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Dec 28, 2012

Phunk x Mighty Jaxx – Love Bomb Pre-Order

Singaporean brand Mighty Jaxx has seemingly come out of nowhere this year with several excellent releases that happily blur the line between art toy and sculpture.  Their next project is Love Bomb by Singapore-based Phunk Studio.  This 12” resin project replicates the awesome and perhaps fearsome wonder of the original life size sculpture show during the collective’s Universality (2007) museum exhibit in Taiwan.

Sexy. Dangerous. Cool.  Love Bomb is one of those 3D objects whose relentless pull comes in part from the amazement that they exist at all.  If you’ve ever seen an amazing illustration and thought, ‘wow too bad it’s only 2D’ then you know what I’m talking about. It’s the joy in realizing that  someone’s love of it -- ‘just because’ is as strong  and idiosyncratic as yours.   I could try to rationalize it by talking about the fetish appeal of the near limitless destructive power of atom bombs or physical aspects such as the glossy surface, or the sweet extruded letters  but really its appeal is greater than the sum of those explanations.   I just crave it.

Limited to 100 pieces, Love Bomb is available for pre-order now @ Mighty Jaxx for $288 and will be released in the First Quarter of 2013.

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Francesco de Molfetta x Flabslab – Histary

001-188757_471005736295970_99691188_n _001

Francesco de Molfetta has collaborated with Singapore’s Flabslab on the upcoming ‘Histary’ sculpture. ‘Star Wars Sphinx’ is the first thing that comes to mind with this new piece which conotinues Francesco’s practice of blending iconic classic / historical imagery with pop culture elements. Histary features Vader’s unmistakable helmet and an  anatomical take on  the familiar Egyptian Sphinx body with visible rib structure.   Painted with a sandstone-like finish to recall the monumental sculpture, Histary will come packaged in an elaborate laser-engraved wood box.  Watch Flabslab’s Facebook for release information.


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Kronk’s Pin-Up Girl

001-603251_10151365818921488_1245402850_n 001-734129_452902274757887_1297622154_n

Known primarily for his toys done with Kidrobot, South African artist Kronk is about to launch his own Kronk Artist Brand with his new original Pin-Up Girl figure.  From  a recent instagram tease, this sexy devil temptress features tattoo designs similar in style  to that seen on several of his customs.  Props to Kronk on starting his own label.  We’re looking forward to the full reveal (ummm… you know what we mean).  For the latest from Kronk keep an eye on his twitter and facebook.



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kaNO x Kidrobot – Flight 3” Dunny (01.17)


It seems as though our boy kaNO has finally got his very own Kidrobot Dunny! kaNO has “Transformed” this 3” figure to slightly resemble Starscream, with it’s own uniquely sculpted head. The “Flight” Dunny will be available at all Kidrobot Stores and KR Online beginning on Thursday, January 17th. They will be limited to 3000 pieces worldwide and will retail $14.95 each.


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Dec 27, 2012

Brandt Peters x Tomenosuke – Old Timey Stingy Jack 3 (01.04)

a0077842_23164578 a0077842_9143973

Brandt Peters is giving a good nod to the old classic grey and black cartoony era with the newest Stingy Jack release from Tomenosuke. This release features a transparent metallic lame vinyl with black sprays to give it that finishing touch. They will be available for pre-order at Brandt’s “Menagerie Posthumous” show at the Stranger Factory on Friday, January 4th, followed by an online pre-order on Monday, January 7th.

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Kathie Olivas x Tomenosuke – Calliope Jackalope #2 “Weakening Rope”

Tomenosuke is soon ready to release the newest Callope Jackalope figure by Kathie Olivas. #2 Weakening Rope. I am personally in love with the light gray vinyl used for this release, which is set for sometime in January. What a great way to start off this year! Stay tuned for more release information!


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De Korner Exclusive Sunny B Deadbeet by Scott Tolleson


De Korner will be releasing their exclusive Sunny B Deadbeet edition (15 pcs) from Scott Tolleson sometime in January with an in-store signing at their Monrovia retail location.  Since it’s a bit early still, De Korner is teasing all of us with a look at the header card (above) and a very, very small teaser photo (after the jump).  All we know for certain at this time is that the base vinyl for this edition is yellow.

De Korner is going to the release its Deadbeet both on-line and in-store and is asking folks to let them know how they intend to purchase it – in person or through the web site (no commitment, just looking for feedback) so they can plan accordingly.  Give your feedback here (adds you to the De Korner Mailing list).


