 2012

Joe Ledbetter – Minty Fresh Exclusive “Spaced-Out Bunny” (01.05)


Here’s a quick image update on the upcoming Minty Fresh Exclusive “Spaced Out” Chaos Bunny from Joe Ledbetter and The Loyal Subjects, previously seen HERE. They mentioned that Minty Fresh will set aside 35 pieces for their online sales, dropping on Saturday, January 5th 5PM CET (Central European Time) or 8PM PST. Remember, this run is only in an edition of 100 pieces! If you’re in there area, be sure to check out the release and signing event taking place at Outland Records from 5-8PM on January 5th.

Spaced-Out Bunny:

Spaced-Out Bunny has given up on society all together. He lives like a hermit, secluded deep in the ancient forest, mostly living off his herb garden and insects. He is inclined to spend most of his time conversing with himself, daydreaming, and wrestling with Supersymmetric String Theory. Highly sensitive to premonitions and omens Spaced-Out Bunny is thought to know the secrets of the universe and the fate of the planet, but he's far too burnt-out and forgetful to share his vital knowledge.



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Dec 17, 2012

Martin Hsu – ‘Dragon Boy Dream Print’ (12.18)


Martin Hsu is about to release a print of his ‘Dragon Boy Dream’ painting featured in his ‘Dragon Boy Go!’ exhibition which opened in August in Taiwan.  Limited to 60 s/n pieces, the square (12” x 12”) print features  Dragon Boy and Blacky  relaxing on a floating cloud, above it all.   Dragon Boy Dream will  drop on Tuesday (12.18) @ Noon PST  for $45 over at Martin’s web shop. To get right to the print use this direct link (goes live with the release).   Also, Martin’s offering free shipping (USA) for orders of two or more prints from his shop.


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KusoPop offers 30% off with 2-day Holiday Sale (12.17 – 12.18)


Looking for a stylish last-minute gift or a few new additions to your wardrobe?  If so, KusoPop’s 2 day holiday sale  (12.17 – 12.18) featuring 30% off all the brand’s apparel is an excellent way to go.   Their online store is stocked with caps, tees, varsity jackets and more with designs from Nakanari (including the brand-new ‘ninja’ Tees) , Shon, Rotobox, Bigfoot, as well as merch featuring the lovely Linda Le.  Be sure to use the  KUSOXMAS2012 code as you check-out to receive the 30% discount.  Happy shopping.


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Dec 16, 2012

Vinyl Pulse x You Bent My Wookie Gift Guide


While we’ve toyed around with the idea of a Vinyl Pulse Gift Guide for some time, we never quite took the plunge.  Until now.  Eric Resnick at pop culture site You Bent My Wookie asked us to curate the art toy section and so we’re pleased to offer a (last minute) guide to a range of sweet gifts for your favorite toy collector.   The low-run nature of many ‘hot’ toys made picking items a bit challenging, but in the end our curated art toy gift guide section features fifteen fun, artful, and cool selections.  Please take a look at the  YBMW gift guide featuring our art toy picks

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Otto Bjornik – Kwadro Kwin


Otto Bjornik has created yet another marvelous set of 9” Dunnys for a custom series soon to come in a few weeks. The Kwadro Kwin are 4 queen sisters that go by Qiana, Qortni, Quilla, and Quarta. This series is a fun spin off of the playing cards, Queen of Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, and Clubs. There will also be an upcoming 3” versions of the Kwadro Kwin this January. For more images and the backstory, take a look after the jump and stay tuned for release info on this very ambitious project of Otto’s.


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Angry Woebots x Silent Stage x Collect and Display – UK Purps Panda Gazer


It looks like Collect and Display has gotten their hands on their very own limited exclusive run of Panda Gazers resin figures from Angry Woebots and Silent Stage. This beautiful clear Purple Panda Gazer is limited to only 10 pieces at $195 each! This release really shows off how clean and smooth this figure is, almost like ice! Find him available HERE now for pre-order.

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Dec 15, 2012

Rotofugi Release: The Lake Monsters – Bone Edition Dredge


It has been noted that we have not seen Brian Morris’ Dredge figure in 2 years! Well now he’s back and now in a wicked Bone edition. Sculpted by Chris Ryniak and Joe Somers, you can find Dredge HERE for $60 a pop. Pick up this menacing looking figure before they’re all gone!


