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Dec 28, 2012

Phunk x Mighty Jaxx – Love Bomb Pre-Order

Singaporean brand Mighty Jaxx has seemingly come out of nowhere this year with several excellent releases that happily blur the line between art toy and sculpture.  Their next project is Love Bomb by Singapore-based Phunk Studio.  This 12” resin project replicates the awesome and perhaps fearsome wonder of the original life size sculpture show during the collective’s Universality (2007) museum exhibit in Taiwan.

Sexy. Dangerous. Cool.  Love Bomb is one of those 3D objects whose relentless pull comes in part from the amazement that they exist at all.  If you’ve ever seen an amazing illustration and thought, ‘wow too bad it’s only 2D’ then you know what I’m talking about. It’s the joy in realizing that  someone’s love of it -- ‘just because’ is as strong  and idiosyncratic as yours.   I could try to rationalize it by talking about the fetish appeal of the near limitless destructive power of atom bombs or physical aspects such as the glossy surface, or the sweet extruded letters  but really its appeal is greater than the sum of those explanations.   I just crave it.

Limited to 100 pieces, Love Bomb is available for pre-order now @ Mighty Jaxx for $288 and will be released in the First Quarter of 2013.

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Francesco de Molfetta x Flabslab – Histary

001-188757_471005736295970_99691188_n _001

Francesco de Molfetta has collaborated with Singapore’s Flabslab on the upcoming ‘Histary’ sculpture. ‘Star Wars Sphinx’ is the first thing that comes to mind with this new piece which conotinues Francesco’s practice of blending iconic classic / historical imagery with pop culture elements. Histary features Vader’s unmistakable helmet and an  anatomical take on  the familiar Egyptian Sphinx body with visible rib structure.   Painted with a sandstone-like finish to recall the monumental sculpture, Histary will come packaged in an elaborate laser-engraved wood box.  Watch Flabslab’s Facebook for release information.


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Kronk’s Pin-Up Girl

001-603251_10151365818921488_1245402850_n 001-734129_452902274757887_1297622154_n

Known primarily for his toys done with Kidrobot, South African artist Kronk is about to launch his own Kronk Artist Brand with his new original Pin-Up Girl figure.  From  a recent instagram tease, this sexy devil temptress features tattoo designs similar in style  to that seen on several of his customs.  Props to Kronk on starting his own label.  We’re looking forward to the full reveal (ummm… you know what we mean).  For the latest from Kronk keep an eye on his twitter and facebook.



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kaNO x Kidrobot – Flight 3” Dunny (01.17)


It seems as though our boy kaNO has finally got his very own Kidrobot Dunny! kaNO has “Transformed” this 3” figure to slightly resemble Starscream, with it’s own uniquely sculpted head. The “Flight” Dunny will be available at all Kidrobot Stores and KR Online beginning on Thursday, January 17th. They will be limited to 3000 pieces worldwide and will retail $14.95 each.


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