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Otto Björnik – Kwadro Alas 3” Custom Dunnys


 Otto Björnik (recent featured in Reactor-88’s Custom Corner) has just revealed Kwadro Alas – four custom 3” Dunnys that are part of his ongoing playing card inspired Kwadro Kwin project.  As you’ll see in Otto’s story text below, the four ‘Ace’ horsemen, Arjun (Club), Aden (Heart), Ashur (Spade) and Aubin (Diamond),  serve as protectors of the four Kwadro Kwins.

The four sisters became more and more beautiful with each passing day. As word of their beauty spread, kings from neighboring lands came to court the fair young maidens. And so it happened that each sister became betrothed to a king before her eighteenth birthday. When they became of age, the nobleman sent his daughters to the four corners of the land to live in their new kingdoms. He selected four of his bravest horsemen to accompany and protect them on their long journeys.

With their stylish and minimalist designs which rotate the red, black, and white color trio to great effect, Otto’s Kwadro Alas offer a fresh take on custom Dunnys.  The re-sculpted helmet heads work well – offering a hybrid creation of sorts; recognizable as Dunnys yet just different enough to warrant a second long look.  Of the four, our  pick is Arjun for his mischievous smile.   The Kwadro Kwin project Dunnys will be available for sale shortly.

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Okedoki x TAG x VTSS – Benny the Dreamer Lifesize Figures


Toy Art Gallery has released its full line of Okedoki’s Benny the Dreamer Lifesize Fiberglass figures featuring five editions (Original Red, Blue Sunset, Night Dreamer, Day Dreamer, and Golden Sunrise) of 25 pieces each.   These new 53” tall figures recapture and enhance the charm of the original resins produced by VTSS Toys.  These statement pieces are available via TAG’s online shop for prices ranging from $2800 to $3500  and by direct inquiry to info[at]toyartgallery[dot]com.

With this release TAG continues to expand and broaden it’s unprecedented line of original life-size art toys.  The full lineup of figures from T9G, David Flores, Nathan Hamill, Okedoki, Paul Kaiju, Francesco De Molfetta, Bob DobBlamo and many more will be showcased in a special show to be held in January at the gallery.

"Benny the Dreamer is the epitome of joy and wisdom, a reminder for all of us to follow our dreams, and to listen to what is truly in our hearts.  9 is a number of growth and the white rabbit represents our innate state of innocence and wonder.  Benny, wearing the rabbit hat, embodies enlightenment and timeless wisdom.  Sculpted while I was going through my cancer treatment, Benny is a very important to me. Through our daily struggles we have to see beyond the apparent physical state and see what is important, which is our inherent connection to everyone and all things.  I hope Benny the Dreamer will resonate with collectors and spread a message of joy and wonder."


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Cometdebris 2013 Lucky Bags (12.31)


Koji Harmon has just announced that there will be three Cometdebris 2013 Lucky Bag offerings – Sametan, Kappa Shonen and the Large bag.  The Sametan bag ($40) will feature an unpainted mixed parts Sametan vinyl featuring assorted unreleased color parts.  The Kappa Shonen bag ($90) features a  one-of-a-kind custom painted glitter Kappa Shonen toy with silver rainbow glitter or rarer gold glitter on a clear brown vinyl base).  Finally, the Large Lucky Bag  ($185) will feature the figures from the two smaller bags plus an unpainted Kappa Shonen in an unreleased or test shot color as well as a Sametan sticker/button set.

The Cometdebris 2013 Lucky Bags will be available  from the Cometdebris online shop on Monday December 31st @ 7:01 AM PST (Midnight on the 1st in Japan). Very tempting – especially the mixed-parts Sametan…


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TobyHK – 2013 Paper Toy Calendar


It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from TobyHK, so we’re happy to bring you news of his new 2013 Paper Toy Calendar subtitled ‘Please Let Me Position on Your Table A Month’.  Rather than just creating a calendar featuring images of toys, Toby has turned each month’s calendar into a paper toy figure (6-9”) produced in high quality cardboard.  This fun approach gives you a calendar that will outlast the year as fun collectibles.

Limited to 100 signed/numbered pieces with a holgraphic label, the calendars are available by emailing info[at]tobyhk[dot]com.  The calendar will go for  $90  in Europe and the US ($45 + 45 s/h) and $77 in Asia/Pacific Region ($51 + $26 s/h).


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Francesco De Molfetta x TAG – Michelangelo Lifesize Fiberglass Figures


Toy Art Gallery continues its signature Lifesize Figure Series with Italian artist Francesco De Molfetta’s Michelangelo in six editions.  Standing 32” tall, these new editions add impressive scale to his creation which blends Michelangelo’s classic David with the iconic and modern  Michelin Man mascot. The six editions are limited to 25 pieces and are available now @ Toy Art Gallery online and in-store with prices ranging from 1500 to 1750 each.