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GOIN x Mighty Jaxx–Rotofugi Exclusive Green Bad Apple Pre-Order (12.17)


Rotofugi has just announced their very own exclusive Bad Apple figure! Teaming up with French Artist GOIN and Mighty Jaxx, this lime green colorway is limited to only 50 pieces worldwide. The Pre-Order period will begin on Monday, December 17th at 11AM CST and will retail $110 HERE. I wonder who else out there will be getting an exclusive and what colorways are soon to be seen!?

This is a pre-order item. You are paying in full for a figure that is estimated to ship in late February/early March 2013.* Please Note: this image is a mockup only and the bandana will have a debossed design as shown in the photos of the all white figure.

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Dec 14, 2012

myplasticheart Presents: Fonzo Love NY (01.11)


Freak Store’s Fonzo custom show was a huge hit and now they are back and bringing it to the states! This time myplasticheart will be playing host to “Fonzo Love NY”, a custom Fonzo show bringing in artists from all around the world.

Participating artists include: 64Colors, ArtMymind, Andrew Bell, Ardabus Rubber, Aya Kakeda, Alisa Ross, The Beast Brothers, Bonethrower, Burundanga Design, Chuckboy, Camilla d´Errico, Charles Rodriguez, Dave Pressler, DoubleParlour, Fuller Designs, Gary Ham, Greg Mike, Grimsheep, Gabriel Carpio, Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas, Hydro74, Ian Ziobrowski, Jeff Lamm, Jermaine Rogers, Jeremiah Ketner, kaNO, Martin Hsu, Nakanari, Rsin, Scribe, Southerndrawl, Scott Tolleson, and Thomas Han.

The opening reception will take place on Friday, January 11th through February 3rd. Keep an eye out on the mph blog for sneak peeks at the customs as the show gets closer!

myplasticheart nyc
210 Forsyth St.
New York NY 10002

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Joe Ledbetter –Minty Fresh Exclusive “Spaced-Out Bunny” (01.05)


Here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming Minty Fresh exclusive “Spaced-Out” Chaos Bunny by Joe Ledbetter and The Loyal Subjects. This run is limited to only 100 pieces and is set to release on Saturday, January 5th. Joe will be signing at Outland Records for the release. If you’re not able to attend the release and if you’re lucky, you will hopefully be able to snag one online! The lines are so crisp and so clean!

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64Colors – Gingermarshall Boy


Run, run, as fast as you can, you can’t catch him, he’s the Gingermarshall boy… That didn’t quite rhyme, but you get it. 64Colors is set to release a special edition custom Marshall figure today to set off the Christmas Spirit. There is no exact time for the release, so be sure to keep an eye out on the 64Colors Twitter feed for the news. Find them up for grabs HERE when that time comes! Marshmallow filled gingerbread? Sounds like a party!


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Dec 13, 2012

Tesselate’s ED-IT DJ B5100


Over the years Tesselate has released numerous hand-crafted resins with a high degree of craftsmanship.  Perhaps our favorite so far is his latest – the ED-IT DJ B5100.  This robotic DJ is an evolution of work he created for the final year of his product design degree. Realized as a set featuring the  robot dj and his turntable gear, this one has a colorful, fun appeal energized by the building-block aesthetic of the deceptively simple design.  For more on how Sam created this piece, check out his  in-depth process journal.

Limited to just 5 pieces, the resin ED-IT DJ B5100 is available now over at tesselate.com for £70 ($113 USD).   In addition, you can purchase just the B5100 ‘Red Head’ (5 pcs) – an ideal, minimalist, desk toy for £20 (~ $32).


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Playge’s Clear Grey Sqube Retail Edition


Life is good for Sqube collectors, very good indeed.  Following closely on the heels of the release of the clear Blue Ice Squbes comes world from Jamungo  that Ferg’s creation will soon be available in Clear Grey as a retail edition.  Not much other info to report, except to say that these will be shipping from HK to retailers as soon as 12.14.  Keep on the lookout, these should show up at your favorite shop shortly.


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Scott Tolleson x OutsmART Originals – Bitta Critta Tee


OutsmART Originals continues its burgeoning line of artist Tees with their new ‘Bitta Critta’ Tee from Scott Tolleson.   His mischievous character is ready to take on the everyday duldrums on a dark olive green American Apparel shirt.  It’s available now for pre-order through 12.17 over @ outsmART’s web shop for $25.  The new shirt is  apparently Bitta’s first splash for the coming year.  OutsmART has indicated that the Bitta Critta toy (first seen on Proto Monday in 2010) will debut in 2013.



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