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Dec 03, 2012

Martin Hsu x Lana Crooks – Crabby Bear Plush Online Pre-Order (12.5)


After the successful, sold-out run of their collaborative Puffer Puss plush, Martin Hsu and Lana Crooks are back with another Crakens plush – Crabby Bear.  Limited to just 30 hand-made pieces, Crabby Bear made his debut at this year’s DesignerCon with a pre-order for the first group of ten, slated for a just-in-time for Christmas arrival. 

For those of you who weren’t at the show, the two remaining pieces from this incoming batch will be available for pre-order on Wednesday @ Noon PST for $85 (+ $12 s/h).  To order drop an email to info[at]martinhsu[dot]com with the ‘Crabby Bear’ Subject line.  After the Christmas drop, the next ten Crabby Bears will ship in time for Valentine’s Day (2.14.2013).  If you’re looking for a distinctive artist plush, Crabby Bear might just fill the need.


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Mishka x L’amour Supreme x BlackBook Toy – HRCS Exclusive Keep Watch Piggy Bank


BlackBook Toy is ready to drop their second release of the collaborative Piggy Bank with Mishka and L’amour Supreme. This red and white marbled edition was first released at the Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show on December 2nd. Leftovers from the event will be available online on December 4th and can be found HERE.

Overseas customers can order by emailing them at info[at]blackbooktoy[dot]com with your name, shipping address, and phone number!


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Squidkids Ink. – Santa Hat Mini 10-Doh! Tombstones

Santa Hat announcement low res

Special for the Christmas season, Squid Kids Ink. has put together the Santa Hat Mini 10-Doh! Tombstone release. They launched this 25 piece resin run on December 1st and they will be available until the 25th! That’s 25 pieces, available for 25 days, for $25. Clever clever… Find them available now HERE!


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Shawnimals – December’s NoTM is Ragdoll Ninja (12.5)


After a plushtastic three-year run, Shawnimal’s NoTM project comes to a close with one final limited-edition, hand-made Ninja for December.  Forever altered by a near-fatal exposure to the fumes of deadly purple syrup,  Ragdoll Ninja has a distinct retro look with a textured plush body and rustic facial details.  Limited to 100 pieces, this one sits up on its own and includes the standard NoTM extras (character sticker and button).  Ragdoll Ninja drops on Wednesday, December 5th @ 1 PM CST (11 AM PST)  for $30 from the Ninja Shop.


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