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MINDstyle x CoolRain NBA Collector Series 2 Figures


If you’re looking to get your hands on the brand-new  MINDstyle x CoolRain NBA Collector Series 2 figures (5”),  SoCal  online boutique Pick Your Shoes and lifestyle brand BAIT are your best bets as they are the first US retailers to have the toys in stock.  Designed by Korean toy artist CoolRain,  this follow-up to the original series  feature eleven NBA ballers in their road jerseys -- LeBron James, Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo, Jeremy Lin, Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin, Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol, Chris Bosh, John Wall, and Stephen Curry.  The series also includes chase editions.

Each of the figures feature authentic jerseys with the team logos, a mini basketball and multiple removable posed hands.  The figures are available in blind-boxes ($14.99) and cases of 15 figures from PYS and will soon be available from other retailers as well.  PYS is also offering each of the players individually as well as a full standard set.


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Dec 26, 2012

myplasticheart’s After Christmas Sale


More post-holiday savings? You betcha.  myplasticheart is offering up to 50% off select merchandise for their After Christmas Sale which runs through January 2nd.  There’s a good mix to pick from – western and eastern vinyl, newer releases as well toys you might have missed when they were first released.  Go take a look.

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Toy Art Gallery x Secret Base – Karakasa Obake Original Edition


Toy Art Gallery has released the original edition of the Karakasa Obake – Tattoo Man figure created by Hiroshi Hirakawa of Three Tides Tattoo and co-produced with Secret Base. First released in a solid gray prototype edition in July during the ‘Japanese Devil’ exhibition @ TAG, Karakasa Obake takes on new life with this first fully painted edition.

Cast in light blue vinyl with red and yellow sprays, this edition features extensive multicolor tattoos on both arms and the single leg.  Such detailed deco is  notable not just for its aesthetic value but also because it’s rarely seen on sofubi.  The Karakasa Obake Original Edition is available now online from TAG for $100.  There’s also a figure + limited-edition poster set for $120 which is only available at TAG’s Melrose location.


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Angry Woebots x Silent Stage – Kryptonite Boneheads (12.27)

001-Kryptonite Boneheads

Silent Stage is gearing up for their next release from Aaron ‘Angry Woebots’ Martin – the Kryptonite Panda King Severed Bonehead. Limited to 40 pieces, this clear  green edition features a 1:4 Blacklight GID chase edition (10 chase figs).   Woebots’ newest Bonehead mini-bust resins will be released on Thursday (12.27) @ 11 AM PST from Silent Stage Gallery for $60.


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Kidrobot’s ‘So Long, Stupid Holidays’ Sale (thru 1.13)


The Day After often brings tempting sales and this year is no exception. Kidrobot is getting into the post-holiday savings action with their ‘So Long, Stupid Holidays’ sale.  You can take up to 75% off select items (up to 25% off bundles) including Kronk’s Dweezil Dragons, the 6” Matt Groening Fig, several Kidrobot Mascot toys as well as other assorted toys and apparel.  The sale runs through January 13th, 2013 and is available online and at all KR locations (‘cept Vegas).

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55DSL x TAG – I Believe in Angeles Collection


Toy Art Gallery has collaborated with Italian street wear brand 55DSL on the brand-new ‘I Believe in Angeles’ Collection featuring interpretations of the brand’s signature Angel from five LA-based artists – Mark Dean Veca, Johnny ‘KMNDZ’ RodriguezVictor Castillo, Brandon ‘Ragnar’ Johnson, and Anthony Ausgang.   Each artist’s design in featured on a Collection Tee and select designs are also available on sweatshirts. 

I had a chance to check these out in-person during the Blamo ‘Hug’ show.  If you’re looking for a high-quality artist Tee with eye-catching designs that blend into almost any setting, these are well worth a look.  The designs are well-printed and the shirts themselves have a nice premium feel.  The I Believe in Angeles Collection is available now online at Toy Art Gallery and at their Melrose location.


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Arts Unknown Toys are Shipping + Chase Teasers

001-slug_xtra_4 001-rhino_xtra_6 001-Glowing1Lorez

Arts Unknown has begun shipping all three of its inaugural art toys – William, Henry & Reginald by Frank Kozik, Bella Delamere by Doktor A, and Slugilicious by Gary Baseman.  It’s been a long journey for the new toy brand, but judging by the recent factory photos from their blog, the results were worth the wait.  While Arts Unknown sold out of their share of the OG editions (Spring 2011 Pre-Order), retailers should be stocking them shortly. 

Finally, here’s a look at the chase editions (included 1:5 in the OG edition) of all three figures including a very pink William, Henry and Reginald, a gray with purple, blue and red accented Slugilicious and a GID Bella Delamere.   We’re looking forward to seeing full reveals of the chase pieces.  Congratulations to Arts Unknown on the release of their first art toys.


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Kusovinyl and Kuso Pop – 40% off After Christmas Sale (12.26)


Didn’t get what you wanted for Christmas? Or maybe you are just looking for some great post holiday sales.  Either way, Kusopop and Kuso Vinyl have you covered with their one-day only After Christmas Sale (12.26) featuring 40% off everything in both online stores.  Be sure to use the kuso2012sales checkout code.  This is a great time to pick up a Chester Runcorn from Dok A for just $39 or one of kaNO’s Dragon Kings for $39 as well.

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Dec 24, 2012

Jeffrey Lamm x Mathew Milla x Monster Worship – Mecha Greasebat Poster (12.26)


Wondering what to do with some of your Christmas mula? Well Monster Worship has got the thing for you! Take a look at the Mecha Greasebat Poster, which will be available on Wednesday, December 26th at 10AM EST. This 11x17 poster features the artwork of Jeff Lamm and amazing coloring by Matt Milla. They are limited to 50 pieces will retail only $8 +S&H. Find them HERE when the time comes! If you’re wondering if there will be an actual Mecha Greasebat figure, the answer to that question would be a big YES! Expect big things from MW and Jeff Lamm in 2013! Note: There will be interchangeable fists for the figure! SO RAD!

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Paul Kaiju x TAG x Medicom – Exclusive Pollen Kaiser Medicom Colorway (01.06)


Medicom is out to release another exclusive figure with Paul Kaiju. This time it’s the Toy Art Gallery Produced Pollen Kaiser in the signature Medicom Exclusive Colorway. The great thing about this release is that it wont just be available to Japanese collectors. They will go on sale HERE and HERE for Japanese residents on Sunday, January 6th for 13,800 Yen. Although for overseas orders, they will be holding a raffle, where they will be taking applications on January 6th 12AM through January 20th 11:59PM. Then they will draw applicants on January 25th. If you are lucky enough to win, expect to spend close to $200, which includes Shipping and other fees.

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Dec 23, 2012

Reactor-88’s Custom Corner – Otto Bjornik


Welcome to Reactor-88's Custom Corner. To wrap up 2012, we're highlighting Björn Eding, aka Otto Björnik. Björn resides in the Philippines and is a trained architect, but has pursued a career as a designer/illustrator with much success. Björn came across the vinyl toy scene back in 2009, but didn't actually start toy customizing until a few years later. Hoping to realize his dream to be a painter, his early works were more just exercises with acrylics. At the same time, he experimented with transferring his character illustrations to toys and that definitely clicked with the toy community. My first glimpse of Björn's work was his very impressive Dunny chess set. Looking beyond the shear feat of creating an entire set of chess custom toys, his actual designs stood out as very unique. They have a very classic, delicate, and whimsical look- almost as if they stepped right out of an antique fairytale book. He also sticks to a very minimal palette- usually focusing on black and white and sometimes one accent color, which also accentuates the old world feel. And while I'd like to keep this totally focused on toys- his 2D pen and ink artwork is phenomenal and should definitely be checked out as well. So to peruse all of his work and much more, head over to the Otto Björnik website.


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Dec 21, 2012

Tenacious Toys’ Toypocalypse Sale – 25% off Select Products (12.22)


Tenacious Toys will triumphantly and defiantly celebrate the safe passing  of the mythological Armageddon purported to destroy our planet today with their appropriately named  one-day ‘Toypocalypse sale’  (12.22).  To prepare yourself to enjoy the savings, join Tenacious’s mailing list and await the checkout code which will arrive later today.  On Saturday, survivors can revel in their new lease on life by purchasing toys from the special section and then checking out with the code for a sweet 25% discount

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The Loyal Subjects x G.I. Joe Decks


Following up on their initial series of G.I. Joe Decks, The Loyal Subjects has worked with Peter Schettkoe on a new pair of bold and dynamic designs featuring Hasbro’s ever-popular dueling Ninjas – Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow.  Personally, the pared down and stylized visuals of each bad ass character combined with the bold text and logos really work here.  These two new designs are  hands-down TLS’s best Joe decks to date.   If you dig, you can pre-order ‘em on theloyalsubjects.com for $55/each.  They will ship after 1.8.13.


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